Apps and Mobilized Web Sites are the next Internet Revolution

ICIWorld advantage is that we supply the content of listings that change daily for mobile devices, apps, and websites.

Today’s consumers are more aware of the use of Smart Phone Technology and the ability to view, order, purchase goods/services and make reservations using our phones just gets easier every day. Real Estate professionals need the best tools available to market their services, and yes, that includes Mobile Apps.

The wave of the Future . . . An App!

The Future of Mobile Development

Usability studies with mobile devices clearly show that users perform better with apps than with mobile sites. Mobile sites have higher measured usability than desktop/full sites when used on a phone, but mobile apps score even higher. Details 

Let ICIWorld show you how to increase sales while building loyalty, branding your company, making it easier for clients to contact you, locate your office, and many more mobile device native features, such as GPS Coupons and QR Code Scanners.

Our service offer includes the following at a fixed cost monthly and a one time customized for you called an App development fee.

Why Real Estate Agents and All Businesses Must Have a Mobile Real Estate Website

What are the benefits of having my own App?

  • Hosted Mobilized Web Site
  • Mobile App Customized for your brokerage
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Integrated One-Touch Dial
  • Social Media Interface
  • Events Tab
  • Loyalty Tab
  • Calendar
  • Find Your Car Feature
  • Voice Recorder
  • Videos and Images (Gallery)
  • Testimonials

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Branding Your Business Using Mobile Apps and Mobilized Web Sites