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2020wed17jun10:3012:30June World Webinar For All Realtors. Marketing, Networking, Prospecting. The Powers of the Internet and Sharing of Information.Diamonds on the Floor : How to Work Exclusive Real Estate Information through the Internet10:30 - 12:30 Event Type :Webinar

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Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS Biography
On behalf of the management of ICIWorld, the above body of work represents what we feel is contributing to the dream of a world networking service provided by the licensed real estate brokers and salespeople of the world.
It is real estate brokers and salespeople who are best positioned in the marketplace to identify real estate opportunities.  It is they who can qualify opportunities on whether they can get a signed listing to put on a real estate board or, are worth exploring and trying to network further. If they can not get a signed listing, it is they who can post these opportunities to network with the world. (as long as it is done in accordance with your licensing body and we teach how to.) It is they who have been responsible for the largest sales in real estate, higher than on any real estate board, $50M+ All from networking opportunities that were not on real estate boards. This does not take away from real estate boards. This adds to real estate boards who are there to serve real estate brokers and salespeople as is the ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers.  It is additional business that can and should be done. This is prospecting of the highest degree. MLS is still and always will be the best way to sell real estate IF and only IF you can get a signed agreement. That leaves thousands upon thousands of opportunities on the table worldwide that are not getting done.  Not getting done because either one can not get a signed listing, exploratory, or the situation requires confidentiality. Until Now. Try out our new website.
All members of the ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople have their information, their opportunities and their real estate board listings displayed on the Internet on all our associated websites, on other members websites, and linked from 18,000+ places on the Internet plus delivery of Haves and Wants by EMail to the real estate industry.
Subscribe at to receive a daily Digest of new listings. Please note, we have started a major rebuild of our 100+  EMail List Servers for the world. At this time only a few are available. More being built as time goes on. 
We invite every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world to support this service because it supports you in your assistance to the public. 
Every sale in real estate contributes to the GDP of a nation. Every sale contributes to the economic well being of people. This service should be provided for every nation on earth. Simply it is like classified ads in a newspaper, managed by brokers for brokers (keeping expenses as close to zero to start, make free later), while taking full advantage of the Internet.
Pardon me for being a little long-winded, but I am an assistant to real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide and I truly enjoy the privilege I have of serving you.
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS