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Gary Nusca, CCIM

“We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.”
– Jaycee Creed

My father encouraged me to get into the Jaycees Junior Chamber of Commerce. He was Past President of the Canadian Club, Past President of the Sertoma Club (Service to Mankind), 50 years usher at Christ the King Cathedral, and committees for the Handicapped (helped bring parking for handicapped) and kids, and many more. Jaycees are dedicated to leadership training young men and women through community projects. With the help of Jaycee Senators such as Tosh Namba and other Jaycee members, I chaired the committee for the 125th Celebration of the City of Hamiltons Birthday with a family festival that drew 75,000+ people to confederation park. Planes flying overhead, tug of war over top a mud pit, egg throwing contest, and much more. Subsequently, I became the President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and learned how to work with a group of people that can accomplish much more than one person.

Here is a link to what my mother believed in. The advent of the Stars. 

Both my parents supported me in my belief to help grow this service to serve the world. Much like Realtors have signed listings on MLS to serve the public, now they can have ILS both unsigned listings and exclusive yet real estate opportunities and intentions to buy and sell. Every trade in real estate contributes to the well-being of a nation and prosperity for all. And having Realtors involved every step of the way protects the public.

Every international real estate board and association should also offer this exclusive listing service alongside MLS. They are very different and should be kept separate.

The ICIWorld service is dedicated to the real estate industry for real estate professionals, specifically real estate brokers and salespeople, to empower them with Internet tools and concepts to serve the public in helping them to achieve their goals and objectives.

Our vision is for this to be the world’s real estate brokers’ information network serving the public.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

  • What is a CCIM? (Certified Commercial Investment Member)
  • www.ccim.com
  • Real estate broker since 1974 and in real estate since 1972.
  • Specializing in helping real estate professionals use the powers of the Internet to help their prospects and clients since 1994.
  • The above Creed best expresses what we believe in past Hamilton Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) presidents. It is a great learning organization about leadership training through community involvement.
  • Past Chairman of the Hamilton Happening, a city-wide 125th-anniversary celebration attended by over 75,000 people.
  • Past Chairman of the 1999 CCIM International Commercial Real Estate Conference Toronto Westin Harbour Castle
  • Past President of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter
  • Past Membership Chairman Central Canada CCIM Chapter for many years. 
  • We invite you to join the chapter. See the past meetings.
  • Past Manager of real estate office Packham Real Estate
  • Past Broker/Owner of a real estate franchise Realty World
  • Attended Ryerson Polytechnical Institute for Civil Technology
  • Laurentian University for Engineering
  • First on the Internet for real estate in 1994 as an information service www.iciworld.com registered.
  • Seminar presenter at hundreds of real estate offices, associations, and real estate boards Mastering the Power of the Internet. See Seminars.
  • Webinar presenter over the Internet Harnessing The Powers of the Internet for Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople REGISTER.
  • Available as a speaker for worldwide seminars lives, in person or via Webinar.
  • Plays senior men’s basketball.
  • Former Baseball Coach Burlington Optimist Minor Baseball Association
  • Hockey Coach
  • Coaching baseball for several years at Camp Olympia
  • Spends time weekly with parents. (Now deceased)

Teamwork is the key to making it all work.

Our service started with networking Information, Haves and Wants, an interactive database on the Internet. As our clients’ needs and wants grew, we grew with them. Now providing this database for our member’s websites and more.

Started tracking Haves and Wants presented by Central Canada CCIM Chapter breakfast meeting members at the Toronto Real Estate Board. (Now Toronto Regional Real Estate Board) Could not keep track of them all. Thought that the world needed a worldwide system to keep track of all the fantastic opportunities that were not on MLS, but brokers could network and explore them, and lo and behold, significant transactions got done. 

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Born in 1946, has been active in real estate since 1972; as a salesperson, broker, manager, owner, buyer and seller. Creator of The Market ICI World Commercial and Residential Real Estate Network

A new Internet Revolution is going on. It is the mobilization of the industry.

There are now more mobile devices on Earth than there are humans.

We enjoy bringing the mobile services of the Internet to serve the real estate industry.

You will see how Widgets, Websites, and now being deployed to provide instant access to Information for the public. They call you to see a property, and bingo, you make another sale and another happy customer.

I am honoured and privileged to have served real estate professionals all these years, and I appreciate the opportunity they have given me to serve them.

I invite industry professionals to learn about working Information, not just listings and presenting all these extra opportunities that can not be placed on a real estate board to make them available through ICIWorld.

With exclusive Information when advertised, unlike a real estate board service, you have to put a listing agreement before showing the property or divulging the address. But a response on one can be as fast, for example, with one broker reporting placing an industrial building on ICIWorld that was not listed, getting a call on it, making arrangements to show it, including putting a listing agreement in place first and then selling it. He told me, Gary, it took all of 2 hours, including the offer presentation, and he made $50,000.

Can you do it? Absolutely. Are members doing it? Absolutely. In fact, of the 30,000+ listings today on ICIWorld, 75% are exclusive, not on real estate boards, exclusive to ICIWorld.

You will learn we are building this service to have real estate boards and significant real estate companies adopt it. It can easily be tailored to suit the people they serve.

All members advertise their real estate board listings, AND all members can work with open and exclusive Information that makes them money and helps their clients and prospects.

VISION: ICIWorld is built as a global center for everyone to network real estate. Have and Want Information, not just traditional listings, compatible with organized real estate, real estate offices, the public, licensing bodies, real estate boards and associations.

After selling residential real estate, new homes, land, resales, and commercial for fifteen years, I entered the CCIM program in the 1980s.

I recommend every single real estate salesperson in the world take, at the very least, the CCIM course called CI 101. It will take the mystery out of the commercial real estate and help you add value to every person you help to buy and sell real estate.

I participated in networking events of 50-200 salespeople where up to 200 million dollars of real estate would be presented over one and two days.

Problem and Solution – How It All Started

I experienced a problem trying to remember the Haves and Wants of other professionals in the business. If you forget one connection, you could easily miss potentially doing a deal.

Today you don’t have to remember members; list them in searchable databases. 75% of the Information is not available on real estate boards.

For instance, in meetings of our CCIM Chapter and other real estate groups, they would conduct Have and Want networking sessions. Attendees would fill in Have and Wants sheets, and that was great. However, there were other sessions where brokers and salespeople would stand up and verbally provide a brief Have or Want. I would write down feverishly, trying to record these, and it was impossible to keep up.

I particularly remember one broker who said he had a shopping center, but because I could not write things down fast enough, I could not record them. Two weeks later, when talking with a lawyer, he mentioned he had a buying group for plazas. That was a potential $50,000 commission!!! I could not remember who it was who had the plaza!

I started to see all the potential in the industry of individual salespeople who heard about something for sale or lease or about a buyer. Yet, all these opportunities were essentially dead in the water because that information was worthless unless you could connect them with a possible buyer or seller. But information connects the dots, that Information became gold and very information.

It was as if agents knew about these opportunities but were secret agents because there was no forum or exchange unless you could get a written listing to put in on a real estate board.

We never had the intention to copy a real estate board listing service. Why should we? It already existed and was doing a great job.

Instead, we desired to fill the gap in the marketplace for real estate information that is not placed on real estate boards yet can make the salesperson a lot of money while helping their prospects and clients achieve their goals.

It is necessary. However, for real estate professionals to take the leadership, place their information, and work it, properlInformationhese people have inspired us to continue to grow the service on behalf of the industry.

See the testimonials of all the deals being started that were not on real estate boards.

This is exciting because today, this is happening more than ever with the advent of the Internet, where people are trying to do things themselves. But now they have a problem.

The real estate industry through ICIWorld can now engage all these people and bring all this loose nit, hodge-podge collection of Information spread across the InInformationplace in one central place to be followed up on.

Simple concept to this day. ICIWorld connects the dots. It helps everyone with an information network to connect with others with Information, and the InformationInformationervice makInformationle today. 

The real competition is the stock market, where people with a net worth of over $250,000 to $1M and more invest, yet real estate has helped create more than 90% of the millionaires in the world.

Today some say up to 90% of apartment buildings, 90% of shopping centers, land and businesses and much more are not on real estate boards. Today there are residential and commercial for sale by owners who want to market properties themselves, such as using the Internet.

ICIWorld was built to solve this problem for every agent with valuable potential Information. The computers builtInformationver this Information among the fastest information world.

In 1992 we called it CIBBS, a commercial investment bulletin board system, a BBS service that allowed salespeople to call in by phone and access an online bulletin board system. But it was slow, cumbersome, needed training, and poorly understood. However, one set of 13 shopping centers in California was sold, land in Peru was sold and other local properties.

With the Internet coming, we got on in 1994 and were the first. In those days, Alta Vista was the giant search engine. There was no Google. Search commercial real estate, and there were 14 companies . . . that was it on the Internet. Today there are 500,000,000, yes five hundred million results, and ICIWorld is on our area’s first or second page, which means traffic for members. But since then, over 18,000 pages have been created with links to Information on ICIWorld which means more traffic for members’ listings.

We have fun teaching salespeople how to place real estate Haves and Wants on the service and marvel at the connections to opportunities they present and the deals being done from the showings these connections have helped to identify.

Real estate salespeople are the best-positioned people in the industry to identify, collect, add and display real estate Have and Want Information competently and profInformation This has many benefits, such as protecting the public from scams and frauds because salespeople are licensed and trained to watch out for these things.

As we see it, the gap in the marketplace is the exclusive Information that can not and is worked in any other forum on a broker-centric service that serves the public. Yet this information is gold online becauInformation can significantly benefit people.

We continue developing this service to provide it for all licensed real estate salespeople worldwide to serve the public, either through providing services directly to the industry, contracting exclusive services to be a service provider for their real estate board or some other such idea that works. So your suggestions are welcome.

Bill Gates identified something for me in his book “@ the Speed of Thought.”  It is the ability to network Information that can make you moInformationiece of information can make a lot of moInformationercial and residential real estate. It can trigger a showing that leads to a deal.

Real success in real estate is still about developing good business relationships. The Have and Want listings help you identify people you may be able to do business with.

The excellent news for the industry is that it is easier than ever to network and work in real estate. Have and Want Information through the marketplInformationgger interest, and calls, that lead to doing business.

A recent worldwide National Online Convention theme was “the technology is here; it is up to the brokers and the marketplace to  learn how to use it.”

ICIWorld has a 30-minute training program to guide you to place real estate Haves and Wants that reach the world instantly.

Today in 2014, we are more excited than ever.

One reason is the mobile Internet revolution. There are now more mobile devices on Earth than humans on Earth. This means that virtually everyone in the world has access through their mobile devices and computers to the real estate information you may have as an opportunity for them if it is made available. ICIWorld provides a platform for you to display your information worldwide.

This is vInformationormation updated daily with 5Informationistings and new opportunities for everyone to connect to do business.

We invite you to include this as one of your information Internet tools in your “information toolbox” that has helped thousands benefit.

In one respect, it is like classified ads of a newspaper but to a world audience in real estate time, triggering leads, driving traffic to your website and more.

With our extensive experience on the Internet helping salespeople do business, we provide Our Pledge. Every single member does business or calls us; over 5 billion people are using the Internet, and more people can find and search for Information on ICIWorld on the Internet than ever.

We look forward to hearing your testimonial soon.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Sincerely Gary Nusca, CCIM