ICIWorld® is a global broker’s and salesperson’s real estate Have and Want “information listing service” providing service for the public.

Started in 1994 as www.iciworld.com

There are 30,000+ listings, Haves and Wants, 75% exclusive and unique on ICIWorld with 50-150 new ones coming in daily. For the newest ones search the Latest.


  1. Database 1 – Information placed by Executive Members of ICIWorld who are licensed real estate professionals in North America and the World. Contact information is available to the public and the public can search free. Only Executive Members who are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada can list their opportunities in Database 1. Complete contact information is provided for the public with links to a members website, EMail, phone numbers, etc. If you are a member of the public and you wish the ultimate in world wide exposure you must place your information through a member of ICIWorld to be in Database 1. The readership is 40000+/- people from 138 countries and information is also distributed daily by EMail to 20,000+/- subscribers.
  2. Database 2 FSBO Area – FOR SALE BY OWNER – Information placed by buyers, sellers and some licensed real estate salespeople who are not members of ICIWorld who place their exclusive opportunities. It is free for the public to place information in Database 2.   Only members of ICIWorld have access to your contact information. It has limited exposure. When you wish more information on any listing in Database 2 you must contact a member.  The advantage to the public? If a member has a potential buyer for your property would you like them to call you? If you are a buyer, if a member has a property that may suit you, would you like them to call you? Since only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople only have access to this information, there is a certain comfort level of dealing with a licensed real estate broker who are governed by laws, rules of conduct, codes of ethics, etc.

ICIWorld can dramatically increase revenue for all the salespeople who learn how to use it. See testimonials. 

All listings are used for networking purposes to identify people with whom you may be able to do business with. You should consider developing a good business relationship with all since they may know about other properties and opportunities not on the service and tell you about new ones coming on the market.

Everyone should install the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids. Listings must be less than 90 days old to be displayed. Also everyone should open a browser on their mobile phone, go to https://iciworld.mobi and then add it to the home screen on your mobile device.

The vision is to provide every living person interested in real estate information at their fingertips, the moment a member broker adds a Have or Want to ICIWorld it is instantly displayed for the world to see!

ICI stands for industrial, commercial and investment real estate and includes office and medical buildings, shopping centres, hotels, motels, business opportunities, land, farms, ranch land, mineral and timber property, financing, mortgage funds, venture capital and more for everywhere on the planet earth.

Residential for ALL price ranges was added in 2014. This is for residential real estate, luxury estates, cottages, vacation property, condos, townhouses, single family homes, etc.

It is for advertising real estate board listings, as well as for networking exclusive Have and Want opportunities,  mostly in a confidential fashion, that are not on real estate boards.

75% of the information on ICIWorld is exclusive, not on real estate boards.

This expands your opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Covering every type of real estate and business opportunities, everywhere on the planet.

What is ICIWorld?

  • It is like an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper.
  • The same information that you would place or not place in a newspaper, you do the same here.
  • If you are a real estate broker or salesperson and if you could advertise every single day, all your listings, all year long,  in a newspaper for $319 per year, as much as you want, would you?  Then you definitely should be a member of ICIWorld.
  • It is a broker centric service providing opportunities not available anywhere else.
  • If you are the public you can search, place Have or Want information in Database 2, receive new listings daily, Have and Want exclusive opportunites by EMail . . . free complete with contact names and number.
  • The service is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada.
  • See who can join.  Most registered real estate brokers and salespeople belong to either NAR or CREA and follow rules of conduct and codes of ethics.

What are Real Estate Haves and Wants?

“Haves” are real estate properties and businesses for sale and for lease.

  • they can include properties that are listed on a real estate board
  • they can include properties that are listed but are not on real estate boards
  • they can include property opportunities that are not listed

“Wants” are what buyers are looking for.

“Haves” – Information versus Listings

  • members advertise their signed real estate board listings
  • members advertise their signed exclusive listings
  • members network their open and exclusive listings that may not be signed at this time. They do this by not identifying the exact location of a property, but only mentioning the opportunity.  When a buyer shows interest, the broker will go back to the owner and get a signed listing before divulging the address or identifying the property to an interested buyer. More opportunities become available to the public.
  • many owners will tell a broker “I do not want to list my property with you at this time. I do not want to place it on a real estate board at this time.  But, if you bring me a buyer, I will pay you a commission.” And in many cases they will give verbal permission for the agent to find a buyer. Advertising guidelines by real estate licensing bodies in the USA and Canada do not permit advertising the address or identifying a property without the express written consent of the owner. However if you do not identify the property or give an address, then one can network information to explore finding a buyer and then once interested put a written agreement in place first before divulging an address or showing the property. The commercial real estate industry has been doing this even before the Internet and on the Internet with ICIWorld since 1994.
  • Now with the advent of the Internet there is more exclusive information that can be worked more than ever for both commercial AND residential real estate.
  • And it can all be worked through the organized real estate industry to serve the public on ICIWorld.
  • And it this service can be provided by members from their own mobile and regular websites.

Why do we do it this way?

  • More information becomes available to the public that is not on real estate boards.
  • 75% of the 30,000+ listings on ICIWorld are not on real estate boards.
  • There are more opportunities for licensed real estate salespeople to provide their services to do business.
  • Information can trigger valuable leads for the properties.
  • More exclusive real estate and business opportunities becomes available for both commercial AND residential real estate than can be placed on a real estate board.
  • Doing it this way removes the restriction of having to have a signed listing to find a buyer. It opens up the whole marketplace to explore opportunities to do business.  We call it networking information.
  • There is a lot of work, time, effort, gathering, due diligence and recording of information required to place a listing on a real estate board.
  • There are owners who do want to list their properties on a real estate board at this time but perhaps later.
  • There are owners who say “bring me a buyer and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to list the property with you at this time.”
  • With ICIWorld one can network that piece of information. It can be a piece of information such as an owner indicating to a real estate professional that he wants to sell but does not want to sign a listing or place it on a real estate board at this time.
  • There is a special way that real estate industry professionals work this kind of information to trigger interest from potential buyers without divulging the address.
  • For example, before properties are specifically identified to a buyer, the broker obtains a signed listing agreement by the owner first before identifying the property or showing it.

Advantage for Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople 

  • This is a real estate broker centric service.
  • Brokers and salespeople advertise their real estate board listings just like classified ads in a newspaper
  • Brokers and salespeople network information, open and exclusive listings, properties coming for sale, power of sales, and much more that all generate leads
  • Brokers and salespeople are no longer restricted to having to place a listing on a real estate board to generate leads.
  • This is cutting edge technology with new services for the organized real estate industry being invented. Widgets for instance from ICIWorld. This is the ability to operate this service from your own website in a way that you generate leads.  You do referrals AND direct business from the moment the widgets are installed.

The Advantage to the Public

  • More opportunities become available from a whole organized real estate industry in addition to what real estate boards provide
  • Information is handled by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who can then provide services as well as protect the public as part of their duties.
  • ICIWorld is a supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada and provided free for the public.

What Can the Public Do?

  • It is free for the public to search Database 1.
  • It is free for the public to place information in Database 2 FSBO Area.
  • It is free for everyone to subscribe to receive daily listings by EMail.
  • The public contacts a member of the service to place their information and for service.

Helping all brokers, salespeople in the world connect people in 100+ countries with opportunities to do business in real estate.

We provide seminars for real estate boards, associations, real estate offices, companies, etc. See Seminars.

The solution to a problem. 

  • This service started from concepts learned in CCIM Marketing Sessions where over $200 million worth of real estate can be presented over a two day period.
  • But one problem in these sessions was how to track all the exclusive opportunities. Later, if you missed writing down or can’t think of who the person was who had a buyer for a certain kind of real estate in a certain price range, or had a certain piece of real estate that seems to fit what your buyer is looking for, you could easily be missing doing a deal!
  • In real estate this can be a loss of $50,000 in commissions all because you can’t remember who the person was.

ICIWorld provides a method for every broker and salesperson in the world to place their Haves and Wants so that ultimately not one real estate professional will ever miss an opportunity again thereby maximizing their opportunities in real estate and serving the public.

See testimonials of deals started that were not started on a real estate board.

MLS started in the late 1800’s with the concept of Help me sell my inventory and I’ll help you sell yours . . . This concept for Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople is alive and well here as well operating since 1994. In fact members can operate this service from their own website. See Widgets.

You can learn more by browsing the website or inviting us to do a:

  • seminar in your office
  • a one on one demo
  • a webinar. From 1 to 1,000 may attend.

Take out a membership and learn the advantages.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP
ICIWorld.net, Inc.
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