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Our Pledge

Measure your results every 90 days. Every single member should either be doing business or at the very least generating leads that you feel will lead to doing business otherwise, you make an appointment with us. Within a few minutes, we can identify issues and provide immediate recommendations and solutions. We have the experience of being an assistant for several hundred real estate broker and salesperson members since 1994. 

If you are not doing business every 90 days make an appointment. Give us a chance to help you. Think of us as a personal marketing and information assistant. Our special checklist can identify and help you fix things very quickly.

It is not just technology, but how to use an information listing service in the real estate business properly.

The latest new services are incredible . . . when you know how to work information and “let your information . . . do the talking on the Internet worldwide.”

ICIWorld.com real estate Have and Want information listing services since 1994.

Our Pledge

Provided by The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Our pledge reworded with AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Regularly assess your progress at 90-day intervals. Each member should be actively engaged in business activities or, at the very least, generating promising leads that are likely to convert into business. In case you find yourself in a different situation, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. In just a few minutes, we can pinpoint any issues and offer immediate recommendations and solutions. Our extensive experience as support for numerous real estate brokers and salespeople dating back to 1994 speaks to our expertise.

If you’re not consistently conducting business every 90 days, we encourage you to book an appointment and let us assist you. Think of us as your dedicated marketing and information companion. Our specialized checklist can swiftly identify and address any challenges you may encounter.

It’s not just about embracing the latest technology; it’s about effectively leveraging information listing services in the real estate industry.

The possibilities with the latest services are remarkable when you understand how to harness information and allow it to convey your message effectively.