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For your real estate board, association or office.

Discover Where And How Brokers and Salespeople are making money in
Commercial and Residential Real Estate 

Using the Internet and ILS Information Listing Services, Not just MLS.
Both are valuable in our opinion. 


We have 29 years of experience helping brokers network information of exclusive opportunities in a confidential manner. 

Today is the “information age.” 

Network information, make connections, qualify people, then put a listing agreement in place, conduct showings, do transactions.  

See the wonderful sales that are happening as a result of networking information.

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For real estate offices, boards and associations.
As of 2023-2024 time for a real estate board to consider adopting this service at the very least in a trial.
99% of attendees of our seminars say they would like this service provided by their real estate board.
All options are on the table.

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For All Brokers of Record, Owners, managers, and CEOs. 
Thinking about new ways to help your salespeople?

Webinar / Seminars To Benefit You and Your Salespeople and Clients

Written comments of attendees.
99% in favour of having ICIWorld provide this information listing service for all members of their board.


ICIWorld providing Internet and information and technology services for brokers and salespeople since 1994.

Content of Seminars / Webinars (pdf file) You can circulate to your salespeople.

Presenter: Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 49 years.

Founder and Manager
ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
Founded 1994.


Seminar Presenter: 

Sabrina Di Marco, MBA, Broker, Business Consulting, Former Adjunct Professor at Humber College Business School, Founder & President of Making Multiculturalism Work Inc. 



Understanding the Powers of the Internet and How to Work Exclusive Type Information triggers leads like MLS.

ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking:

  • Available on the App or Play Store. ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking. As of July, 2023 some say it is faster searching.
  • Add a shortcut on your mobile device to includes access to confidential information when a member and ability to add, modify, delete listings. A shortcut to a website on your mobile device looks like an App but uses zero resources.  
  • Search and see daily new opportunities within 7 – 10 seconds.
  • Daily new opportunities initially displayed are always less than 90 days old. 
  • It is information available from brokers and salespeople worldwide.
  • It is information available from the public in Database 2 FSBO Area worldwide.
  • Thousands of contacts, buyers and sellers, are at your fingertips, 
  • One contact, one lead to a showing and you can do immediate business. 

No charge until you wish to place your information, Haves and Wants, and add the IDX links to your website.

Each member and their website becomes a networking real estate hub and influence in their area.

See written comments of attendees of Webinars and Seminars. Reading the comments should assure you to call Diana to book a seminar or webinar at your earliest convenience. It can help all your salespeople earn dollars.

See successful transactions from brokers and salespeople working and networking real estate information to make money,  not just listings on a real estate board. Every single salesperson in your office can benefit. If they can do it, you can too, wouldn’t you agree? 
This can dramatically increase revenue while they provide more services for the public.

How to help brokers and salespeople identify essential information that can make them money, work that information through the industry, contact interested people and do business.

We teach the power of networking and how to recognize important information that can make you money and work it through the industry to trigger leads. What to put in your message Have and Want ads and what not to put in. How to ask the right questions at the right time. How to protect yourself when you do not have a signed listing. How to do business within the next hour, before 5:00 today or tomorrow, using the Wants.

Please note ICIWorld is not an MLS service. It is an information listing service ILS with the kind of information as much or as little as you would place in a classified ad in a newspaper to trigger leads. We think all real estate offices worldwide should embrace both.

See, one of 100+ domain names and websites ICIWorld is building that help all brokers trigger more business and provide true global networking.

Experience helping brokers for 29 years. 

Attending, participating, conducted marketing sessions where over $200M worth of real estate has been presented. Networking opportunities confidentially.

Brokers and salesperson members of ICIWorld are connecting and doing transactions making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, marketing and exclusive networking type real estate with sales of $50M+

You can click here to schedule a 15-minute presentation or longer. 

Hundreds of people network daily at

ICIWORLD YOUTUBE VIDEO OVERVIEW – Click here to see the video. Gary is a true professional with 28 years of experience helping brokers and salespeople make money. He is your Assistant and Builder for Real Estate Professionals and the Public in making Profitable Connections. Gary has been a 48-year Broker, Founder and President of ICIWorld since 1994. Daily networking is happening at

  • Networking exclusive type real estate information, both commercial and residential
  • special links of apartment buildings, shopping centres, land and more that brokers/salespeople can add to their website.
  • we present Zoom Webinars for your Team, covering the tools, the concepts, the technology,
  • and how to market your listings WORLDWIDE
  • 75% of the listings on ICIWorld are “exclusive,” not on MLS
  • Install the ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking App and connect and do business
  • with more opportunities and choices for your customers, including buyers and sellers
  • there are new exclusive listings daily that are not on MLS. There are so many lucrative opportunities!
  • Everyone can freely add the ICIWorld Global Real Estate Network App and do business.
  • It’s all about networking with the public and others in our profession.

Diana Nusca Cell 905-577-5600 Webinar Coordinator and Marketing Assistant

or Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS 416-214-4875

You have to set a date and time and whether you want a Webinar or live Seminar. DONE.

For real estate boards, and associations with strictly education requirements the cost is $4,000.

It is educational, however, if we can present ICIWorld association services, it is free.

We will send you an email you can circulate to your salespeople.