Top Twenty Reasons

To advertise, network, install the widgets on your website, and update your Listings, Haves and Wants every 30-90 days on ICIWorld.

Making money is about making connections with others to do business.

When you Advertising you are communicating information to identify people with whom you can do immediate business.

This is how your Executive Membership will help you:

  1. Make it convenient for others to see your information in a 24 hr per day, 7 days per week searchable database that has been serving the public since 1994. Others can conveniently search information anytime. See how to video.
  2. Time To Search: 3-7 seconds and can make you thousands of dollars. To search on your computer go to or phone device once you have a shortcut on your device or install the ICIWorld from the App or Playstore on your phone or this mobile version of the App to make a connection for your next transaction. a) one second to click on the icon on your phone b) one second to make a choice, Commercial, Business Opportunities, Residential, Database 2 FSBO’s c) one second to click on Search Database at the bottom of the form. Presto! The daily hot-sheet appears. You can sort listings by price, choose an area, type, Have or Want, etc. It is not just searching to show a property but you will get a sense of what people are looking to buy. You might find what they are looking for!
  3. Time To Place An Ad for Worldwide Exposure: 1-3 minutes. Can make you thousands of dollars. Go to click on log in, then Add/Have/Want on the left. Less than a minute to place a Want ad. It only takes a minute or longer to place an ad and then . . . with one click . . . reach the world.
  4. Big money. Some of the largest deals are now done ($50M+ exclusive land transaction) through a connection made on ICIWorld. Most of the larger properties are not on real estate boards but the opportunities are on ICIWorld AND people who have properties can contact you if you place your Want. (Resulted in a $75M sale.)
  5. CCIM’s have been involved in both deals and it was a CCIM who built this service for everyone to connect and do business. Independent Brokers are protected and have a major world network of buyers and sellers with ICIWorld, 75% of which is not on real estate boards. So it is access to information in both Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO’s of daily new leads which can benefit you and help you make money. We invite all professionals including CIPS, Realtors and all others with professional designations to network information very easily worldwide.
  6. Gives you a chance to place all the FSBO’s in your area on ICIWorld. 90% of all FSBO’s are sold by Realtors. You should have a minimum of fifteen pieces of information on ICIWorld. Just ask the three special questions we have been teaching for years helping brokers make money. Learn how to work exclusive information on ICIWorld’s Educational You Tube Channel.
  7. Work exclusive real estate information not just listings on a real estate board. They both trigger leads from ICIWorld. How many listings do you have on a real estate board? Have and Want information triggers leads just like real estate board listings and it is so much easier. Just put a listing agreement in place first before divulging the address or showing the property. Maximize your opportunities in real estate.
  8. Let your information do the work on ICIWorld. We call it working smarter not harder. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, just check your information once every 30-60 days. Let your information do the working, otherwise, you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it.
  9. If you do not update your listings every 30-60 days (takes one click for each listing) you can be missing doing deals and not realize it. Only listings less than 90 days old get displayed on the ICIWorld Apps, mobile websites, computers worldwide. Otherwise, your missing doing deals and do not realize it.
  10. Listings at the top get the most traction because they also get emailed out to the industry and when you modify them after 31 days. If you do not modify your listings every 30-60 days you are missing out.
  11. Maximize your opportunities to do business with exclusive information that you can not place on a real estate board.  Easier to place, easier to find, you can trigger leads just like a real estate board triggers leads for signed listings, put agreements in place first, show a property, be making money by next weekend.
  12. Get your information appearing on 1,500 other brokers websites instantly. This is greater marketing exposure in the marketplace for all your listings all year long. It is a choice at the bottom of each message. And this generates incoming referrals for you as well as direct business.
  13. It is the instant display of your listings on a world market. Add a listing, instantly displayed worldwide and EMailed out to the public. Trigger leads and incoming referrals.
  14. If you could advertise every day for free in the largest newspaper in your area would you? Then you definitely should be a member on ICIWorld because in one sense ICIWorld is an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper, but to a world audience in real time at a cost of 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day.
  15. ICIWorld only allows licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople worldwide to join. It is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople.
  16. Use ICIWorld as a listing tool.  Show how well connected you are to the hundreds of buyers in the marketplace. Print out lists of buyers to show them.
  17. Absolutely inevitable to trigger leads. Add the links to listings, Haves and Wants to be supplied by ICIWorld to YOUR website. They trigger leads because when you are a paid member, people can not click on the message numbers on your website which mean they have to call you.
  18. Are you triggering leads to do referrals? If not it could be because your website has little or no traffic. There are 4 daily Webinars on ICIWorld. 8 pm evenings daily is How To Promote Your Website.
  19. Ability to network commercial AND residential information, big and small.
  20. Support, Training and Our Pledge. If you do not know Our Pledge, you can be missing out. This is a measurement tool and what to do about it if you are not doing a deal every 90 days or at the very least developing good business relationships with others that you fell will lead to doing deals, otherwise, you should be calling us to give us a chance to help and make recommendations. It is like driving a car with a flat tire all year long or abandoning the car.

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ICIWorld is an International Real Estate Information Listing Service, a society of real estate brokers and salespeople, networking exclusive real estate opportunities and leads, advertising listings, on mobile devices and computers and reaching people in 138 countries. It is global advertising and networking . . . almost free.

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