Real Estate Professionals are best positioned in the world to hear about people who want to buy and sell Real Estate.

Then if they are Executive Members as listed here, to market and network this Have and Want information world wide instantly on major world wide networks such as They also have other services and networks that will benefit you reaching tens of thousands of people instantly to help you make connections to do business. We call the combination of all this the ultimate in marketing and networking on the Internet with an Executive Member.
List of Real Estate Companies with one or more individual ICWorld Executive Members
Make sure you ask for a broker or salesperson with an Executive Membership.
Find an Executive Member

  • Choose by city. Type a city in the Market Area field or City Field and search.
  • See their specialty. Type a key word in the Specialty field and search.
  • Results will display a web site link for each member. Click on it for more information.
  • Search by language spoken available on this page further on down.

One sample of Search Ontario Members

  • by city, market area
  • by specialty
  • by language

How to choose a member?

  • Click to their home page and become familiar with them. They are people with families, interests, hobbies, etc.
  • There you can find a wealth of information on the member, resources on buying and selling real estate and properties.
  • They may also have links to their social media as well where you can learn more about them.
  • Place a Have or Want with them. Plant the seeds of success. They can help you with not only find a buyer or seller, but with much more such as financing, negotiating, and much more.

What to do if you already have relationship with a real estate professional but they are not a member?

Insist they join Insist that you will only give them a listing if they also place it on The Market Real Estate Network. If they will not spend $40/mo (or $319/year) on marketing your property to people locally and in 138 countries, then are they really doing all they can to market your property?

You can easily see one can easily be missing doing business if it is not placed on, and . . . not know it.

Develop good business relationships with them and they become a valuable resource for you to help you connect on your next real estate transaction. It is all about networking. Being able to network this information on thousands of pages to thousands of people, instantly, on a grand scale is the power of this service on the Internet to benefit the public with our members earning money to provide their marketing and professional services.

Choose an Executive Member of to help you do business.

They provide the ultimate in world wide exposure since most of them also belong to a real estate board AND include in their world wide Internet marketing plans on your behalf. The Internet today has over 5 billion people using it, and there are now more mobile phones on the planet than there humans. Members make your information available on mobile phones, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, iPads, computers and by industry wide EMailing List Servers to them, to people in 100+ countries.

See testimonials of transactions of Executive Members of who have helped their prospects and clients do business.

If you are a member of the public, get excited that a member of can really help you connect with others to do business.

This is major world wide and local networking of real estate Have and Want information confidentially as well as advertising real estate board type listings.

You get the best of both worlds in terms of marketing exposure by developing a good business relationship with a member.

There are major advantages to developing a business relationship with an Executive Member of Here are some:

  • they protect you in what may be the largest single transaction of your life. There are a lot problems that one can run into in life including fraud, etc. Real estate people have codes of conduct, ethics, to abide by. They are licensed and are governed by the government with licensing provisions in all states in the USA and all provinces in Canada. Licensed real estate salespeople and their companies are experienced to help you look after your trade in real estate.
  • See Reasons to Work with a Salesperson. Check with the member for their services.
  • 75% of the information on is of an exclusive nature. There selling opportunities here on that are not on real estate boards. Properties coming for sale, exclusively offered, not on real estate boards. This gives you extra opportunities in real estate that are not on real estate boards.
  • most all members are also members of real estate boards so you get the benefit of that as well for the best of both worlds. Please check with your member for list of services.
  • Many also have more exclusive information on their website as well as access to real estate board information.
  • you can have confidential treatment of your opportunity giving you opportunities to explore the buyers that are out there now.
  • local and international marketing exposure for your Haves, Wants and listings. Readership is local and to people in 138 countries.
  • With one ad by a member on your behalf, your information can appear on 1,000+ other brokers websites, 18,000 pages on the Internet instantly, 20,000+/- EMails distributed daily to the public and the real estate industry, and . . . on this website with a readership of 40,000 +/- regularly . . . and more. See Statistics. If your information is not here, can you not possibly be missing doing a deal and not know it?
  • place your Wants. It is extensive exposure throughout the real estate industry. There are people who may be thinking of selling and they can even respond. We have found some of the largest transactions in real estate through . . start with a Want.
  • members can have a wealth of information on their home page. Look and ask for their resources from them and their company.
  • they say that 90% of the millionaires in the world made it in real estate. Real estate professionals help the public every day create wealth in real estate by helping them buy and sell in an informed way. They can help you make very informed decisions based on research, knowledge and expertise.
  • Members also provide more information and resources of a local nature and for their specialty on their websites.
  • And this is in addition to other marketing tools that each and every member use to help you achieve your goals in real estate.

Members Service Referral Network.

For all licensed real estate salespeople in the industry, commercial and residential, full time, part time, retired, please see If you have a license to trade in real estate, you should never give up your license. Use as a referral service for every single person you talk to in real estate. Generate leads from your website and do referrals!!! If you do not have the time for any reason to serve a prospect or client properly, just do a referral. You will be helping the person you are referring and making some money for doing so.

All real estate brokers and salespeople in the world should be doing a portion of their business by referring prospects and clients. If you are not doing referrals on a regular basis it is simply because you are not getting the leads. Get the Widgets working on your website.

This is a world service and the Widgets from generate referral opportunities! You are on the Internet! Your home page, website is on the Internet! World listings from should be on YOUR home page so that people on the Internet can see the Have and Want information and listings and call you. Do referrals on all inquiries if you wish. Referrals now average five minutes to do and make $3,000 to $10,000 and help the public in the process. This extensive network is the power in networking. One may have one website, but when you are connected with thousands it is much better to have your information appear on thousands of websites instantly rather than just one.

Members provide among the ultimate in Internet world wide marketing exposure.

For example when they place information on your behalf it is:

  • instantly displayed on over 18,000 pages on the Internet penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet.
  • available to a readership of 40,000+ from people in over 100+ countries.
  • delivered to 20,000+ people who subscribe to receive listings daily by EMail. That is why some properties are sold in one day like an office building or like a $13M apartment building sold within 3 days. Although not common it does happen.
  • displayed on 1,000+ other broker’s websites. Every member broker has marketing plans on going for their own websites that brings traffic to your listings on their own websites.
  • available on Apps for iPhones, Androids,
  • Add to your home screen for all mobile devices including Blackberries, Windows phones, iPhones, Androids, etc. There are over 7 billion mobile phones world wide so just this one service can help one connect to do business. By dealing with a member you get the benefit of all this marketing exposure.
  • the networking that brokers and salespeople provide in the marketplace today is second to none. In addition to all we list here, depending if it is an MLS listing there is further syndication to many services on the Internet.
  • Members do referrals to listing brokers and other specialists to facilitate transactions much like a doctor does referrals to a specialist and . . . they make you a lot of money. The only reason brokers do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads. Now you will and if you have widgets from on your website and . . . you are providing a great service to the public.

Every one of the above can result in a phone call for further interest, a showing, an offer, a sale and/or lease. See testimonials.

In addition, search out member’s websites! We recommend they provide additional resources for the area in which you are looking to buy a property or sell a property. This is because members have special links on their web site to local resources, services and other exclusive and real estate board listings as well, Haves and Wants, MLS AND Exclusive, Commercial AND Residential in addition to what they place on Read about the business services they provide to make your experience investing and buying and selling real estate beneficial and profitable.

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  • Click on a logo above to see a search matrix of listings – Haves and Wants of members of that company, organization, and members of It connects the real estate information of thousands of real estate people no matter where they are located and displays it quickly or
  • Search our entire Executive Member Worldwide Directory
  • Search members, their Haves and Wants, visit their home page, contact them. Each person has a wealth of knowledge and resources that can assist you
  • Ask a member for assistance for more information on any message number
  • Place your Haves and Wants through a member for Internet global exposure
Sample for your chapter Click here to see Haves and Wants of CCIM Chapter Members

Order a search matrix database designed for your organization, company, real estate board, etc. It is free. Promote traffic for listings of Haves and Wants of members of your organization, company, chapter, etc. It is networking.

We recommend the links above to be used on your own web site to help promote the listings of your members. You can easily be promoting traffic of prospects to the Have and Want listings of your own sales people by simply adding this link to your own company web site. The link results can be framed within your web site. becomes a back end search database engine. You only ever send people to your own web site.

Professional Designations

Place your information with a member and your opportunities appear on tens of thousands of pages and other websites from the connections built up since 1994 on the Internet instantly penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet.

Also your new Haves and Wants getting emailed out daily on EMail List Servers to thousands of subscribers. People from over 100 countries can view this information and when interested they contact members directly.

In one sense it is similar to classified ads in a newspaper but to a world audience and in real time.

It is the power of an industry of real estate brokers and salespeople to help you accomplish your real estate goals.

Executive Members provide the ultimate in world wide marketing exposure and real estate networking opportunities otherwise you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

An Search Matrix displays a collection of the Haves and Wants of members of a particular company or association.
It has the advantage of displaying all the Haves and Wants of all the salespeople of a particular company. By adding this one link to a company’s website it benefits each salesperson because of the traffic to that company’s website. Now all the opportunities that each salesperson runs into each day, can be displayed in a way that generates business! This includes all exclusive opportunities that one can not place on a real estate board for any reason. The extra business generated by working this kind of information increase revenue substantially for all concerned and provide extra great service to the public who may not have found out about these opportunities because they were exclusive.

A Search Matrix can be designed to display:

  • strictly active listings
  • listings less than 3 or 6 months old or all ages
  • inactive as well as active listings
  • designed to accommodate the policies of an association, company or group

All listings are used for networking purposes. An old or inactive listing can still be valuable for networking for several reasons. 1. it may be available 2. if sold can it benefit you to know how much it sold for? 3. listings are used to identify people who deal in that type of property and price range because they have business relationships with people who deal in that price range and they may have other opportunities not on the service. 4. if you have a good relationship with the person it may happen that three weeks from now they do have a listing that may interest you and they call you back. Listings identify people with whom you should consider networking with whether active or inactive.

One can search strictly active listings only, less than 3 or 6 months old by using the status field and date field of an advanced search.

A search matrix can be designed on request to do just that as well. One can have the search matrix designed graphically to fit the design of your website. It is the database and display in many ways of the Haves and Wants that is the strength of Because this is cutting edge services we look for direction from the industry from people like you who are reading this going forward.
In many cases members web sites can send you listings by Email that match the description of what you are looking for, as they become available. You get a jump on the marketplace for both MLS and Exclusive listings.

Members often times have a resources button for more information on the area you searching. You can see the credentials of members and learn more about them.

You should check their web sites regularly as there are 50-150 new listings coming in daily commercial and residential, MLS and exclusive.

Members are responsible for helping people to buy and sell real estate thereby helping the public create enormous wealth. Develop a good business relationship with them and they can help you immensely.

Generally speaking Executive Members are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada. Mortgage brokers can join and real estate salespeople from the rest of the world are invited to join. See Who Can Join.

Executive Members of have access to the most exclusive listings that are not on real estate boards as well as FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) in Database 2. REALTORS on the service provide a greater and better selection of opportunities by including exclusive opportunities as well as MLS opportunities. 75% of listings on are not on real estate boards.

You should place your “Want” as well as “Haves” with a member and reach an industry for the ultimate in world wide exposure, otherwise you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it!

Franchises and companies can have a special search matrix made up of Haves and Wants of just your company members. We recommend you place this on your main company web site to generate traffic for your own company sales team. The key is the Haves and Wants of your members appearing on your own web site! Your web site can generate traffic for your own salespeople. The instant networking can make thousands of dollars for your members and organization and provide success for the people you serve.

If your area is not represented and if you are a real estate salesperson you should contact us to get your area and real estate represented and marketed. Otherwise you can easily be missing doing business and not realize it.

This is very much a cutting edge service that is developing and experimenting with new services to serve the public.

Whoever is going to be making money from advertising on this service must be a member. Join details.
Contact us to discuss how this dynamic database platform can help you achieve and meet your goals, mandate, and objectives.