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ICIWorld Global Real Estate Information Listing Service
Connections made by networking 
confidentially before a signed listing. Every Real estate broker and salesperson in the world should have this global information listing service on their website just like MLS. We call it ILS. Make an appointment to learn more. 29 years in the making and now over $1 billion in sales.


Provided By
The ICIWorld Association of Commercial and Residential
Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople


Serving the public and the real estate profession since 1994
Memberships for all registered real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide

Information networking tools that help you serve your prospects and clients
And assistance on how to use them
Now over $1 Billion Sold.
Brokers now are doing 2-5-10-20-30, multiple transactions regularly when you learn. World Spinning on Your Fingertip

It Is Global Contacts Through Real Estate Information At Your Fingertips

Let your information do the talking on the Internet worldwide.


October 2, 2023 Announcement
Imagine having all the real estate classified ads from a newspaper integrated into YOUR real estate website, with EVERY INQUIRY FUNNELED BY EMAIL DIRECTLY TO YOU! Details.

ICIWorld is dedicated for every real estate broker and salesperson in the world to serve the public worldwide. 


Welcome on behalf of all our members. 

A portrait of Gary Nusca CCIM CIPSManager and Founder
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 49 Years BIO
ICIWorld Since 1994

The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Sales has been providing a specialized Global Real Estate Networking Internet Database Since 1994 – Helping real estate brokers and salespeople connect with the public and others through networking Have and Want opportunities, “information,” and marketing regular real estate board listings since 1994.

Who benefits from networking?

Networking in the workplace benefits everybody involved. It is important because it helps build professional relationships, opens doors to new opportunities, and facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices. It also aids in career development, personal growth, and business success. 

We conceive and believe that we can achieve a world networking service that runs alongside MLS, which we shall call ILS, Information Listing Service, we use the term Exclusives. For all the real estate opportunities where you cannot get a signed listing to put on MLS for various reasons, many of you will learn later. 

May we dispel the notion that all exclusive information is not shared. On ICIWorld, professionals are sharing their exclusive information but in a confidential manner as needed. Interest a buyer, and then put a listing agreement in place to show it.

The ones who have learned how to use it correctly with our one-on-one Zoom meetings, and recorded seminars and webinars conducted for real estate boards, offices and associations, webinars-on-demain, are included in the membership. Members are doing 2-5-10–20 and now over 30 transactions. Sales are everything from 0-$50M+ networking information to find buyers.

See hundreds of sales with brokers doing multiple transactions. You must realize they all started with members making connections with the public by networking Have and Want information, not a signed listing on MLS. This is an additional service brokers can add to their technology services. It is more like classified ads in a newspaper where you can place as much or as little information as you wish. Include links to your website and yes if you wish photos, link to photos, virtual tours, pad files and more. Used primarily on ICIWorld when you do have a signed MLS listing.

Proven as a successful service to network real estate information that is not or cannot be placed on MLS. In other words, confidential type information. 

There are some unique things we do on ICIWorld that members will learn that give them a major competitive edge in the marketplace. 

SHARING EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION ON ICIWORLD BY DEFINITION MAKES THEM NON-EXCLUSIVE. But we do it in a confidential manner because one must put a listing agreement in place before ever revealing an address or identifying a property for sale. It is called networking, and it contributes to the GDP, it gives the public more choices, it protects the public because brokers are trained in consumer protection, and it helps brokers make a lot of money. 

The real winner is the consumer.”

ICIWorld is the longest-running stable service on the Internet where members share their exclusive opportunities in a confidential manner instantly worldwide. Founded in 1994 and operating to this day. 

Please consider us as a marketing and information assistant for you. We are assistants to real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide. Usually, only one or two sessions of 60 minutes are needed in a one-on-one Zoom meeting, no matter where you are located. 

In the past, exclusive listings and opportunities did not receive worldwide exposure. 

With ICIWorld powering thousands of pages and websites online, you have a worldwide marketing instant service to network opportunities and market listings.

There are 40,000 contacts to do business with. 75% are not on MLS. 

Database 1 is information placed by member brokers and salespeople. Contact information is available to the public, just like real estate classified ads in a newspaper.

Database 2 FSBO Area (For Sale By Owner) is information placed by the public. Members have access to the contact information.

The great news is that all brokers and salespeople worldwide can include the ICIWorld global real estate information database in their marketing. Thanks to ICIWorld, the Internet, and information technology, confidential, exclusive type opportunities now have global exposure with proven results. This is also proven by one particular example of a $50M property having fourteen offers from all the major commercial real estate companies in Canada. Yet, two brokers who included ICIWorld in their marketing sold it due to making connections. 

See hundreds of sales where the connections were started by brokers and salespeople networking Have and Want information. See real estate brokers and salespeople who have made tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now over $1M. There are connections made that resulted in sales of $50M+ higher than real estate boards. All by networking information properly.

Networking real estate opportunities and marketing listings on ICIWorld is working so well for members and the prospects and clients they service, that we have a special pledge for every member.

Article in REM magazine.  

We call your “real estate information” the gold on the Internet. 

The ICIWorld global real estate information database connects you with the public to do business using information, Have and Want opportunities, as well as marketing real estate board listings. 

Timing can be critical and profitable for those who act. That is why many subscribe to receive the listings, Haves and Wants by EMail. Another benefit is the initial listings are always less than 90 days old. See ICIWorld’s Global EMail List Servers and subscribe/unsubscribe.

Videos Playlist. Compiled April 26, 2023 

Many say we started before out time. These videos over the years demonstrate that, still applicable to this day.

First real estate information listing service on the Internet in the world October 22, 1994 as 

ICI stands for Industrial, Commercial, Investment. In those days there was no google. It was Alta Vista and we were one of fourteen companies on the Internet for real estate. 

  • ICIWorld penetrates the farthest reaches of the Internet. 
  • ICIWorld databases power hundreds of thousands of pages and websites on the Internet,
  • over 100 domain names,
  • websites with links to the Have and Want information on ICIWorld,
  • ICIWorld provides IDX links that display content on broker and salesperson websites worldwide,
  • that display listings on other broker websites that generate leads, and incoming and outgoing referrals.
  • There are over 20,000 EMails that deliver a Digest of information daily to the public,
  • 11,000 weekly email subscribers to newsletters
  • in addition to social media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.
  • People from 150+ countries visit regularly.

After you click the purple button to make an appointment, look for the 60 minute red button. We may finish earlier no problem. We enjoy demonstrating how everyone in the world can make connections to do transactions.  


It has taken 29 years to build a service where it is possible you can make a connection within 2 mintues for your next real estate transaction.
The bottom line is the ROI, return on investment in ICIWorld.  Members are making connections with Have and Want information. They earn from 10x to 4,000x the ICIWorld Subscription Fee. Yes, if you calculate, some over $1M. Many members are now doing multiple deals, 2-5-20-20. Members make connections and conduct $50M+ transactions. Some have made connections with the public and have done over thirty transactions. 
And much like an automobile club provides services that exceed membership, ICIWorld now provides a VIP Coporate CLient Card. Discounts on products and services worldwide. If you use it and save $500 to $1,000 this year, your membership is free.

If and when you use the card it makes your membership virtually free. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years. Bio
Manager and Founder Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
Canada Bus. 416-840-6227
USA 954-317-2327
Mobile 416-214-4875

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ICIWorld also operating as:

World Real Estate Network. com

Information  Listing Service . Real Estate

National Real Estate Information Listing Service 

Real Estate Haves and Wants . com

and 150+ more domain names and websites all designed to trigger leads for members with over  300,000 pages on the Internet, 2,000 other brokers displaying Exclusives on their websites.

Please consider us as an assistant to you personally.

Dedicated to all the real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.

Vimeo video using the ICIWorld App to get listings. 
And it demonstrates how well-connected you are in the marketplace of buyers and sellers.

Once you are a member, we will show you how to do this with your own website with ICIWorld IDX Links.

Specializing in helping you take advantage of the powers of the Internet and network real estate. Have and Want information in a professional and compatible way with all in the real estate profession.

Experience helping brokers network information since the 1990s.

The real estate concepts presented in this video produced by David Grossman, Mortgage Broker, apply from Day 1 in 1994, when was the first real estate service registered on the Internet in the world for real estate, to today in 2023. 

However, many older websites and mobile links that are referenced, still work today generating leads for members. 

However, in 2023, we recommend using as the mobile website for computers and mobile devices and installing the free real estate app ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking for iPhones and Androids.  Believe it or not, some older members still prefer the sites they originally started on. 

One piece of information, handled in a confidential manner can make one a lot of money and provide a great service to a prospect or customer. 

What and Where Does It Cover


DATABASE 1 is information from commercial and residential real estate brokers and salespeople. If you cannot get a signed listing, but the owner says they will pay you a commission, there is a unique way to network that information worldwide with ICIWorld. Qualify the callers and put agreements in place first before showing the property. It is like an electronic equivalent of newspaper real estate classified ads displaying your contact information so people can contact you directly. Compared to the cost of a newspaper, it is like 1/10 of 1 cent per line per day and to a global marketplace of people interested in real estate and business opportunities. 

DATABASE 2 FSBO AREA is commercial and residential real estate. Have and Want information placed by the public for free. USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. Only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople members can access the contact information. Database 2 helps protect the public because brokers and salespeople train in consumer protection.

Everyone can search the real estate database, make connections, and do business for free. 

It is free for everyone in the world to search daily. There is a charge for real estate brokers and salespeople until you wish to network and advertise. As little as $40 for all your listings, Haves and Wants.   

There are now over 40,000 real estate contacts to do business with connections for sales of $50M+.

We have an exceptional service for brokers and salespeople worldwide. Place the ICIWorld Global IDX Links on your real estate website that display global listings, Have and Want real estate opportunities. Prospects must contact you directly on any listings. Do referrals. Do direct business.   

ICIWorld and its members benefit the world because every transaction in real estate contributes to a nation’s GDP and economic prosperity.

Click on Search Haves and Wants Globally To Search. 

We invite real estate boards, associations, professional designations, and companies to contact us to provide this service for all your members. 

Provide your members with the best of both worlds. A real estate board listing service and an informed real estate networking service. 

Make connections daily. Develop sound business relationships. Do business.  

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Your comments and feedback are appreciated to help grow the service and make it available for everyone worldwide.

It is global real estate networking for every broker and salesperson at your fingertips.

There is protection for the public because each broker and salesperson trains in consumer protection.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years. (Bio)
Founder and Manager (Since 1994)
USA 954-317-2327
Canada 416-840-6227
Toll-Free: 1-877-272-1721

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Instant Real Estate Networking Worldwide

And members share their information worldwide on each member’s website instantly.

As a result, each member provides a world of real estate opportunities from their website.

Tens of thousands of Internet access points to see your information and trigger leads.

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Available for Android and iOS has developed

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ICIWorld Booth at Trade Shows. Next one May 14, 15, 2024 TRREB Realtor Quest 10,000 attendees last year. See brokers networking on the ICIWorld App.


Manager and Founder. Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 49 Years. Bio.

Consider us as a personal marketing and informattion assistant.

Ask us how to search, connect and do business. Make an appointment.