Training and Support For Executive Members

Understanding your Keys to Success

Once you understand the various concepts such as how to work exclusive information, why widgets trigger leads for every single member and put the various technology tools in place, there are only three things that you will do with ICIWorld directly:

  1. 60 second searches from time to time Finda list of Haves or Wants that you can print with phone numbers, make and develop business connections, add people to your database, network and make appointments to show property, get offers, do deals, make money;With one click reach 40,000+/-peopleReadership is from people locally and from 138 countries and your listings reach 20,000+/- people by EMail when added or updated after 30 days.
  2. Place your listings, Haves and Wants from time to time,up date them every 30-60 days. Work the calls show property, get offers, do deals, make money. Never let your listings go longer than 90 days or they do not show up on the ICIWorld Apps. Do you have them? On your mobile phone go to the Play Store or App Store and search iciworld and install them. On all phones add to your home screen. It is information at your fingertips that is making members and the people they serve successful.
  3. Measure your success every 90 days with Our Pledge.


You should be doing a deal every three months or at the very least developing a good business relationship with someone that leads to doing business or call us and give us a chance to help you. You probably do not understand the concepts, or have the tools in place or fifteen Haves and Wants and do not know how to get them, or not promoting your website with the widgets or even understand why this is important.

The rest of the reading on ICIWorld is a one time reading all about this: understanding, why keeping listings up to date every 90 days is important, how to get to fifteen Haves and Wants, how to every single members should be doing referrals and how to generate them, promoting your website, improving your use of the Internet, maintenance is your website really working and are your listings really in the right categories with price ranges and learning how to make it all work . . . a one time learning curve.

It is exciting because you will be dealing directly with the world of people in 138+ countries and you should be motivated and inspired by these people.

Call anytime for a 30 minute appointment in your office over the phone and . . . have a cup of coffee and before you are finished we will be done. It is that fast to on get on track.

The following is a one time learning curve with resources and references on how to do it all.

This is a Global Broker’s Real Estate “Information Listing Service” . . . to serve the public.

Getting Started Orientation Video 

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Training and Support

Consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant.

Welcome Page for New Members

Most everything is a one time setup. The rest is almost all automatic, ie:

  1. place your Haves and Wants and listings within a minute or two and ICIWorld works 24/7 networking your information locally andworld wideto trigger calls from the public and the real estate industry

    .Yourlistings are circulated to 20,000+/-

    EMailsdaily to subscribers from the public and upwards of 40,000 people readership of

    24 hourdatabases available

    world wideon computers, mobile devices etc. You just have to place it once.

  2. keep your information up to date by modifying your listing every 30-60 days and never let your listings go longer than 90 days old or they do not show up in the ICIWorld Apps for the mobile devicesworld wide.
  3. Make sure you have the ICIWorld widgets on your website to trigger leads because it is absolutely inevitable that every single member trigger leads.  The listings update automatically daily.  One time setup is for widgets, Widgets We email you the instructions which you forward to your website designer. Call us for a followup appointment to ensure you have everything working properly. If you are not getting leads, one reason is your widgets are notsetupproperly or you have no traffic to your website.
  4. websites are 90 minutes one on one with you in what we call a Webinar workshop. We help you with a mobile website which works 24/7 to generate leads. Mobile websites are absolutely essential to take full advantage of the Internet. We totally can set one up for you free.
  5. After that, we help you learn How to Promote a Real Estate Website. S0 important because one lead makes you a lot of money. And the widgets on your website make it absolutely inevitable to generate leads.  This is for every single real estate salespersonworld wide. Call for a demo and then you be the judge. These are unique services not available

    any whereelse in the world despite what your website designer might say. Set up a conference call with them and us and you and let us show you.

Assistance: How do we help?

  • In a 30 minute by appointment. Quality one on one assistance anytime!
  • It is like a doctors office, every 30 minutes providing one on one assistanceformembers
  • We usegoto

    webinarfor one on one assistance.

  • Let your information do the networking 24/7 to the world. We help you market Haves and Wants to the world 24/7. Once you know how, you will be dealing directly with the world placing, adding, modifying, deleting your listings to be displayed to the public.  Work the calls. provide good service to people and make money.
  • We helpsetupWidgets (

    one timesetup) on your existing website which work 24/7 to generate leads. All members must and should order them.  They trigger leads all year long.  It is absolutely inevitable.

  • And if for some reason you are not doing deals, what shouldYOUdo? See Our Pledge.
  • One time setup. Most everything is aone timesetup and short learning curve within minutes.

Suggested Time Required

One you are totally set up as an Executive Member

  1. Add and search listings from time to time.
  2. Modify and update listings every 30-60 days, log in to your website and look after ato dolist or check your website to make sure it is working properly as well as all links and Widgets from ICIWorld.
  3. Promote your website. See monthly Webinar schedule How To Promote Your Website. Very important because one lead can make you a lot of money.

All of the following is a one time setup.

  • We recommend a one time30 minuteorientation setup
  • This is done by way of a Webinar Workshop one on one with you. This is conducted over the Internet with you. This is how ICIWorld uses go-to-meeting to help you no matter where you are located in the world. We can help you, keystroke by keystroke, to get you started. Give us a chance to help you and you will be surprised at what you can do. Services for beginners, intermediate and expert users of computers, technology and information services for the real estate industry.
  • We help you add your first Have and Want. Afterthatyou add and search Haves and Wants and listings from time to time.
  • We recommend you have a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants or you are missing maximizing your potential.
  • After that, ICIWorld works 24/7 on your behalf, making your information available to the world!
  • Modify each listing with two clicks every 30-60 days and in no event let your information go longer than 90 daysold,because listings older than 90 days old do not show up on the ICIWorld Apps

    world wideon mobile devices

    world wide.

  • Widgets are aone timesetup. Order them now and forward the instructions to your website designer. They also work automatically 24/7 updating themselves automatically. Work the calls as referral opportunities and/or direct business.
  • If you receive a mobile website from us, you must log in to the website a minimum of once per month for a minimum of five minutes and look after the To Do List. Check the following: links on your website to see they are working, domain name working, etc.
  • once per year have a checkup with us in a Webinar workshop to go over your membership, listings website links, etc.
  • This is a comprehensive one time review covered in this ICIWorld Seminar 52 minute Video that every member should see entirely. These are concepts that can help all real estate salespeople in the world be more productive working real estate information on the Internet, not just listings such as on a real estate board.  It unlocks the potential for every single salesperson in the world to network andworkreal estate information not just listings on a real estate board. Measure Your Sucess with our Pledge

This is a way to measure that you are using the services effectively!  This is important because you can measure your success every 90 days! This helps you maximize your potential.

If a car has a flat tire you do not abandon the car. You get it fixed.

Within 30 minutes in a Webinar workshop we go through a checklist of items to ensure you have all things working properly.

If you are not doing a deal every 90 days or at the very minimum generating leads that you feel will lead to doing deals you should book a 30 minute appointment with us.

From our extensive experience of helping hundreds of salespeople, fixing material defects is the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.  You can go over this list anytime. Book an appointment anytime for assistance. We appreciate the opportunity to help.

Support is provided with personal attention one on one by way of 30 minute appointments as needed starting 7am to 3pm daily. It is like a doctors office with 1/2 appointments all day long.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert user of a computer, we provide one on one service at your pace using gotomeeting software.  You see our computer and we can switch it to see your computer and help you to search, to place your Haves and Wants on your own, to analyze your website and get it producing leads, to design a complete turn key mobile website for you.

If you do not know where to start, just call us 416-840-6227 or send an email to customerservice @ requesting an appointment.

Initial Orientation Webinar Workshop

  • Read number 1 below first to begin logging in
  • Then have an orientation workshop webinar 30 minutes.  Make an appointment by using this BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.   Be on your computer 10 minutes before your time. Go to and click on Webinars and follow the instructions to getin totoday’s workshop. Any problems at the appointed time or to cancel call 416-214-4875. Do not wait for us to call you. We sometimes keep busy serving other people if you are late.
  • Widgets and Installation Guide for Executive Members – Call Lorraine 416-840-5787, or the office 416-840-6227, send an email tocustomerservice@ and request to have the instructions for widgets sent to you by EMail so you can forward them to your website designer

    .Hereare the Widget Installation Instructions for your website. Send them to your website designer or get them to help you. After they are installed, make an appointment for a

    followupappointment for us to check the widgets on your website to make sure they are working the best and to make final recommendations such as resource links, mobilization, other specialized links, DDF Feeds, IDX Links, How To Promote, etc. Absolutely any problems contact us. It is absolutely inevitable that they will generate leads from YOUR website or you have little or no traffic to your website and there are solutions for that!

  • Details and Sample Mobile Website This is the new revolutionon goingnow to have a mobile website so all your customers can search your real estate board listings and exclusive listings from YOUR website on their mobile phone. You should also know, websites are like billboards, you can have more than one.  Websites are a

    one timesetup and work automatically for the rest of your life.  It averages 90 minutes working with you in two webinar sessions to

    setup. We totally set it up for you so that it is

    setupto serve your prospects and clients, and introduce you how to operate it. There are online manuals and tutorials. We are your first line of support for this website. Websites are free for one month and then $199 per year and $9.99 for a domain name with See samples. Get your free website for 30 days now. Call Lorraine 416-840-5787, or the office 416-840-6227, and send an email to

    customerservice@ After the website is up and running call to make a

    follow up appointmentso we can do a check to make sure everything is

    setupproperly and discuss options.

  • Book yourself into How To Promote Your Website We recommend a minimum of three sessions. They are now recorded. See number 15 in the Training Videos. A whole list of links with suggestions. What good is a website if you have no traffic. What you need to set up on a website first or you can be wasting your time promoting it.
  • To ensure that ICIWorld Services work for you and to ensure your success you must know Our Pledge. Do not go longer than 90 days without doing business, either a deal or generating leads or call us. We are on the Internet where there are five billion plus people. We know how it works. We specialize in helping licensed real estatesales peoplebenefit from the Internet. Virtually 100% of the time we are able to quickly analyze, identify what is needed for you to do to remedy the situation and get you on your way to maximize your opportunities.

Training and Support for Executive Members

  1. Logging In to Instructions (pdf file you can print out)
  2. Entering Listings, Haves and Wants Adding, Modifying, Deleting, Subject Line, Business Area and Categories, Spamming, Linking, more. NOTE: We recommend updating your listings every 30-60 days and in no event lettingthego longer than 90 days old. They will not be displayed in the ICIWorld Apps for Mobile Phones. Also if you modify a listing before 30 days old it will not get sent out to the industry by EMail.
  3. Training Videos These are all ways for you to make money using the Internet learned from helping brokers and salespeople make money using the Internet since 1994.Makesure you see Number 2 The Three Questions. Learn how to work exclusive information that has been making money for real estate salespeople even before the Internet

    .Makesure you see Number 15 How To Promote Your Website.  This is an extensive series of articles on getting more traffic to your website. It is not just one thing! There are more than forty ways to promote a website. Important because one lead can make you a lot of money. If you are not aware of this, you are missing opportunities to make money and do not realize it.

  4. If I am not making money what should I do? It is inevitable that every single membergenerateleads to do business. This is a

    self helpservice but here is a checklist to help yourself. If this is any problem, please call us, we can help. We appreciate the opportunity to help AND we enjoy hearing of your successes. You are our inspiration.

  5. Material Defects and most importantly recommendations. This is what you can do to help yourself maximize your opportunities to make money.  To ensure your success using information services review these recommendations and concepts.  We have identified these priority items that are the difference between brokers and salespeople making money using the Internet and various services. Fix one item and presto it can be like a light switch turning on. All of a sudden you start generating leads periodically and/or making contacts that lead to doing business. If you have a flat tire with your car, you do not abandon the car, you get it fixed. The same is true with ICIWorld. If you are not making money or generating leads with ICIWorld, call us.  There are remedies.  We can help when you give us a chance to help. Remember Our Pledge. It is a way to measure every 90 days your success using ICIWorld services.
  6. How To Promote Your Web Site What good is aweb siteif you have little or no traffic. This is your office building on the Internet. One lead can make you a lot of money. You are promoting your own business! If you are not getting calls from your website then it is not because of the widgets from ICIWorld, it is because you have little or no traffic. The widgets make it inevitable for you to generate leads. Our monthly program solves this and provides solutions.
  7. Does all this work? Let this be your inspiration as it is ours to grow the service. Testimonials of members doing business that is exclusive not on real estate boards. We believe there can be as much as ten times the amount of business that one can do on a real estate board and consider both services important and vital to maximizing your business opportunities in the marketplace today.
  8. Sponsorship Program The more salespeople that join, the more information becomes available, the more opportunities there are for everyone to do business. By sponsoring someone else to join you keep your membership down, you increase the opportunities and the new member gets to also join at a reduced rate.
  9. Learn the Three  Questions (12:09) Members go to Log In and look for Training Videos for the exclusive use of Executive Members. It has helped some members make $50,000 and more within 90 days of learning them. If you do not have a minimum of fifteen opportunities on ICIWorld you are not maximizing your opportunities to make money using the Internet. May we show you and answer questions.  One way is in a seminar for your office or in a demo.
  10. How To Add a Want   (7:30)
  11. How to Add a Have  Listing (20:56)
  12. How To Search Advanced (13:14) including How to Search Database 1 Haves and Wantsplacedby Executive Members How to Search Database 2 For Sale By Owners
  13. How  To Search by Message Number (1:44)
  14. Common  problems of entering listings (32:02)
  15. Installation Guide for Widgets ICIWorld Widgets Installation Guide (PDF) Absolutely inevitable to trigger leads for YOUR website. After installation please call us or send an email tocustomerservice@ and we will check the installation on your website to ensure it is working properly to generate leads for you.
  16. Media
  17. Security Essential reading for everyone who uses the Internet.
  18. How We Help Members Get Started
  19. Apps We Recommend
  20. Resources
  21. Education
  22. Webinars
  23. ICIWorld Apps It is information at your fingertips.
  24. Member Tuneup A very helpful information source to make sure you are driving on the “Information Highway” successfully.
  25. Search Matrix  For organizations, companies, commercial groups, associations, countries, networking groups, overlay boards, chapters, etc.
  26. Learn the Three  Questions (12:09) Members go to Log In and look for Training Videos for the exclusive use of Executive Members. It has helped some members make $50,000 and more within 90 days of learning them.  Every single member should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities of Haves and Wants on ICIWorld or you are missing out on working “information” in the real estate industry in your area. You can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it. Ask for a personal demo or see our52 minuteseminar video on the Seminars page at
  27. Information the Gold on the Internet One contact, one lead can help a licensed real estatebroker salespersonmake a lot of money. Sometimes as in a regular gold

    mineyou have to dig to get to the gold, ICIWorld makes it easy by providing contact names and phone numbers for you to call others, develop business relationships with them to do business. Build your contact database with notes on the people you meet, all started from the listings on ICIWorld.

  28. Old Listings are used for networking purposes. The properties and people are still there. Circumstances change. Find out where they are at and there can be opportunities to do provide services to do business. It is people that do deals. Listings can identify people with whom you may be able to do business with because of the contacts they have. The type of property in their listings along with a price range and geographic area help identify the type of contacts they may have ready to do other business.
  29. Principals Only – Understanding and How to Deal Handle This Situation
  30. What Are the Minimum Internet Services that Every Real Estate Salesperson Should Employ
  31. Recommendations for Success Great for existing members to enhance their use to generate business. There is now a new Internet mobile revolution underway.  There are now more mobile devices on the planet earth than there are humans. We provide services that make your  Have and Want information available tothem world wide.  We help you with websites that are mobile so people around the world can visit your website on their mobile phone and search. All this technology makes it easy for you to have an opportunity to others and . . . for them to reach you . . . in a most economical way.  You will learn the minimum level of quality to generate business such as in our recommendations for success.
  32. Demo call anytime to make an appointment. We are happy to show you how these tools are working for thousands.
  33. Our Pledge re you missing out on the benefits of the Internet?  Measure your success with ICIWorld concepts, tools, and technology with this pledge. If you are not generating leads every 90 days that you feel will lead to doing deals, you call us. Why? If you do not call, how can we helpyou. If you have a car and it has a flat tire, you do not abandon the car.  You get it fixed.  How do we

    help.Some examples are material defects or how to promote your

    web site. Learn these things and you will maximize your opportunities on the Internet. Until then, you are missing out. Simply call anytime to make an appointment. We will point out the difference between making money and not

    makingmoney and then you be the judge. Fixing things can be like a light switch turning on, all of a sudden you can start generating leads periodically.

Knowledge . . . combined with action is power.

ICIWorld . . . since 1994

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