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 Provided by The ICIWorld Association of 
Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople. 
Networking Real Estate Information Since 1994.
(ICI) Industrial, Commercial & Investment, Land,
Business Opportunities, Residential


 Provided by The ICIWorld Association of 
Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople. 
Networking Real Estate Information Since 1994.
(ICI) Industrial, Commercial & Investment, Land,
Business Opportunities, Residential



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Four shopping centres sold

Reports many transactions over the years. In this last year alone he has sold four shopping centres each one from $2,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Jerry Haddad, Sales Representative
Cityscape Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

Sold another a 26 suite and a16 suite apartment

Sold a 26 unit apartment building for $2,350,000. He placed it on ICIWorld and received about 10 calls in the first week from ICIWorld and 6 calls from his real estate board. One call was from a principal show saw it on ICIWorld and bought it. He says he has tried many other services but this is the best. See Al’s website and how ICIWorld links work to provide opportunities for Al to serve the public.
He also sold another 16 suite apartment listed on the service by another member. Good work. Well done.

Al Dharsee, Sales Representative

Several Transactions by Royal LePage Heartland

Reports several deals such as 5 plexes and other residential income-producing properties.

Erwin Stone, Broker
Royal LePage Heartland Realty

Sold five medical buildings to him for approximately $10,000,000

Placed a medical building on ICIWorld last year. It generated leads. He developed a business relationship with one of the buyers and during the following year sold five medical buildings to him for approximately $10,000,000. All started with one simple “Have” message on ICIWorld. Scott not only deals in medical buildings but also self storage and industrial buildings, and more.

Scott Anderson, Broker
Re/Max Real Estate Centre, Brokerage

11-plex apartment added in July, Sold September, Closed November

Placed an 11 plex apartment on ICIWorld in July. Among the calls he received was from another real estate salesperson from Royal LePage. They sold it in Sept. and it closed in November.
Just under $1,000,000 and another job well done. The introduction was done through ICIWorld and they used the MLS listing for information to draw the offer.

Tony Sirozzotti, Sales Representative
HomeLife/Durham Real Estate Corp., Brokerage

Placed $2M shopping center on ICIWorld. 30+ calls. Sold it himself.

Baljit Gill, Broker, Century 21 Skylark Real Estate; Brokerage placed a shopping centre for $2,000,000 on ICIWorld. He received over 30 calls one from a principal that called him who saw it on ICIWorld.

He has established a good business relationship with his buyer who will be looking to buy more in the future.

Job well done!

Baljit Gill, Broker
Century 21 Skylark Real Estate Brokerage

CCIM Connects Overseas to Sell $4.2M Apartment and $800,000 Office Building

Reports selling a $4,200,000 apartment building and an $800,000 office building. The buyer from Europe saw it on the Internet on ICIWorld and from all the information and the pictures made an offer subject to inspection. He flew over to see it, did his due diligence and bought it. Of course there is a lot of work, correspondence and developing of a good long term business relationship that made it all happen. The ICIWorld connection played a small but vital role in making the connection to benefit everyone.

RIP Bruce Cooke, BBA, CCIM, SIOR, Commercial Sales Representative
Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage

$3.5M gas station loan within 30 days

David Grossman, MBA, Mortgage Agent, Independent Mortgage Advisors Inc. reports closing a $3M loan on a gas station within one month joining ICIWorld.

David Grossman, MBA, Mortgage Agent
Independent Mortgage Advisors Inc

Sold Medical Building . . . ICIWorld It Works.

Joe Youssef, Salesperson, RIGHT AT HOME REALTY INC., Brokerage found a medical building on ICIWorld that was exclusive from another member on ICIWorld. He developed a good business relationship with her and they did a deal. $3.5M property. Joe has other buyers for other medical buildings.

Joe Youssef, Salesperson

$12,500 Referral and a few other transactions.

Brian Batchelar, Real Estate Sale Representative, RE/MAX Realty Services Inc., Brokerage – has done a few deals

  1. An apartment building $12,500 commission, he was chatting with another real estate agent in his office who wanted an apartment in Windsor. Brian went to ICIWorld pulled off an apartment and gave her the info as a referral. He did not hear anything for 3 months and then got a cheque for 12,500 for doing a referral. It took 2 min. and 30 seconds. That was it!
  2. In another deal, he leased some office space in Brampton to a major company on the stock exchange. 3,000sf He had it listed, He got a call direct from the prospective tenant.  Showed the property and did the deal on the same day. 5-year lease $10,000.
  3. Another was a piece of vacant land in Muskoka.  He listed it on ICIWorld and it sat for six months, got a call from an agent in Muskoka who arranged to see it and the deal was done. Brian never did go to Muskoka.  He showed it and sold it, a $3,500 commission. He never did go to Muskoka. The apartment and office lease were on MLS and advertised and sold and leased through ICIWorld. The land was exclusive on ICIWorld.

Brian Batchelar, Sale Representative
RE/MAX Realty Services Inc., Brokerage

Amazing networking tool

Amazing networking tool, that protects clients’ confidential information, while marketing to the masses.
Sold $3,000,000 industrial, my listing, via broker, 30+ showings.
Sold $7,500,000 land, my listing, direct buyer, 30+ calls.
Several other deals in the pipeline – land, industrial, commercial Essential tool for commercial brokers.

Narinder Bhachu B.Eng. CPPA, Sales Representative
Intercity Realty Inc, Brokerage

Added Exposure Professionals Should Not Ignore

Has done several deals over the years as a result of connections made through ICIWorld. He receives leads through phone calls and networks with people. He says he likes the added exposure and that professionals should not ignore it.

Bruce Brown, Sales Representative

$2.4M Sale of Church that was in Database 2 FSBO

Happy and Satisfied Customers

Joined  She jumped into several webinars which show how to use Internet services successfully. She started by searching Database 2 on ICIWorld and found someone who wanted to sell a church. She placed the information into Database 1 on ICIWorld. Someone called her about a month later. She showed the property to the buyer and they made an offer and purchased the property.  Approximately $2.4M in happy and satisfied customers and revenue for Dorin and now she has other buyers looking for more churches!

Dorin Francis, Sales Representative
Realty Executives Plus

10 calls, 3 showings, sold a small plaza, $1.9M another $3.5M sold

Baljinder Sra, Broker, RE/MAX Gold Realty Inc., Brokerage  Did a deal on a small plaza, $1.9M. He placed an exclusive listing on ICIWorld for the plaza. He received about 10 calls+ He had about 3 showings and one sale. He has also done other deals and actively works the service.
He also placed a commercial land exclusive listing on ICIWorld for $3.5M and sold it as a result. This is going to become a hotel and convention centre.

Baljinder Sra, Broker

Members Selling Properties With Other Members Exclusively

Gurcharan Singh, Broker, Homelife/Miracle Realty Ltd., Brokerage, had a buyer looking for a gas station. He saw one on ICIWorld that was placed by another member and they sold it. Gurcharan has also sold farmland and makes connections regularly to do real estate business. Here is his mobile website. The advantage of Gurcharan’s website is that the public can search three major world networks of listings not just real estate board listings but also exclusive listings, not on real estate boards.

Gurcharan Singh, Broker
Homelife/Miracle Realty Ltd., Brokerage

The medical building that I had posted sold it FIRM with four offers!

Yes! I got the Buyers through Your site!! For Your Information:
The medical building that I had posted with you, I sold it FIRM with four offers!
Best Regards,
Nader Akhbari, Broker Of Record

Nader Akhbari, Broker Of Record

Muskoka commercial and two apartments sold, lease for a restaurant.

Hugh Nichols, Broker, Re/Max North Country Realty Inc. Brokerage has sold two buildings and leased out some retail space. One was the main street building commercial with two apartments as an investment of $339,000 and the other was a commercial building with nine residential units and two commercial units also in Gravenhurst. They were both placed on ICIWorld. Hugh received about four calls and two of them were purchased. The leased unit of 3,200 sq. ft. was for a restaurant and he received one call and they leased it for five years. Whenever Hugh receives calls they tend to be well qualified as prospects.  The Muskoka area where Hugh works is a tourist and a growing senior community. Feel free to contact him anytime.


Hugh Nichols, Broker
Re/Max North Country Realty Inc. Brokerage

Thank you for all your help and support.

Hi Gary,
I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I recently sold (conditionally) an Apt building around the $13M and I located the buyer through Although I advertised in the Globe & Mail and in the Commercial Investor in addition to listing the property on the MLS, most of my solid leads came from ICI World. I contacted professionals via ICI World and they responded immediately. Thanks again for your support and I would like to book a webinar next week to better understand how to fully utilize ICI’s website. Also, you mentioned that CCIM will have designation courses in Toronto, can you please send me information in that regard,
Guy Scheiner, BA
Sales Representative
Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage

Guy Scheiner, BA Sales Representative
Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage

Go a call on one ad got a client sold a different property for $1M

Sam Schariefy, ABR., SRES., Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc., Brokerage.  Someone saw an ad on ICIWorld on one of Sam’s exclusive listings.  Sam developed a business relationship with them and said that property was not the right property for you. We have other listings and told him about another one. He also invited him to come into the office and had a two-hour meeting. Sam suggested a property. Sam knew about a person who was thinking about selling. He called him and ended up doing a deal $1,100,000. $30,000 commission and a job well done for both parties. They were both very happy.
Sam also has buyers from overseas looking to buy a business and home, and more buyers and sellers.

Sam Schariefy, Abr., Sres.,

Power of Sale generated regular investment client

Asked permission from another broker to advertise a Power of Sale on ICIWorld.  It triggered a lead from a buyer who Shyamal developed a good business relationship with and he sold an investment property to him for $540,000+ and made $15,000.   The buyer who is an investor is now using Shyamal to buy and sell real estate regularly.

Shyamal Mahmood, Sales Representative
Your Choice Realty Corp., Brokerage

Received calls sold a condo and a restaurant.

Kuldip Bassi, Broker of Record, Tri-city Professional Realty Inc., Brokerage reports two sales. He advertised a restaurant on ICIWorld and received calls. He showed one buyer another restaurant and sold it. Same for a condo for sale. He received calls and he showed a buyer another condo $160,000 and sold it.

A Graphic Image of the Brokerage Logo

Kuldip Bassi, Broker of Record

“ICIWorld is his backbone”

KP Rathore, Broker, Homelife Superstars Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage in the business for twenty years. He has sold several properties as a result of ICIWorld such as gas stations, plazas, motels, convenience stores, and development land. Altogether more than $12,000,000 worth of properties. He says ICIWorld is his backbone in his commercial real estate.  Here is the website we made him.  His website is generating leads, providing service to the public and making him money.

KP Rathore, (M.Sc.), Broker

$21.5 Landmark Toronto Hotel, $4.2M Apt bldg.

John Gallagher, Broker, Cirrius Realty Inc., Brokerage had a nice sale at a previous company,  A large hotel trust had tried numerous methods to sell one of their landmark Toronto hotels without any success for over TWO years. Using our proprietary marketing methods which included Gary’s ICIWorld we were able to get the property under contract within 85 days. Not bad for a $21,500,000 property that was a fixer-upper! John now specializes in tax planning for real estate owners from $10M-$250M with large capital gain issues.

John Gallagher, Associate Broker
Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited

Top Class Service Amazing Leads From Website

Kaleem Salahuddin, Sales Representative

Written over $5,000,000. Referral from Ontario broker sold golf course in BC.

He has written over $5,000,000. Commercial Division reports that he had a resort with a golf course for sale on ICIWorld.  He had it on for a month or so and had about six calls, one from a realtor in Ontario who had a buyer for a golf course. They worked a referral, and Ian sold the golf course portion and paid a referral fee to the broker on the sale of a $1,250,000 golf course.  This also was a great service to the public the buyer and the seller.
Ian has received many highly qualified buyers for specific types of property such as golf courses, and other recreational properties, hotels, motels, and resorts.

Ian Geddes, Commercial Division
Coast Realty Group (Comox Valley) Ltd.,

13+ Years Doing Exclusive Business on ICIWorld

SUNNY Kashyap, Broker, Chief Development Officer/Owner Sunny Kashyap Network

Retired 2 Decades with ICIWorld Lots of commercial $$$$$

Retired. Really enjoyed the ICI WORLD over 2 decades and made nothing but good clients from it. Lots of commercial $$$$$. You have the best commercial web program out there, I loved it.
Thx for all you’ve done for me over the many years! Gilles Brunet, Broker

Gilles Brunet, Retired
Coldwell Banker Charles Marsh Real Estate (1958) Ltd. Brokerage

I have done 2 deals recently through ICIWorld.!

Hello Gary, Just to inform you that I have done 2 deals recently through ICI! It is, no doubt, the best online site in Canada for real estate – especially commercial. I’ve already sold:
“Bargain Shop” – in an extremely remote and small Northern Ontario area through ICI – another realtor saw my posting and come up with her client’s offer that has now been accepted.
Retirement Home in Niagara Falls – I contacted the owner who posted his ad on ICI – but was not able to sell on its own – the buyer saw it through my website and the deal has gone through – that was an example of using ICI and redirecting info through another marketing source.
I also got in touch with numerous investors and realtors through your website and most likely there will be more deals as a direct, or indirect, result of it.
Best Regards,
Leo Hara

Leonardo Hara, Sales Representative

Sold and Leased several properties

Video Recording from Realtor Quest Param Sidhu, CCIM, CEO-Broker of Record, Acres Real Estate Inc. – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, has just informed me he has sold and leased several properties such as leasing 24,000 sq. ft of industrial space, 1,000 sq. ft. offices, etc. He has sold 2,000 sq. ft of commercial retail condos.

Param Sidhu,CCIM, CEO-Broker of Record

 Measure Your Success With Our Pledge

Every member should either be doing a deal or at the very least triggering leads to do deals and/or referrals every 90 days otherwise make an appointment and give us a chance to help you. There are certain things that make it absolutely inevitable for you to do business that you are missing. 

You should be developing a good business relationship with someone that you feel can lead to doing business someday otherwise call us and give us a chance to help.

It is one thing to have the technology, but it is quite another to apply it in real estate industry. We help from experience helping all in the real estate industry network information since 1994.

Please always consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you to help you connect with others to do business.

Put Productivity in the Palm of your Hand

Access broker lists of what buyers are looking for. 
Access FSBO lists of buyers and sellers.
Access confidential opportunities to sell as well as brokers marketing their listings.

75% of the commercial real estate opportunities are exclusive not on a real estate board.
50% of the residential opportunities are not on a real estate board.
It is more choice for the public in the real estate marketplace.
And the public is protected because real estate brokers and salespeople are trained in consumer protection.
Brokers add the thousands of opportunities to your storefront your website. with ICIWorld IDX. 

Put the power of Commercial and Residential Real Estate Have and Want Information in the palm of your hand.  3 seconds to see all the latest networking going on. Make connections and do business.

Free for everyone worldwide to search, connect and do business. 


Add your information and instantly network globally.

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ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking App.

4 seconds. 4 clicks, to see the latest commercial and residential real estate opportunities to do business.