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It is all about helping members make connections to do business.

24,000 unique viewers monthly statistics on ICIWorld (Feb. 2016) Unique sites.

People from 138 countries. See top 30 countries. com is USA and others.

20,000 EMails distributed daily to subscribers

18,000 pages on the Internet penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet since 1994.

Pay per click services as well as search engine rankings with Google.

It is our goal at ICIWorld to support each and every member in their own market areas to have their website come up in the search engines.

This provides real estate professionals the opportunities to handle more trades in real estate so that people get looked after properly in the largest sales in their lives. Doctors look after people. Lawyers help. In the case of real estate salespeople they have helped the public create wealth millions of dollars through real estate.

30,000+ contacts to do business. Add them to your phone.

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ICIWorld advertising and what it means for you:

  • when a person picks up a trade magazine and sees the ICIWorld website,
  • sees on the front page and adds the link to the home screen on their phone,
  • or installs the ICIWorld App their iPhone or Android phone
  • then searches either on their device or their computer for real estate
  • and IF and When your listing is placed and they see it, presto . . . you receive the call and do business. It can be that fast. See the 50 pages of testimonials.

Commercial Investor (Front Page)

Business Exchange

Business Exchange Front Page

Commercial Exchange (Front Page)

BC Commercial Exchange

  • lower mainland Greater Vacouver Area, Victoria, Okanagon, Penticton, printing 80,000 x 2 = 160,000 readership

BREB (Brampton Real Estate Board)

  • website campaign, front page on website
  • email campaign

MREB (Mississauga Real Estate Board)

  • website campaign front page on website
  • email campaign
  • booth space at conventions



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Professional Memberships

CCIM Chapter Meetings at TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board)

Meetings and networking conducted throughout the year

Commercial Real Estate Educational Events, Seminars, at Ryerson University downtown Toronto, Site To Do Business, others.

ICIWorld International Newspaper

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Shows, Conventions, Conferences

  • Franchise Shows
  • Real Estate Investment Shows
  • International Real Estate Events
  • Investment Shows
  • Motivational Shows
  • Power of Success Tony Robbins 3,500 brochures taken home
  • Empowering Women To Succeed
  • and much more.
  • ICIWorld hands out brochures encouraging people to see 30,000 contacts on their phones by adding to their phones. Thousands upons thousands have done so. One search by one person and presto you can be getting a call.

On Members Websites

  • 1,000+ websites with ICIWorld Widgets
  • See samples

The significance of the listings being on thousands of other brokers websites is substantial for all members.

Broker members are building websites that serve their communities. Each one does advertising in scores of different ways. Each one is generating traffic for all their websites. If you add up all the traffic from members alone it is substantial. In all cases where members have widgets from ICIWorld, this means your listings are getting a circulation unparalleled in the industry.

However if you do not place a Have or Want or listing then your information has no opportunity to get seen.

Join today and get your information working 24/7.

Approximately $40/mo. unlimited advertising, full access to all 30,000 contacts including FSBO’s, widgets for your website, websites from $16.50.

Make an appointment when someone contacts you. Get an offer. Do a deal. Make some money. Look after the family, take a holiday, contribute to charity. Do it all over again.

Past Members Websites

  • 500+ websites with ICIWorld Widgets

All to help everyone network to do business.

We appreciate the opportunity to help.

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