There are over 2 billion people using the Internet. There are now more mobile devices on the planet earth than there are humans on the planet earth. ICIWorld develops and provides services how it can best help licensed real estate salespeople benefit from the Internet providing great and exceptional services.

ICIWorld is a real estate Have and Want information service. Gary Nusca CCIM CIPSAlong the way it has developed Internet and technology services that are working smoothly now for 20 years.

Haves are the real estate properties, commercial and residential, industrial and office, land, farms, recreational properties and more and businesses for sale and for lease. Literally every kind of real estate and everywhere on the planet earth.

Wants are what buyers are looking for, everywhere on the planet.

It is a real estate broker centric service with a nominal yearly investment.

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It is free to the public.

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Database 1 Real estate brokers and salespeople enter their Haves and Wants and real estate board listings and the public can read them and contact them directly.

Database 2 The public can enter information free, but only the members of ICIWorld can see the contact names and numbers of the postings from the public.

Real estate professionals advertise their real estate board listings.  However there is a lot of information of a buying and selling nature that can not be placed on a traditional real estate board. There has never been a service that can handle this kind of exclusive information until ICIWorld.

Started in 1994 as a Commercial Investment Bulletin Board System

It was an answer to keep track of a problem of recording Haves and Wants presented during CCIM marketing sessions where millions of dollars of buying and selling opportunities are networked. If you miss a contact you can easily miss doing a deal.  And if you did not capture the information you can easily miss doing a deal and not realize it.   And also you could know about a substantial investment property, but if no one else knew about it, you essentially became a secret agent because only you knew it was for sale. Without a buyer there was no business to be done.

Answer: ICIWorld

There is a requirement for confidentiality in real estate from time to time. Some say 90% of apartment buildings, shopping centres and more are not on real estate boards. And this is true for businesses and now in residential more for sale by owners are prevalent.

It is a requirement of most licensing bodies that if a real estate broker is going to advertise a property he/she must have the consent of the owner in writing. But if you simply say you have a $1m property available in a city, that does no identify specific property and that is what we call real estate information.  One can post these kinds of opportunities on ICIWorld being careful to not disclose the address.

This becomes a tremendous asset and benefit to the public.  Now exclusive information can be collected by real estate salespeople in an industry and displayed in a professional and competent manner. MLS is still the best choice but if one can not get a signed MLS listings then one can network that information on ICIWorld.

Before showing or identifying a property it is advised that the real estate salesperson put a listing agreement in place first before showing a property or divulging exactly where it is.

ICIWorld does not delete old listings but does provide 2 ways to search only the latest listings. An age field and a Date with Calendar field. Old listings are used for networking purposes, identifying people with whom you may be able to do business with. A recent search for someone looking for a contaminated property did not yield any results. But searching history a few people were found and because they dealt in that kind of product, they were able to develop a business relationship and investigate other opportunities. These other deals that got done would not have happened unless we left the old information there to be searched.

Where we are today

  • There are now 30,000 plus Have and Want ads in two databases.
  • The readership is 50,000+ from people in 100+ countries.
  • 20,000+ emails deliver Have and Want information daily to the pubic.
  • There are 50-150 new listings daily
  • You can read over 50 pages of testimonials of members and the public doing business.

The broker members of the service also have the choice to allow or not allow their listings to appear on other brokers websites. The thinking is “what is better to have your listing on 1,000 other brokers websites instantly or on just one?”

These listings can appear on all members websites in the form of Widgets. It becomes absolutely inevitable that every single member connect to do business, trigger calls from their website.  If not, it could be because a member has little or no traffic to their website. We have programs such as How To Promote Your Website for all members monthly.

We assist brokers and salespeople world wide in the comfort of their own home or business office no matter where in the world they are located. We use go to meeting software and can handle up to 1,000 attendees.

The benefit to the public is that more business opportunities come out of the woodwork so to speak in the form of exclusive information. This provides real estate professional to connect on exclusive information something not done on a global scale before.

We invite all registered real estate brokers and salespeople to learn how to work real estate Have and Want information on a regular basis, take responsibility for their information to up date their information every 30-60 days, to help this service grow to serve them.

Consider us as a personal information and marketing assistant to you personally.

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If we help you succeed . . . we succeed.

ICIWorld is built as a global real estate broker network of real estate Have and Want opportunities, listings and information services . . .  built to serve the public.

More information becomes available to the public of listings not on real estate boards and this is a distinct benefit.  Finding out about opportunities not on real estate boards. Networking information that you can not place on traditional real estate boards. Why? Because it can be sketchy and limited because of confidential reasons. But opportunities that are resulting in some of the most transactions of any service on the Internet. This benefits the public and members. Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada are allowed to trade in real estate and this kind of real estate information on behalf of the public.

See services FOR THE PUBLIC.

See services FOR MEMBERS.  See Who Can Join.

Our vision is to harness the powers of the Internet for the real estate industry.  To have all types of exclusive information to be collected by all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world and displayed in a professional manner and marketed on the Internet AND . . .  on their websites.

There are many of benefits of having an organized industry of real estate professionals handling this kind of important information. It is protection for the public, greater opportunities, and connections to do business. It helps  everyone do business. There are many, many benefits of resulting business for economies of nations and individuals to do this.  Each transaction of real estate results in: improved housing stock, building new buildings residential, commercial, industrial, businesses, purchase of products and services related to real estate and the construction industry and much more. All because of one piece of exclusive information provided by a member and a connection with a qualified buyer or seller. An important service provided by licensed real estate professionals who are in the best position and qualified to find out about and network this kind of information.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally. We help brokers and salespeople, one on one, to learn how to use the very special powers of the Internet and how it can help them and most of all their prospects and clients.

We do this by quickly showing them how to place Haves and Wants within a few minutes and reach the world instantly. We do this by supporting their websites with Widgets of listings. This triggers interest from prospects and clients to their own website.  A simply email of instructions to their website designer sets this all up within a few minutes. We also supply turn key websites that are among the most powerful tools of the Internet. It is Lead Generation second to none.

ICIWorld is a broker centric service. We only allow licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to join. See Who Can Join. This is for all real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA, Canada. For the rest of the world it is open until such time as there is organized real estate in a country then membership will be restricted to licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.

One can add Have and Want ads the moment one joins. They instantly appear on over 18,000 places on the Internet, on over 1,000 other brokers websites, over 20,000 EMails are generated daily, to be seen by 60,000+/- quarterly from people in over 100 countries. There are over 1,000,000 hits per month demonstrating activity, all for people with a like minded interest in real estate.

Once setup within a matter of 30 minutes to get started, and if one needs a website it is a 90 minute one time setup, then one places an ad when necessary, search periodically when necessary and promote your website. Real estate provides the highest return on investment of any industry on the Internet because one lead makes one thousands, tens of thousands of dollars. And this service is helping every single member do that. If not they are to listen to our recommendations.

ICIWorld is many things. In one respect it is more like classified ads in a newspaper. It is not like a real estate board listing service where you can write an offer from the listing.  Rather it highlights real estate opportunities in the market place and helps the networking of this kind of real estate information that we call Haves and Wants. If a member also advertises his real estate board listing, we provide a method to link to the listing on his/her website. This provides traffic to a members listings and for their websites where they can provide better and more localized service.

Haves are the properties for sale and for lease, coming for sale, FSBO opportunities, exclusive, quietly being marketed so to speak.

Wants are what people are looking for, to buy and to lease.

One of the things that inspired us about the Internet was something in a book called Business @ the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates.  If you can think something and write it down, you can place that thought on the Internet for the world to see. In real estate exclusive information are thoughts.

Haves and Wants can be thoughts.  If you have a buyer and think what they want, that is a thought. If we place that thought on the Internet and you have a property that matches that thought and you call me, then we should set up a showing and presto if they like it and they buy it, we have just performed a valuable service and made some money.

Now there becomes many benefits to having all the buyers listed. A list like this can be use in a listing presentation to show an owner how well connected you are as a licensed real estate broker or salesperson. There have always been lists of buyers here for commercial real estate and now there are lists of buyers starting to come in on residential.

The service works on educating everyone on how to use information in the real estate business not just listings such as on a real estate board to make connections to make money.  We call this exclusive information.

This service works for every country in the world because everyone in the world can read information on it when placed.

There are special ways for brokers and salespeople to work information not just listings.

It has resulted in perhaps the most deals being done of an exclusive nature not on real estate boards or the world services of real estate board type listings. Testimonials This in turn inspires us to grow the service.

It is a broker centric service as we only allow licensed real estate salespeople to join. In that sense we are similar to real estate boards. In fact we think it would be good for ICIWorld to be adopted by the real estate boards and associations of the world.

Our dream someday would be for all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople of the world be members. It is really their service to serve the public. It is an investment if all real estate information of any kind can be collected here and because the real estate people here also belong to real estate boards the public gets the best of both worlds, listed properties such as on a real estate board AND exclusive information never before available on an industry wide basis.

We are excited about the mobile Internet revolution now occurring. For the first time in the world there are now more mobile phones than there are humans on earth. Virtually everyone in the world with a mobile phone has the capability of accessing this service and seeing the Have and Want opportunities posted by members.

One connection, one showing, one transaction, happy customers and revenue earned. Move on to the next one.

When we started in 1994 as the first real estate type Have and Want information service on the Internet, we did not know what services would develop along the way. The databases of Have and Want ads are the backbone of this service and it becomes more valuable every day because of new information, new opportunities daily provided by the members and the public.  We did not try to duplicate real estate board type services because real estate boards already do that. Rather this service is built to fill in the gap in the marketplace of all the opportunities that can not or are not on real estate boards.

Today with the advent of the Internet there are more FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner) than ever before.  Yet some say 90% of them are sold by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.  Now brokers and salespeople have a way to place them and all their exclusive opportunities on ICIWorld in a competent and professional manner. When an enquiry is made and a request to see the property is made, that is when a listing agreement can easily be put in place to cover the showing by the real estate salesperson.

These opportunities exist in every marketplace on the planet earth and this is the one service that handles that kind of information from everywhere on the planet. There are extra responsive and fast servers built for this purpose.

It is the content of opportunities for prospecting purposes that helps people connect to do business. It is networking that is he key. Develop good business relationships with people on the service and you will find that doors can open, seeds can be planted to find and develop the opportunities in real estate that help you achieve your goals.

There are immense benefits for the people of the world from these connections to do business. Some say 90% of the millionaires in the world made it in real estate and investment real estate.

It is great for the economy of nations. Every trade can result in work upgrading of the real estate which creates jobs for products and services, buildings being built, renovated, new homes being built.  How? This service for instance helps builders find infill sites, development land and they build homes, industrial, commercial buildings. All real estate stock improves on trades as the new owners upgrade the facilities. The economy is stimulated by the goods being purchased to fix up real estate and the housing stock and build new buildings. New enthusiastic people purchase functionally obsolete buildings and turn them into something useful and beneficial to the community. They fix properties, renovate for new purposes. All of this creates jobs and demand for materials in construction from roads, to services, and it goes on and on. The benefits are enormous.

Now the organized real estate has been creating these benefits for years. But one must have a signed listing to advertise. Today there is an additional way to work exclusive and open information in a way compatible with organized real estate.

It helps people with money find opportunities and for people to find financing.

It helps immigration for people to find businesses for their families to work and contribute to society because you can find new places to locate around the world.

We started as bulletin board in 1992 seeing the Internet revolution coming.

Real estate brokers and salespeople are in the best position to identify, collect and display real estate information as an industry. It has grown into a global real estate brokers networking service today.

The readership is 60,000 people quarterly from people in over 100 countries and gets larger because of the mobile apps and other services we provide.

This serves the public well because more opportunities to buy and sell real estate become available as well unique opportunities not available on any other service service.

The licensed real estate professional members are experienced to work, to source information, and look after a trade in real estate properly.

It provides various Internet services for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople anywhere in the world to serve the public.  These services are compatible with other services they presently use in the marketplace to serve their prospects and clients.

Along with the development of this service, it has given rise to other unique and cutting edge Internet and information services to benefit real estate salespeople.

All types of real estate commercial AND residential and businesses for sale and wanted are covered.

There are two world databases.

Have and Want real estate information can be accessed through the following two online world databases:

  • ICIWorld Database 1 (click the link to access the database): This database has Haves and Wants placed by member real estate brokers and salespeople with their contact information. The public can read the information with the contact information and contact the broker member directly. Executive members can place unlimited ads. Brokers can choose to allow their listings to be displayed on other brokers websites. What is better marketing exposure to have your listing on one web site or on one thousand.
  • ICIWorld Database 2 (click the link to access the database): This database is for the public to place their real estate Haves and Wants free.  There is a lot of business being done. However, only members of ICIWorld have access to the contact names and numbers of each ad. But everyone can see the subject line overview of the content of each ad. One must contact a member to gain access to any of these listings.

75% of the real estate listings on ICIWorld are messages, Have and Want messages, we call them Have and Want sheets, that are not on real estate boards.  This provides exclusive opportunities as well as regular advertising of real estate board listings and provide for more choice for the public and provides more opportunities for licensed real estate professionals to do business.

These messages provide traffic to a real estate brokers website through the links in the listings to colour photos, slide show displays, videos, etc. of listings. When people see an ad, they contact the broker salesperson for more information and follow up from there. This is one feature that is exciting, it is this connection for people to do deals exploring the world as whole that makes it exciting. This leads to what we call the ultimate in marketing and networking. This is augmented by world wide EMail distribution program to subscribers and readers and followers of the service. If you are interested in real estate there are opportunities becoming available here and sales going on that you will want to know about or you can easily be missing doing business and not realize it. It is a growing service from the ground up without $20M of investment and continues to grow.

We encourage individual member brokers to provide more information, resources on their own local website with more local information, resources and listings, access to real estate board listings that can serve the public.

For members there are new features we are able to provide for a group of members listings together to be displayed on one page. We call it a Search Matrix. This is useful for major companies, franchises, real estate associations to group their members who are using the ICIWorld service and to display these Haves and Wants of their own members on your own company website for the public to see.

You can handle real estate opportunities that are not placed on national or local real estate listing services. A published and registered real estate listing service is vital and important and should always be used where possible. I have served on a national real estate listing service committee and am registered as a REALTOR®, however from my unique position of helping licensed real estate salespeople over the last twenty years, there can be as much as ten times the real estate and business Have and Want opportunities available in a marketplace that can be placed on a real estate listing service and a great extra source of revenue not otherwise possible. There is a way that you can place this information in a competent and professional manner on ICIWorld.

This provides additional revenue streams for brokers and salespeople and real estate offices and additional happy and satisfied buyers and sellers of real estate.

This applies to all forms of real estate including, residential, industrial, commercial, office, retail, land, business opportunities, land, farms, recreational property, senior lifestyle, hotels, motels, gas stations, vacation property, condos, literally all forms of real estate and business opportunities local and world wide no matter where you are located. We have special services that help you market your local opportunities to the world.

Once you are a member we recommend you send people to your own website. We supply the listings from ICIWorld to be displayed on your own website through the use of Widgets. Widgets are links to hundreds, thousands of listings to be displayed on your website in a way that you receive the leads.  It is like have classified ads on your website but with one difference, YOUR GET ALL THE LEADS.

You will generate referral opportunities. You will generate enquiries and be able to set up showings and do direct business at your choice.

We invite all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world to investigate this service now and get in on the ground floor because it can be applied to your local market now no matter where in the world you are located.

Established in 1994, ICIWorld is built as a global real estate network service provided by real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

Brokers display real time Have and Want information of industrial, commercial and investment and residential real estate Have and Want opportunities to help the public connect to do business.

First on the Internet in 1994 as CIBBS (Commercial Investment Bulletin Board System Note: now also doing residential) there is a readership of over 50,000+/- people monthly from people in over 100 countries. There are various marketing methods, including 10,000-20,000+ direct emails delivered to directly potential buyers and sellers via email listing services daily. The ads also appear on 1,000 member’s real estate websites and growing with what  we call widgets. This provides even more penetration of the Internet marketplace by all members of ICIWorld.

The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network was chosen as a name for a reason.  The market is a place where people present their real estate goods for display both Haves and Wants. This is what ICIWorld is all about, presenting real estate Haves and Wants for display.

Haves are the real estate properties and businesses that are either for sale or lease and Wants are the criteria of real estate properties and businesses that people are looking to buy and . . . tenants looking for space as in industrial, office and commercial space. On average, there are 30,000 Haves in any instance, with between 50 and 150 new ones added every day.

About 5,000 of these are on national real estate listing services advertised by members while the rest are exclusive types of information not available on national real estate listing services or any other service.

We are totally inspired by the testimonials of members to grow the service. It is inevitable, absolutely inevitable that every single member generate business or you must and should call us.


There are solutions to the challenges of each member to learn how to make the service work for themselves. We welcome licensed real estate brokers and agents to become members to get full access to real-time Haves and Wants information for unlimited growth opportunities.

We encourage buyers, sellers and real estate developers to use our databases to network with our members and advertise their properties and to find the property they are looking for. It is the ultimate in world wide exposure using the Powers of the Internet. And . . . you can do it all on an exclusive basis if desired.

If you have any questions or would like a demo, please feel free to contact us when you have questions, to make suggestios or would like a demonstration.

For those who wish to read more for more understanding, click here.

Help us develop this service as it really “belongs” to the licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the industry to serve the public.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP, Inc.