Monthly Member Review Checklist

This is to ensure you are making money and at the very least generating leads to make money. There are just a few item that are the difference of making money and not making money. Here are some of them:

  1. Make sure you have the ICIWorld Widgets on your website working. Otherwise Order Them Here These links contain listings, Haves and Wants from other members who have agreed to allow their listings to be on your website. They are special links so that only you get the leads. You can do referrals and/or direct business.Call and we can check your website with you to make sure they are working properly. 416-14-4875.
  2. Are you getting leads from your website? If not, it is probably because you have little or no traffic to your website. Register for the monthly Webinar How To Promote Your Website If you can not make it, register and you will get a copy of a recording of the event by EMail afterwards. This is where all members should be spending time, promoting your own website because one lead can make you a lot of money.
  3. We recommend updating your listings every 30-60 days and in no event letting them go longer than 90 days old otherwise they do not show up in the ICIWorld Mobile Apps for Androids, iPhones, etc. Check your phone and see if you can see your listings. If not click here and modify your listings. They will get sent out to the industry by EMail and be displayed on the ICIWorld mobile apps or  for your mobile phone. Add it to your home screen.Make sure you can search within 60 seconds on your phone for the latest listings for your city or you are missing out. Call anytime for assistance 416-214-4875.
  4. Every member should have at least fifteen Haves and Wants. That is because you can work exclusive information not just listings. Here is a 12 minute video that shows you how to work exclusive information.
  5. Our complete Training and Support Page is Here Members here are reporting 4-5-6-7 figure incomes.  If not, then some items on this training page could be missing. Feel free to call for assistance.

As your assistant we can help but only if you ask. It is up to you to update your listings.  We can show you how fast it is. Call for help 416-214-4875. It is easier than you think. Information on maximizing your use of ICIWorld and making money like hundreds of others, call if you need assistance.

Get excited see deals being done showing you that you shoud be doing this as well!

Mobile Websites

  • Website are like billboards and you can have more than one website
  • The new Internet revolution is ongoing now for real estate and it is real estate mobile websites. More than 7 billion people have mobile phones. We make it so that your website can come up on persons phone!
  • Order a Website and See Samples
  • Your personal real estate website should display properly on any mobile phone.
  • ICIWorld completely sets up turn key websites and shows you how to make changes.

Keep your Listings, Haves and Wants working on the Internet, networking and marketing on a global and local scale.

There are over 3.5 billion people using the Internet but over 7 billion cell phones, more than the number of humans on the planet. We make your information available, if it is placed and less than 90 days old. Let your information now do the work!!

This is all cutting edge technology to help you do deals.

If for any reason you are not generating leads please see:

Our Pledge

There will be a checklist there for you to see what you need to do. Or just call us and within minutes we can do an evaluation and help you.

Feel free to call anytime and book a 30 minute appointment for assistance, to be conducted over the Internet while you are in front of your computer in your home or business office while you are speaking with us over the phone or through the computer. We can show you how.

Get excited. There are great connections to be made and business to be done.


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