Adding information to Database 2 FSBO Area


There are four things we recommend everyone does; otherwise, you can be missing doing a transaction and not realize it:

  1. Search Database 1 and Search Database 2 60 second searches. Search the newest ones regularly.
  2. Post an Ad-Free Database 2 If a member has a buyer or seller for your ad, would you like them to contact you?
  3. EMail Servers – Free This keeps you up to date with the newest ones.
  4. Search for an Executive Member And place information with them to place in Database 1.

Only our Executive Members who are Professional licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople have private and exclusive access to this area. Only they can see your contact information and contact you directly. 

If they have a buyer or seller that matches what you want or have, would you like them to contact you? 

Doing it this way prevents spammers, time wasters, curiosity seekers, of the Internet, etc., from calling you.

The Power of Networking World Wide. 

Information is displayed and circulated in many ways using ICIWorld on the Internet. With 40,000+/- people readership and 20,000 +/- EMails delivering information daily to the public, this service maximizes your opportunities by making it available instantly on 18,000+ pages on the Internet where there are 3 billion + people.

30,000+ listings, Haves and Wants, 75% exclusive on ICIWorld, not on real estate boards. We recommend using both.

Brokers built this real estate information listing service to serve everyone in the world interested in buying, selling, leasing and trading in real estate. has been in operation, building links for commercial real estate since 1994. Residential added in 2014. Real Estate Networking.

Four Ways For the Public to Make a Connection; otherwise, you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

For Mobile Devices: Add the ICIWorld App to your mobile phone | Add Mobile version for all mobile phones. It is daily new exclusive real estate information at your fingertips globally.

Here are several ways maximize your opportunities:

Search Database 1 There are 50-150 new listings, Haves and Wants daily, and all information is dated.

We do not delete old listings. They are used for networking purposes. Listings identify people with whom you may be able to do business because they are already working in that area and the type of property you may be interested in. Develop a good business relationship with the salesperson or broker, and they may help you find what you are looking for, etc.

All brokers and salespeople essentially help the public create wealth through real estate by assisting them to buy and sell.

There are several ways to search. Learn the one that suits you best.

You can do this with business categories or power of sales, etc.

Develop a good business relationship with a member to place your Haves and Wants. They may find something in a few days or weeks later that matches perfectly for what you are looking to buy or sell.

Keep in mind this service handles exclusive information and lists of buyers not available on any other service, unique on ICIWorld.

Search Database 2 FSBO Area

To get more information in any listing in Database 2 FSBO Area, you will need to contact an Executive Member for more information on any listing in Database 2 FSBO area (For Sale By Owner).

Globally, every person interested in buying or selling real estate should have a representative on ICIWorld to help you network your information. Otherwise, you can easily be missing making connections and not realize it. Over 4.6 billion people are using the Internet. ICIWorld has been on the Internet since 1994 now with thousands of pages. People will find your information if it is placed.

Information in Database 2 is placed by the public. If someone from the public is interested in any listing, call an Executive Member. Develop a good business relationship, ask questions, place your Haves and Wants to follow up.

This is an active area, and one sale reported was a portfolio of $25M with other deals reported, contacts made with buyers, etc.

Buyers should place what they are looking for. If a member has what you are looking for, would you like them to send you the information for your consideration?

Sellers can place their info. If a member has a buyer, would you like them to show your property? Make your own arrangements for compensation, if any.

The ultimate, however, is Database 1 for maximum marketing exposure, and information must be placed by a licensed real estate broker or salesperson member of ICIWorld to be in Database 1.

  1. Post an Ad-Free Database 2 FSBO Area.

FOR BUYERS: Place a Want. If a member sees your Want and has a property matching the description of what you are looking for, would you like them to send information about it to you? 

FOR SELLERS: Place property for sale or lease. If one of our members has a potential buyer or tenant for your property, would you like them to contact you?

If you do not place your buying or selling requirement, it is almost as if you are keeping it secret.

The only people that will contact you if they have a match for your Have or Want will be a licensed real estate broker or salesperson member of ICIWorld. 

See Members.

If you have a representative on this service, then it not necessary to place information in Database 2 because you are getting the ultimate worldwide exposure in Database 1 by the Executive Member of ICIWorld.

Database 2 FSBO Area provides exposure to members of ICIWorld only. The public can not click on your ad and call you directly.

You can keep the specifics confidential on this service while exploring if anyone is interested in your type of opportunity. Get feedback by placing your opportunities on ICIWorld.

FOR DEVELOPERS PROPERTY FOR LEASE: Not only can you place one ad, but we suggest you place a general statement with a link to a list of all your leased space which could be on your website. If one of our members has a prospective tenant to lease space, would you like them to call you about it? Otherwise, you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

In this Database 2 FSBO Area, Your email address, phone number, etc., are not made public, so spammers can not get it.

Note: Once you enter your information, it will not appear immediately. It takes 1 – 48 hours usually to be approved as we weed out the spam. To remove your data, please send an email to customer service @ 

When you place information in this Database 2, you are on a world real estate service, resulting in success. 

The ultimate in marketing on the Internet here is to place your information with an Executive Member.

  1. EMail Servers

An email will be delivered to your inbox once daily. You have complete control over the type of information you receive. This is the daily hot sheet. Find out about properties, buyers and sellers minutes later. This gives you a jump on the competition and a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

There are 20,000+/- subscribers receiving daily listings for their geographic area for commercial and or residential.

Subscribe to your city for residential.

Subscribe to your state or province for commercial real estate.

One developer has done three deals directly from these EMails. He does not even visit our website.

We suggest you use the Digest method.

That way, you only receive one EMail with the new listings in it, whether there are 2 or 10 new listings. 

You can unsubscribe from any email anytime. 

Try it out for a minimum of two weeks to see how it works.

Open to the public and real estate professionals free to receive. You will get a flavour of what is happening in the industry. The daily listings will give you creative ideas on opportunities to make real estate money in your marketplace.

Note: Some people have subscribed to too many listings and receive too many listings when they could have subscribed to for example, Ontario Commercial or GTA Commercial or GTA Residential, or a city only. One list can do it all.

Use the contacts made to build your database.

Contacts . . . make contracts.

If you are not sure, be in front of your computer and contact us.

Free Mobile Apps

It is information at your fingertips. All people interested in real estate worldwide should have this App. 

Check the latest listings daily to see the new listings, properties coming for sale, power of sales, and much more.

Install the ICIWorld App for Androids and iPhones from the Playstore or App Store.

The following are links to mobile websites. Choose the one that you prefer.

Yes, we recommend you have both the ICIWorld App AND this mobile website on your mobile device. You are only one button away from contacts in the industry, choosing a member by specialty, language is spoken, market area and more. 

You can search listings with a date field to get the latest listings or search all listings, no matter the age, for networking purposes. And you can do this while having a cup of coffee or relaxing because it is so convenient.

  1. Search for an Executive Member

Brokers and real estate salespeople are licensed and trained to help serve the public.

They help protect the public from misrepresentation, fraud, etc. 

They are licensed in various states and provinces and usually belong to either a National Association of Real Estate, Canadian Real Estate Association with codes of conduct, ethics, rules, etc.

Look for the Market Area field or Specialty field. 

Use short keywords. Visit a member’s website where there is usually a lot more information available of a local nature. Check their resources for more information, their social media to learn about them. 

Most real estate professionals are helping the public achieve their goals and create wealth through real estate. 

If you do not use a licensed real estate professional, you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

Search Database 1

Information placed by member brokers complete with contact names and numbers. You can search the latest listings, with 50-150 new ones coming in daily. 

You can search older listings and contact people in the area you might be looking in or people who deal in the type of property you are looking for. Develop a good relationship with a member and plant the seed of what you are looking for. They can help you achieve your objectives while allowing you to create wealth through real estate.

It is information at your fingertips. 50-150 new Haves and Wants daily. So easy to check the latest listings for an area or type of property. 

Be the first to learn about new listings, in many cases even before they come to market. 

Learn about exclusive listings, not on real estate boards. 

For brokers, learn how to work Have and Want information and expand your sphere of influence and opportunities.

Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter

Circulation to 50,000+ in the industry. You can unsubscribe from any EMail any time. 

Stay informed of industry events, announcements, special search and other services from ICIWorld. One can unsubscribe from any EMail. 

It is also a reminder to search the latest listings.

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Get a professional real estate salesperson on your team of advisors and service people.

  • Are you looking for a specific type of real estate professional?
  • Search for a member by area of specialty, market area, website, language spoken, and more.
  • Click on their website. Many have a resources button full of local information on the area you are looking in.
  • You should use a member to help you with your market area and the type of property you are looking to buy or sell.
  • Their website can also often have even more exclusive listings in addition to MLS listings.
  • ICIWorld members have access to exclusive information not available on other services.
  • They can help you follow up on information in Database 2 and their own MLS system as well.
  • There are many reasons to use a realtor you should learn.
  • Almost all real estate salespeople can give examples of how they have helped their clients create wealth through real estate.

These services and members help you create wealth through real estate and help you achieve your real estate and investment goals.

Details to Subscribe

One has to be a licensed real estate broker or salesperson to join. If you have a friend who is a licensed real estate broker or salesperson, get them to join on your behalf. This way, you will have full access to all information, AND you will also have the ultimate in marketing exposure placing your Have and Want information. The connections, permutations and combinations are incredible when you put information through a member.

If you are a licensed real estate broker and salesperson anywhere globally, click here for Internet services built for you.

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