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ICIWorld Sitemap

ICIWorld Sitemap Comments

The following is a site map of our service of pages built since 2000. 

We have to go through them one by one to update our system. 

We have another 2,000 HTML pages built since 1994 that we have to trim as well. 

It will take us some time, but it is here for our purposes.

You can see the gradual development of this service through the years as we try to learn how to make things work on the Internet. 

Some of the newer websites we produce to market members Have and Want opportunities worldwide on the Internet are,,,

You will notice that all websites provide the same four choices for people worldwide to see your listings and contact you.

We have over 100 domain names for future purposes to grow and serve members to market and network information worldwide.

Please get in touch with us if you consider contributing financially to research and development to develop these services to help our industry. Pretty well everything we have grossed after $100,000 per year income has gone into research and development and operations since 1994,  

Once you have one transaction completed and make money, you will find other transactions happening. Many members are now doing multiple deals. See members who are making 10x to 4000x the membership fee. Your suggestions for future growth are appreciated.