Global Marketing Exposure

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  • 50,000+ readership from people in over 100 countries
  • 20,000+ EMails distribute new listings daily to subscribers. Free to subscribe.
  • EMail Servers to receive by EMail: Listings, Have and Want Postings. It includes exclusive information not available on any other service complete with contact names and phone numbers.
  • Announcing EMail Serverss as well as commercial. As of May 1, 2014.
  • Install the ICIWorld App Search the database from your mobile device.
  • Tell your friends to search and learn about this service.
  • Subscribe to posts from the ICIWorld Blog free Benefit? Articles of interest for the real estate brokers and salespeople.
  • 50-150 new postings of Haves, Wants and listings daily. Check the new ones often.
  • 75% exclusive. As an advertising service like a newspaper you can advertise all your real estate opportunities, buyers and sellers, exclusive, open listings etc. as well as real estate board type listings.
  • 30,000+ Real Estate Haves and Wants in two world databases. You have a choice to search new AND older ones for contacts and networking purposes
  • Use the Age Field on Apps and mobile devices to search the latest newest listings. Members should be reminded, the new Apps for mobile devices have a default of 90 day new listings showing. If you have not modified your listings within 90 days they do not show up in the default settings in the ICIWorld Apps.
  • We do not delete old listings. They identify people you could or should be talking to for networking purposes.  Many do deals not on the service as a result.
  • Use the Date and Calendar field in Search Advanced to search the latest Haves and Wants according to your criteria ie: 1 month, 3 months old, 6-12 months, All, etc. There are over 18,000 pages penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet that access pages of information on ICIWorld. This is tremendous marketing exposure for your listings.
  • We are not computer geeks. We are real estate brokers setting up a solid foundation for networking information that is providing a great service for the public. It is working unbelievably well doing the majority of our deals that are not on real estate boards. Working with real estate boards and ICIWorld provides the ultimate in real estate marketing exposure and networking.  Most all our members are also members of real estate boards providing the absolute best opportunities for finding buyers and seller opportunities. Visit a members website for the best of both worlds and local information.

Global Search Tools

  1. Search Help and Recommendations
  2. Advanced World Search with contact names and numbers in the subject line.How To Search A 3 minute YouTube Video. Sample is Auto Related but you can use any key word. For the latest information at your fingertipsSearch by Age using the Calendar and Date Field.  Set your own range for the latest listings. Use the “Date of Listing between” for the latest 30-60-90 day old listings. Sample searches: Subject line: enter a key word, choose a Business Area and search. Choose a Business Category and Business Area and search. Type a city in the Subject Line choose a Business Type and search. IN all cases many choose Status Active and Sort on Field “Price Minimum.”
  3. Advanced World Search without contact names and numbers in the subject line. No contact names and numbers. One use is for members to use this in listing presentation. Show a list of buyers to demonstrate how well connected you are into the marketplace of buyers. Let them know how well you are connected as part of a global real estate broker network of buyers and sellers. It can be a powerful listing tool.
  4. World Backups Made daily by 6AM Eastern Standard Time
  5. Message Number Enter multiple numbers separated by a comma.
  6. World with Ontario Commercial Key Words and Cities  Available on both and an ICIWorld App.
  7. World with Ontario Residential Key Words and Cities  Available on both and an ICIWorld App.
  8. Search Listings By Member
  9. ICIWorld Apps. Default setting for Apps is 3 month old listings. If your listing is older it does not appear in the default setting.
  10. Mobile website. For all mobile devices world wide.
  11. Professional Groups Information tools are designed on request to suit your group, organization, association, chapter, company, franchise, country, state, province, and/or individual needs, etc. Final product dependent on having someone from each organization provide direction on what listings should show, for instance you could display strictly active listings less than six months old, or include inactive, expired listings and solds for networking purposes or provide options for all. A graphic designer would be engaged to design build to suit your professional groups website to your satisfaction. The traffic from your website for your members information on ICIWorld will benefit all. ICIWorld becomes a back end search database engine for the world. You can just display the results for the public to see and call your agents directly. There will be extra business for everyone. Book a Demo.
  12. Receive Haves and Wants and Listings by EMail NOTE: New City EMail List Servers. When you use this tool, do a search for your area. You will see choices of EMail List Servers displayed. Digest means you will only receive one email per day whether there are 2 or 10 listings. This is good for a wide area. If you want just your city, choosing the EMail option can be good. One EMail at a time because there may not be many in one day or one week. The subject line will be displayed easy to read. In the Digest you must open the Digest to read them. If you are an advanced user, it may be helpful if you filter your incoming email into folders, or put labels on them as in GMail. GMail unfortunately puts a lot of legitimate mail into the Spam Folder. Not only to do you have to check the mail and mark it as Not Spam but they also suggest you have to filter their gmail and mark the mail from ICIWorld as Not Spam.ICIWorld EMail List Servers operating for 20 years , sends out daily listings, Haves and Wants by EMail to the public to the industry. They are called ICIWorld EMail List Servers. This has resulted in notifying many about listings such that in one case a $13M apartment building was sold in three days. So yes it is very important to get email in a timely manner in a buyers market yet GMail puts in in Spam.A few salespeople in the industry may have answered that our mail was spam instead of simply unsubscribing and that may be one reason why mail from ICIWorld is found in spam.  Everything is being improved over time but it takes time.
  13. How To Search Many Different Ways
    GMail places a lot of legitimate incoming mail into SPAM. So legitimate email from ICIWorld is trapped in your SPAM FOLDER.  This is different from junk. You can put a check mark on the listing and click on Not Spam. However it does not seem to work for many. Mail seems to continue to go to spam. So GMail has another option. In order to keep it out of spam you have to set a filter.
    Gmail’s filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, even keep it out of Spam. There is a Filter Choice to choose Not Spam. Hopefully this will help you be notified in a timely manner properties coming for sale and buyers so you will not lose out.

    You could label the incoming mail as ICIWorld or Toronto Residential, or whatever you wish. But you also have to filter the mail and say not spam.

ICIWorld global search tools and the way our members can work information not just listings on a real estate board unlocks the power of people to network information locally and globally, instantly. You and your organization can increase revenue, deal making, connections to do business, commerce. This is because of the concept of six degrees of separation. Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

Database 1 is designed for Executive Members of ICIWorld to advertise MLS listings and network exclusive real estate buying and selling opportunities. You must be a licensed real estate broker or salespeople to place information in Database 1. The world can see your contact information just like your business card and contact you directly by EMail, visit your website, phone, etc. There are 50-150 new listings being added . . . daily. Our Pledge is that every single member makes connections to do business otherwise you call us, you are missing something. This is the Internet and now, with mobile devices the new Internet revolution, over 5 billion people have access.

Search by:

  • Date, ie: only the latest listings 3 to 6 months
  • Status (ie: Active listings only. Expired, Inactive and Sold listings are used for networking purposes to identify people doing business in a particular area or type of property where they may have business relationships with people that can benefit you because of your particular mandate, request or opportunity. Buyers of shopping centers or apartment buildings for instance are usually buyers for life even if a listing is 1 or 2 years old. )
  • Latest listings first for up to date real time listings. These are up to the second. Apartment buildings can be sold within three days as one sold recently for $12M . Learn how to place a button on your home screen for the latest listings for our area and/or type of property you are interested in. You will even see properties “coming for sale” giving you a jump in the marketplace over the competition.
  • Business Area
  • Business Category
  • City
  • Key Word – Learn key word and you can unlock an industry. Members must learn this to place key words in the subject line so that the pubic can find it. If you say Tim Hortons for sale and do not put the word donut in your subject line you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.
  • member
  • and much more.

Database 2

Database 2 FSBO AREA

  • Information placed by the public.
  • Only Executive Members of ICIWorld have full access
  • You must contact a member for more information on any listing in this area.
  • Realtors who are not members can place information here if it is exclusive and/or over $1M. If you want to advertise your MLS listings you must be a member. To network Have and Want information so that the public can contact you directly you must be a member. To be in the World Database Directory of Members you must be a member. To have your information distributed to 20,000 people for every listing you must be a member. See For Members.

Database 2 FSBO Area (For Sale By Owner) The public posts information free. Everyone can view the subject line, but only members of ICIWorld have access to the full contact information. You must contact an Executive Member of ICIWorld for more information on any Have or Want in Database 2.


  • Readership is from people in 100+ countries
  • This Search page is only one way to access information quickly on ICIWorld.
  • There are over 18,000 pages penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet that access pages of information on ICIWorld.
  • Statistics | Record Readership 40,000+/- (see unique sites) from people in 100+ countries
  • 20,000 +/- EMails deliver Haves and Wants daily to the public.
  • There are 30,000+/- Haves and Wants in two databases with 50-150 new Haves and Wants daily
  • Built as a world real estate internet networking database.
  • Members who are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople join and post information in Database 1. Join.
  • Free for the public to post in Database 2. Only members have access. Learn.

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