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Financing For Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Financing

Getting the most for your money.

Commercial Real Estate Financing 

ICIWorld reaches thousands of buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. 

Over $1 Billion in trades have been conducted by members of ICIWorld.

There are now 40,000+ contacts for people dealing in commercial real estate on ICIWorld.

Every single transaction requires financing. There are over 40,000 contacts to do business.

Sales are now occurring for properties from power of sales to $50M+

This page includes a list of mortgage brokers who finance commercial real estate.

Contact them directly.

Mention you found out about them through ICIWorld.


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Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 49 years.
Manager and Founder
The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
Founded 1994.

Former mortgage broker, AMP designation (Accredited Mortgage Professional). 
We no longer maintain a mortgage license since we are lead generators for mortgage brokers.
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Editors Note: 

I have always thought one of the best investments for a major worldwide or North American finance company would be to own a service like ICIWorld and provide it for the world. Or at the very least pay $100.000 per year for an exclusive right to advertise on ICIWorld. 

Two benefits:

  1. ICIWorld provides global exposure and commercial real estate leads for financing. Every one of the billions of dollars in sales requires financing. Maintain and grow the service. The leads generated are quite phenomenal. $200,000,000 in financing is an example of one lead.  
  2. Income. Instead of having a major expenditure to market mortgage products, you can market mortgage products while earning income or provide the service as breakeven just to trigger leads for financing.