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Commercial Real Estate

For commercial real estate we recommend that you select the DIGEST METHOD for your state or province or general area like GTA. This way you only receive one email with all the new listings in it, whether there are 2 new listings or 10 new listings.

75% of the information is of an exclusive nature not on real estate boards!

Residential Real Estate

For Residential in Ontario we recommend subscribe for your city!

Look for Business Category – Residential Estates to find EMail List Servers.

Select you own city or choose an overall area like GTA for just one email with new listings in it.

Connect with others to do business because EMails contain contact names and numbers

These list servers are being built for states / provinces on demand.

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ICIWorld EMail List Servers

  • Information is placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.
  • Information includes exclusive information not available on any other service.
  • Delivering Real Estate Haves and Wants daily to the public, to the industry .  .  . free.
  • World Wide
  • For real estate and businesses of all kinds, including Industrial, Commercial, Investment and Residential Real Estate.
  • 20,000+/- EMails deliver new real estate Listings, Haves and Wants to subscribers, to the public, to the industry . . . Daily!
  • Request an EMail List Server Can be by company, group, organization, association, city, country and more.  See the List Server for the Central Canada CCIM Chapter. This can be built for any group to network Haves and Wants. When leadership of your group promotes it, it is inevitable for everyone to connect with others to do business.

75% of the listings are exclusive not available on any other service. 

  • Properties “Coming For Sale”,
  • Exclusive
  • FSBO’s
  • Power of Sales, and more!
  • Find out about Buyers looking for real estate
  • Tenants looking for Retail, Office and Industrial space to lease, tenant mandates, and more.
  • by city
  • by region
  • property type

You must be a licensed real estate broker or salesperson Executive Member of ICIWorld to have your Haves and Wants distributed to 20,000+ people daily and displayed to the world to 50,000+/- people regularly.

Details to join

Reach new people interested in real estate for all your listings all year long distributed daily.

See Statistics.

GMail Users:

  • GMail places a lot of legitimate incoming mail into SPAM. So legitimate email from ICIWorld can be trapped in your SPAM FOLDER. Yet each EMail contains information for contacts for potential real estate transactions. The spam folder is is different from junk. Look for a column of folders one called “more.” You will find a spam folder there. You can put a check mark on the listing and click on Not Spam. If you have not done this before, you will probably find other mail that should not be spam. However marking mail as not spam does not seem to work all the time. Mail seems to continue to go to spam. So GMail has another option. Another way you can try to keep it out of spam you have to set a filter.
  • Gmail’s filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, even keep it out of Spam. There is a Filter Choice to choose Not Spam. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6579?hl=en&ctx=mail This is a work in progress to figure out how to get google to allow all our legitimate mail to get through to you properly without always going to spam.

Database 2 FSBO Area – Executive Members of ICIWorld can subscribe to receive EMail from the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) EMail List Servers. Buyers and sellers of real estate can add their Haves and Wants free. They are distributed to members. If you are a seller of real estate would you like a member to contact you if they have a buyer who could be interested? If you are a buyer would you like a member to let you know about a property that might match what you are looking for?  All buyers and sellers should post their Haves and Wants here.  It is opportunities to do business and the success can help free you up to get on with your plans. For all EMail check your spam folder if you are not receiving mail. Make it Not Spam. When you sign up for various email lists you should  ‘whitelist’ @iciworld.ca because Digest emails can easily land in the Spam or a junk folder.

If I join and place my haves and wants do they get sent out by email and if so to how many?

  • yes and no
  • all new listings that you place are sent out by email
  • all listings that are modified after 30 days get sent out by email
  • if you modify a listing within 30 days, they are NOT sent out by EMail
  • approximately 20,000 EMails deliver information daily to the public and the real estate industry DAILY.
  • members can add as many Haves and Wants all year long and they get delivered to the industry by EMail.
  • EMails contain your contact name and number, your web site address and link to you EMail (we do not display your email address, it is a form for people to send you an email)

How do members benefit from this service?

  • When a member posts a Have or Want ad it goes into a database that is receiving a readership of 40,000+ people
  • Your contact information is made available to them, phone numbers, links to your website, EMail, etc.
  • The listing is also sent out to the industry by email – 20,000+/- daily to the public and the real estate industry with all your contact information, website address, links, phone numbers and option to EMail you.
  • Members and the public are informed of new listings in Database 1, everyone can contact you directly.
  • Members only are informed of new listings in Database 2 – This is where all of the coveted FSBO’s are!
  • One member sold a $9M apartment building within 3 days. That is how fast it can work.

A few seconds daily scanning this email can be the difference of doing your next deal or missing out.

When you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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