ICIWorld helps real estate brokers and agents get away from newspaper print display advertising.

ICIWorld provides a world wide real estate marketing service whereby a seller can be assured to reach a reasonable pool of prospective buyers.

ICIWorld also provides a forum for the Wants of buyers.  People can see lists and get an idea of what actual people are looking for. This helps brokers obtain listings by showing how well plugged in they are to todays market of buyers when you can show a list of buyers and their criteria. This can play an even bigger role in a down market. It is always a buyers or sellers market.  This helps to switch gears in how you approach selling.

Newspaper effectiveness died in 2000 when brokers were routinely paying hundreds per listing in print advertising per month. ICIWorld not only allows brokers to divest in print advertising, but also it pays in the return of leads, website visits, time saved having information working 24/7, triggering leads, setting up of showings, and many other intangible ways.
Now with the new ICIWorld Mobile App and the mobile website https://iciworld.mobi everyone can easily see what is on the market on their mobile phones. Mobile phones are being used five times more than a computer. Having the latest information at your fingertips gives one an advantage over others.
And it is the brokers and salespeople on ICIWorld that are doing it.