ARTICLES, NEWSLETTERS, WEB PAGESOnline real estate marketing is not just about posting attractive photo-shopped pictures of properties with catchy captions. Today’s savvy homebuyers (and investors) want detailed information before they can make up their mind on what realtor they will choose. They want to know everything about the type of property, location, accessibility, amenities and furnishings. The marketplace is so competitive that only a well researched written article, that is customized for the target audience has any chance of attracting quality clients. Blogs offer a great way to market real estate properties these days. Blogs with quality content and regular updates attract thousands of visitors, many of whom become loyal subscribers. Newsletters provide another effective way for marketing as information can be disseminated to subscribers on a regular basis. To produce quality articles to attract your subscribers and visitors, you will need a team of writers with in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. We have a dedicated team of researchers and writers who are experienced in writing high quality articles for real estate agent websites on a variety of topics. Our articles can either be general or customized to meet your requirements. If you are looking for a project-specific article, such as for a condominium site that is going up in a certain neighborhood, then our writers will research and write an article according to your specifications. We supply quality web pages, newsletter, and articles for your blogs on a wide variety of topics related to the real estate industry, such as the following:
  • New housing projects
  • Homes for sale
  • Advice to home buyers
  • Advice to home sellers
  • Mortgages
  • Homeowner insurance
  • Housing market statistics
  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Building trends
  • Home improvements
  • Environmental issues
Our writing team can write well-structured and captivating articles on any topic related real estate that you can think of. Just give us the topic and the keywords and leave the rest to us. We are here to help you provide your clients the information that they need. Call Gary about this new service being developed now. Bus. 416-840-6227