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Purpose For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Worldwide to use Internet Information Technology To Network Real Estate Have And Want Information Globally and Confidentially When Appropriate To Serve The Public With More Choice.

The public, buyers and sellers can see it all on this website. It is International Real Estate Networking and Marketing Exposure 24/7 On ICIWorld Mobile Apps, Computers, Internet Websites, World EMail List Servers, Member Websites, Social Media, and Thousands of Pages on the Internet when you place listings, Haves and Wants.
Placing information on the Internet yourself can open up a lot of potential trouble. 
However, member brokers and salespeople and their companies can protect you because they are trained in consumer protection. 
 Have and Want information serves the public with information, not on typical real estate boards. 75% is exclusive, not on real estate boards. The networking triggers inquiries for you, just like a real estate board listing can trigger a lead. And every member broker should have fifteen active Haves and Wants to work 24/7. 

Information Technology, Internet Tools That Enhance Your Ability To Make Money . .. and we teach and help you with it.

This is real estate global networking of information @ the speed of thought.




Provided by
The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
Founded 1994 as 
(ICI Industrial, Commercial and Investment)

Manager and Founder


Please take a look at the transactions being done.
And there is a way to market your Have and Want opportunities globally confidentially as well as marketing regular real estate board listings.

Contact An Executive Member. 

There Are Four Ways For The Public, Buyers and Sellers to Make A Connection.



For the public, if you do not place your Have or Want, You Can Miss Making A Connection For A Transaction And Not Realize It. And the same is true for real estate professionals in Database 1.

Professionals help the public with more choices. Brokers also provide security in a trade in real estate because member brokers are trained in consumer protection. 


Every state in the USA and province in Canada has licensing bodies for registering real estate brokers and salespeople. See The Real Estate Council of Ontario website that registers salespeople.

Database 2 FSBO Area (For Sale By Owner)

One member helped an owner sell $25M out of a $40M portfolio.  
Another member helped a Doctor buy a medical building. 
Another member helped a buyer purchase a property on a real estate board.
  And a thousand more.

Proving everyone globally has a chance to do business here

Readership and connections from people in 138 countries 

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