Over 70 Pages of Testimonials
From Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople USA and Canada
ICIWorld Since 1994

Once you know how, your duties will consist of:

  • Search and within 30 seconds find a list of buyers or sellers to print out and follow up later.
  • Add your listings, Haves and Wants with one click and reach the world.


Let this be your inspiration as it is ours, that it can and will work for you, and for every single licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world.


If your car has a flat tire, you do not abandon it. You get it fixed. If you do not generate a deal or a lead within within 30 days you do not abandon ICIWorld. You stay with us, work with us, until you make it work.

This is the Internet where there are billions of people. We provide training, assistance and quality guidelines for you to learn how to make the Internet work for you. Our Pledge. We have put all the information tools on ICIWorld. It is up to you how you use them.

ICIWorld is a Global Broker’s Real Estate “Information Listing Service.”

$55 Million dollar office building sold as a result of a connection made through ICIWorld.

Just one transaction where a member used ICIWorld as a networking tool that played a small but integral part in helping them connect to do a transaction all in a confidential fashion.

This is a world marketing and networking Internet service that can help every single licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world to do business especially business that you can not place on real estate boards.

We invite real estate board directors, associations to contact us with a view to having an information service work for your members.

This benefits the public because more potential property opportunities and possibilities are displayed, opportunities that are presently not on real estate boards.

This works for real estate brokers and salespeople make money that presently can not be made with a real estate board.

There is tremendous additional business, revenue, dollars, that can be made for you and your company. Major additional revenue stream!

Of all the industries on the Internet it is real estate that provides the highest return on investment because one deal can make one a lot of money.

Exclusive information gives more choice to buyers and sellers. Provides more revenue opportunities for brokers.

The added advantage is that with real estate brokers and salespeople involved with exclusive information this protects the public from unscrupulous people and helps ensure a successful transaction.

The testimonials are from real estate professionals who are doing deals. These are the people you should call about “does this service work?”

These are the people on the cutting edge of technology learning how to work real estate Have and Want information today not just listings such as on a real estate board.

We recommend both, otherwise you can be missing out on making money and do not realize it.

Call to chat or for a demo anytime.

Have a look at the deals being done as a result of one connection made through this service as a result of networking information not just listings on a real estate board. You are licensed to trade in real estate information.

Testimonials are proof that every single licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world can benefit from this unique service. This is because no matter where in the world you are located it is the readership that is important and is here locally and from people from 138 countries. Information is displayed on 18,000 pages on the Internet, on ICIWorld Apps for all mobile devices in the world, tens of thousands of emails delivering information daily to the public, listings appearing on 1,000’s of other brokers websites penetrating the Internet, all by just placing one Have and/or Want with one click of mouse. See Statistics. We help.

All you have to do is place a Have and/or Want for them to see it! It is up to you to set a showing and do business.

And by placing real estate Widgets of listing content on your website it is absolutely inevitable that every single member generate leads no matter where in the world you are located. It is up to you to do business.

And by searching on behalf of you buyers and sellers. Make connections to set up showings and do business.

Networking “Real Estate Information” Works. We show you how from working with the real estate industry even before getting on the Internet in 1994. We have been part of CCIM Marketing Sessions where over $200 million in real estate was presented over a 2 day period. How do you work all this confidential information. Work with us and we will show you. See our recordings in Seminars. See our You Tube Channel.

We know you are busy and that this is a lot of information.

  • Just get started and place an ad with one click and reach 40,000+/- people and 20,000 people by EMail.
  • Search and within 30 seconds find a list of buyers or sellers you can print out and follow up.

For commercial AND for residential real estate brokers and salespeople . . . world wide. Built to serve the public.

We’d love to hear about your success story. Click here to fill in one or two sentences or give us a call 416-214-4875. Inspire us.

We have found that the public in some cases likes to contact members below because they want to deal with people who are actually doing deals. They want the powers of the Internet to work for them properly. Only with a member can this extensive networking and penetration of the Internet for marketing, networking and advertising purposes work for them. See Statistics.

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