$8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease
Exclusive Properties not available on other services
Network your Have and Want exclusive listings . . . world wide.

This service was built by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

ICIWorld only allows licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to join the service.

There are some major advantages doing it this way for the public, for licensed real estate salespeople.

  • More information about real estate opportunities, business opportunities becomes available by the licensed real estate industry.
  • There are 30,000+ listings on ICIWorld but only about 5,000 are on MLS.
  • The listings identify people with whom you may be able to do business with
  • It is all about networking.
  • There is a competent, professional and confidential way to network Have and Want opportunities.
  • All FSBO’s can be worked here by licensed real estate salespeople with a verbal agreement from the sellers. We suggest putting written agreements in place however before showing the property or divulging the address or identifying the property.  In many jurisdictions it is a requirement of real estate licensing bodies that written agreements must be in place before advertising an address or identifying a property. If you do not identify a property then one can network the opportunity to find a buyer and then put an agreement in place to show it.
  • In my opinion from my unique  position in the marketplace that there are ten times the real estate and business opportunities to do business in every market of the world. These opportunities can be worked quite nicely through ICIWorld.
  • MLS is an essential great service and we have served on an MLS committee. But most all commercial real estate practitioners will agree 90% of apartment buildings, shopping centres, and more are not on real estate boards. There is much real estate available that is not, can not go on a real estate boards.
  • ICIWorld is the service in the world best placed and built to serve this niche market.
  • Members also advertise their MLS listings with links to their web sites, etc.
  • It is members who have access to properties in Database 2 of information placed free by the public.
  • The larger real estate industry is just learning how to do this. Commercial brokers have been doing this for years.
  • It was too expensive to advertise opportunities in a newspaper before, now with ICIWorld a nominal fee and one can network opportunities all year long.
  • Exploring opportunities costs a lot of money in newspapers and other ways.  Here it is one yearly fee and network away!

How this is done by our members is taught within 30 minutes of joining ICIWorld. More information becomes available to serve the public as a result.

Join today and network information that can help you make money and serve the public.

It is recommended that every single member of ICIWorld have at least fifteen opportunities on ICIWorld.
It is real estate Have and Want information . . . not just listings on a real estate board.
At least five (5) Wants and (10) Haves

Start Networking and Get It All Working For You Today.  Join ICIWorld