Real estate boards and association provide a vital and important service for marketing real estate.

However the same members of the board will also say that 90% of apartment buildings are not on real estate boards. 90% of shopping centres are not on real estate boards and this goes on and on for land, business opportunities and much more.

There is a lot of exclusive information that is not on real estate boards.

There is a special way to network this kind of information and ICIWorld is providing a solution by using cutting edge technology mixed with good old fashion know how.

Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople are in the best position in the market place to identify real estate Have and Want opportunities and then place them into a central place in the world for the world to see.  ICIWorld.

To make money, it is a responsibility of licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to identify important information in the market place that can make one money and then to place the opportunity confidentially on ICIWorld.  More information comes out of the wood word so to speak and this benefits the public by providing greater choice. Choices that are not on other services.

Of 30,000 listings on ICIWorld only about 5,000 are on real estate boards.

It has become a community of people with a like minded interest in real estate.

There are always buyers and sellers.

Getting them together in a timely fashion is now easier than ever before in the history of the world thanks to the Internet.

Real estate boards are a vital, necessary and beneficial way to market real estate.

However with so much not being able to place on real estate boards, a service like ICIWorld fits the bill quite nicely thankyou.

A simple Want for a building in a certain area, certain price range, certain type, and bingo either the public responds or a salesperson responds.  Show the property, write the offer, do the deal and move on to the next one!

This is happening left right and centre! See the Testimonials

Some of the largest and smallest transactions in the business . . . all commercial or office buildings shopping centres businesses land and more.

We are inspired by all who are learning to make it work.

You are invited to participate.

There are four ways to make a connection or you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.