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 (When you see blue lettering, it can be a hypertext link that you can click on.)

 A website or real estate home page is like your online store. 

The public doesn’t just want a Realtor; they want a REALTOR WITH TECHNOLOGY.

No one knows where your website is until you tell them or let people know, and then have them add it to their home page on their mobile phone. They will also pass it on to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances when they appreciate what it can do for them.

Picture this: Everyone you know who could ever buy or sell real estat, has YOUR real estate website on THEIR mobile phone.

When they want to search real estate they click on an icon on THEIR PHONE and YOUR WEBSITE POPS UP.

They find a listing they like, call you, you show it and sell it and make money. 

But if they do not know about it, you totally miss out and do not even realize it.

What can they do on your website, and why should they put it on their mobile phone? 

Here are features you should have on YOUR REAL ESTATE WEBSITE.:

  • Search for commercial and residential MLS listings
  • and Search Exclusives not available elsewhere. (supplied by ICIWorld)
  • Search SOLDS. If they see a house sell on their street, they can search YOUR website and see the selling price. (for a demo call to make an appointment.)
  • See a list of buyers for all kinds of real estate with the ICIWorld IDX Links. It demonstrates how well-connected you are in the marketplace of buyers! It helps you get listings.
  • List of VIP Condo sites and properties coming for sale.
  • How to calculate a mortgage.
  • Moving checklist.
  • Much more.

See ICIWorld’s Resource Page Websites.

Special to order a website when signed up through this page. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. And they will install the IDX Links From ICIWorld on your website. If you already have a website your company should install the ICIWorld IDX LInks for FREE otherwise, it is a one time $50 charge by our technical person to install them for you. We send you the links to forward to your website designer. The next person who visits your website and sees an exclusive listing has to call you.