ICIWorld Changes

First, your feedback is important to us.

June/2014 New residential list services

July/2014 Only Active Status Haves and Wants now appear in Ontario Commercial and Ontario Residential widgets

July/2014 ICIWorld Apps display only 90 day old listings as a default in searches.

Why should this be important to you?

Up date your information or it will not appear in default settings on 1,000’s of members websites or in ICIWorld Apps. You will be missing maximizing world wide exposure for your listings.

You can help guide this service towards the betterment of mankind.

Because ICIWorld provides this service to help you connect with others in real estate to do business. We help you to service your prospects and clients and help you make money. This all helps the public to create wealth through real estate.

This service should be relevant for every single broker and salesperson on the planet earth. It should be relevant for every single buyer and seller of real estate absolutely everywhere on the planet earth. We have ways of making it work for everyone. It was conceived in the early 1990’s to be a world service.

It is working smooth as can be.

Brokers and Salespeople are adding, modifying, deleting their listings, Haves and Wants.

The public is adding their listings to Database 2 nicely.

People are connecting and doing business. See the testimonials.

They are connecting, networking with each other.

Major changes since 1994.

The latest is major server upgrades in 2013.

62,000 connections had to be reconnected, major software changes, and more too lengthy to mention here.

Today it is THE fastest server that I know of. Others may be able to match it, but not beat it.

Reliable since 1994 up time.

Tens of thousands of people accessing things hourly, daily, monthly, yearly.

Website changes.

Mobile Apps changes.

Mailing List Server changes.

and it goes on and on.

Now migrating the searches.

More to come.

Very exciting with the mobile revolution happening.

Apps for mobile phones making all information on ICIWorld available to everyone in the world that has a mobile device. Very exciting.

Also add this link https://iciworld.mobi to your home screen of your mobile device.

More on this later . . .

Many people have helped and continue to helped to build it to this world service.

Sales/Seminars/Call Centre – Cecil
Seminars – Nirvana
Graphics – Wendy
Social Media – Sasha
Programming – George
Programming – Stephen
Apps and Mobilization of Websites – Peter
Hosting – Brian with high speed, powerful secure servers located in San Jose, California
Legal – Maureen, Mark, Doug
Accounting – Janet
Support and Training – Gary
Sales/Seminars/Training – Gary
Elance Services allowing us to hire people world wide on contract for various tasks.

Several companies doing contract work:

  • mobile apps allowing 5 billion people to access your Haves and Wants from California,
  • world wide daily emailing of Haves and Wants now capable of a million emails daily,
  • monthly EMailing of newsletters to the industry averaging 60,000 per month of subscribers,
  • hosting services delivering information at an average rate of 1 to 4.9 seconds on average, and more. California
  • gotomeeting hosting services allowing us to help members one on one all over the world and allowing us to help you host a meeting for all your employees and/or members as many as 1,000 at a time!

All these companies have products and services either serving you now by ICIWorld or have helped build ICIWorld to what it is today.

Software and programs being used: hundreds of companies contributing, Microsoft Corporation, Google, Inc., Yahoo, Toshiba, Evernote, Mozilla, Real Estate Programs, CCIM, CREA, OREA, NAR, many real estate boards, newspapers, PaperLi, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, google+, Twitter, gotomeeting, FTP programs, html editors, Adobe, Skype, Bell, At&T, T-Mobile, Workspace Macro Pro, SnagIt, Apple, Canon, Blackberry, RIM, Qualcomm, Nexus, Oracle, Cisco, HP, Vonage, Dropbox, Eset, Fido, Rogers, Bell, Panasonic, Philips, Garmin, D-Link, Acer, Intel, Plantronics, Sony, BlueAnt, Motorola, and more.

All have been personally used by us and most continue to be used to help you connect with others to serve your prospects and clients well and help you make money.

All major real estate companies with individual brokers and salespeople contributing from Royal LePage, Re/Max, Century21, HomeLife, Sutton, Keller Williams, Right at Home, Coldwell Banker, Exit, Prudential, and several hundreds of independents. All have members on ICIWorld.

Members on our service speak all the major languages of the world.

My thanks to all of them for without them this service would not be what it is today.


  • Supplying of Have and Want services on contract, license, or other arrangements to major entities such as real estate boards, companies, franchises, chapters, associations, real estate groups of all kinds. It helps your members connect immediately to do business.
  • Links of Haves and Wants specially compiled for real estate companies, franchises, real estate associations, organizations, countries displaying information from their own members on their own web site. It helps your members connect immediately to do business.
  • ie: you can have a link for your members to all their Haves and Wants, on your main web site that has traffic. The next person who visits your main site and sees a listing of one of your members calls them and they do business. Just by adding a link!! People what are you waiting for. Start your engines . . .


Because it helps everyone to connect to do business.

Ready for the next level. Built to grow with the world and . . . to help the world grow. Think of a farmers market and all the goods that hard working farmers grow and bring to market for your consumption. Now the name The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network does a similar thing, with members and the public presenting opportunities for your consideration to do business just like a farmers market. We hope you appreciate the effort and can benefit from it.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

ICIWorld.net, Inc. (Since 1994)

Gary Nusca, CCIM


Serving the World