Summary of Services with an ICIWorld Executive Membership Operating Since 1994

It is world and local connections with others to help you do business.

Here’s a summary of all of the services you receive when you become an Exclusive Member of ICIWorld. As low as .67 cents per day $240 per year, $319 to get started. Web sites are separate and are free for one month then $19/mo. or $199 per year. Major credit cards accepted, Pay Pal, Interac, by cheque. Any way you want.

Place Unlimited Have and Want Ads

Specializing in exclusive information and million dollar properties now among the biggest collection database of buyers and sellers of million dollar and up properties. No limit, no minimum or maximum, all real estate commercial AND residential. Special category for World Confidential.

Gain world wide and local exposure for your real estate Have and Want ads all year long.

  • 50,000+/- people readership on a regular basis
  • Accessible world wide in one of the fastest databases in the world for real estate.
  • Your information becomes available on any one of over seven billion mobile devices world wide as of June/2013 in the form of Apps as well as available to over 2.5 billion people on the Internet with computers.
  • This includes not only advertising your listings such as on your real estate board, but open and exclusive opportunities not on real estate boards.
  • You should also be placing what your buyers and tenants are looking for. Owners of properties can respond directly to you.
  • All new listings and listings modified after 30 days, get distributed to the public and the world real estate industry by EMail!  At the moment our last count was 20,000 daily by EMail in addition to readership of 30,000+monthly.
  • You will also have choice to allow or not allow your listings, Have and Want ads to be on thousands of other brokers web sites instantly. What is better to have you listing on one web site or on one thousand web sites?
  • You will learn how to market your exclusive opportunities in an exclusive fashion that will maintain confidentiality of your property while promoting the opportunity. This has totally opened up the market up for real estate sales people to really do business.
  • Members can advertise other brokers and salespeople’s listings (not in the same office) with permission, all FSBO’s, and much more. There is a special way to do it.
  • With a simple membership you can reach a local and world audience of people with a like minded interest in real estate (See statistics). 

See among the most deals being done and connections being made to do business.  See testimonials.  Many of them will tell you how easy it was to make a connection. We can show you how easy things are within a matter of minutes once you are a member with one on one assistance conducted over the phone while you and we are on the Internet together. See Daily Webinar Workshops. It is like a doctors by appointment with 30 minute appointments scheduled from 7am daily to ensure you know how to make it all . . . work for you.

See Our Pledge that everyone does business or you call us.

Access to Real Estate Have and Want Information

  • 75% of the 30,000 listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld are exclusive and not on any other service.
  • These exclusive listings as well as listings on a real estate board help you identify people with whom you can and should be doing business with.
  • Build your own database of contacts with notes about your business relationship with them. This is useful for dealing with them on a regular basis so that when you see them place a Have or Want you can decide if you want to deal with them or not.
  • This is a world market of people who like real estate.

You should learn there are also two databases.

  1. Database 1 – when you are a member you place your information in Database 1 for the ultimate in world wide exposure with your contact information available. This includes name, company, address, city, phone numbers, email address and web site. This drives traffic to your web site!
  2. Database 2 – This is for the public to place their Have and Want information and it is free for them.  However only the subject line is available for the world to read.  Only Executive Members have access to the contact information.

People are looking for listings on the Internet and now you will have thousands of real estate listings on your site – structured in a way where YOU get the calls. These are revenue producing links for YOUR website, unless you have no traffic it’s inevitable that you will generate leads! 

And . . . we have a solution for helping you generate traffic. We have attended World Search Engine Conventions and Conferences and we teach SEO and have forty different important ways to promote your web site. This is important because the highest return on investment (ROI) of any industry on the Internet is for real estate because one lead can make one a lot of money and provide a great service to the public. 

There are 50-100 new ads automatically added daily, you don’t have to do a thing! It brings people back to your web site to check for new listings regularly.

NOTE: If there is one thing better than listing and selling real estate it is referrals.  Why?  because they average $3,000 to $10,000 and more. The only reason salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads.  Now you will. 

See links for all your web sites.

Turn Key Website

Why have more than one web site? Read on!

  • They are like billboards, you can have more than one.
  • ICIWorld supports all your web sites.
  • They can be linked together.
  • You only need one domain name on a business card because when your customers visit the one, they can see the link to the other one.
  • they have exclusive listings not available on any other web site.
  • they have the ability to send out both MLS AND Exclusive listings to your prospects and clients of listings that match the description of what they are looking for. THIS IS LIKE A 24 HOUR PERSON KEEPING TRACK OF ANY NEW LISTING AND SENDING IT IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR PROPECTS. When they receive a listing that they like they have to call you for more information and to show the property.
  • See Web Sites and samples.
  • The importance of the web site is the links to listings structured and set up by ICIWorld in addition to other things you are doing.  I compare these links to the sparkplugs of a car. You can have two beautiful Mercedes sitting side by side, one with sparkplugs and the other without sparkplugs. They both look nice but only one will go. The same is true for web sites, the sparkplugs are the specially designed real estate links to listings and Have and Want ads.
  • The ICIWorld links can be placed on all your real estate web sites.
  • The exclusive ads on the web site are only available if you have the web site.
  • The ability to send out listings automatically can only be done with the web sites we supply.
  • They will make you money if you apply some basic principles.

Web sites from ICIWorld are free for one month then %19.99/mo. or $199 per year.  You should think of it as an investment

ICIWorld Website’s display thousands of residential and commercial listings in a way that YOU get the leads. This makes them the most powerful sites on earth. 

Everyone should embrace the concept that web sites are like billboards. You can have more than one, and if they are all generating leads then why not? Especially if one of the sites updates itself with listings!

Search Engine Optimization

What good is a web site if you have no traffic going to it?  You might as well not even have a web site.

Real estate on the Internet provides the highest return on investment (ROI) because one lead can make one a lot of money.

A web site is like your office building on the Internet. You are promoting your own business. When you are a member of ICIWorld with the links, you send people to your own web site.

How To Promote Your Web Site is so important that this is a monthly world wide Webinar for all members. We do not do this for non members as it is a major competitive advantage for members. We have attended world search engine conventions at considerable cost so that we can learn it on behalf of all members and provide it to you free included in an Executive Membership.

You can use the information that you learn for all your other web sites as well.

We have spent time at the World Search Engine Convention in web site workshops with Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and other optimizers and learned how to do it. We share this with you monthly AND in recorded videos of workshops.

Full Access to Database 1

Only about 4,000 Have and Wants can be seen by the public, but as a member you get to see it all! If you are not a member you miss opportunities to meet people with whom you can do business.  

Full Access to Database 2 FSBO’s

Over 9,000 real estate Haves and Wants are placed on ICIWorld by the public. Only members have full access, if you are not a member you miss opportunities directly from the public.  

Database 2 FSBO Area – Receive Haves and Wants by email (for members only), again, if you are not a member you miss opportunities directly from the public on a daily basis!

A Database of your own Listings on your Website

We build you a link to your listings for your website. When you add a commercial listing to ICIWorld it’s instantly on your website. Add residential homes directly to your website!

Add, Modify, Delete, Mark Sold, Unlimited Haves and Wants

With your membership you have the ability to modify your listings all year long. This removes the cost to advertise your opportunities to the public all year long on  one of the largest web sites in the world for real estate.  

Distribution of all New Listings to the Public via email

We deliver 10,000 to 20,000 emails to the public daily. Some of the best responses come within 24 to 48 hours after placing a listing! It would take you thousands of man hours to build databases and keep them up to date to reach all the people who subscribe to receive daily listings by EMail . . . all automatically  . . . for all your listings all year long.  

Resource Center. We let every member discover it upon joining. Access to personal and business information         compiled over 15 years ideas, concepts, tips, tools that will benefit you the rest of your life. Everyone who sees it says it alone is worth the price of joining;  

Training and Support via Daily Webinar Workshops

in your office over the phone everywhere in the world by way ofIt is online. Use a USB headset to listen and talk while online. Also other training by windows video         streaming media and telephone support. This training includes personal support on how to work with the web site and how to make the web site work for you; One concept, one idea, one tool, one contact, and you  make a lot of money. This area has hundreds.  All video training programs included.  

Powerful Listing Tools

statistics,  lists of buyers. If you can print out a list of 200 buyers of apartment buildings and your competitor can not, who is going to get the listing? Some say it is the most powerful listing tool on the market today.  

Retired Brokers Program

Have fun the rest of your life doing just referrals. The only reason why brokers do not do referrals is because you do not get the leads. Now you will; Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you money? See our program.

Search Matrix for Company or Group

ICIWorld specializes in the database. Have it appear with the information you want for the people you want. It can help your group network like never before.  It can help your organization grow; It is sophisticated databases formerly reserved for the Fortune 1,000 companies, tailored to suit your company and/or organization.  See  Search Members and  Details for a Search Matrix for your organization.  

ICIWorld Global Directory Listing

See  Search Members.  People even search for a member in our testimonials. You will be surprised how people can find you to do business.  Searches are done by city, geographic areas and market areas, specialties, languages spoken and more. Members are global real estate people able to market real estate world wide through this world wide service. If you are marketing property in other countries members usually have business relationships with others in those other countries and they receive referrals for generating the business.

Access to all Listings including 9,000 Ads placed by the Public.

Without a membership you can easily miss making connections to do business.

Get it all working for you today.

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