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Otherwise you are missing opportunities to generate business and make money.

Networking real estate Have and Want information and listings makes you money and provides a great service to the public.

75% of the information on ICIWorld is of an exclusive nature not found on real estate boards or any other service.  This is a major competitive advantage in the marketplace for two reasons: 1. you have exclusive listings on your website that your competitors do not have; 2. you have the ability to network exclusive real estate information opportunities in addition to your real estate board listings that helps make you money.  You can make money with your real estate board listings.  Now you can also make money networking exclusive information.  See transactions being done by your colleagues in the business.  We have special videos to show you how to work information not just listings on a real estate board. Call us in to do a seminar in your office. Or see the content of seminars that we conduct in real estate offices, for real estate associations and organizations.

But . . . you must keep your information up to date ie: modifying listings every 30-60 days and in no event let any information go longer than 90 days old or you are missing out. Listings older than 90 days old do not show up on ICIWorld Apps distributed world wide on iPhones, Android devices and also on https://iciworld.mobi which is for every mobile device on the planet earth including Blackberries, Windows, Androids and iPhones, etc. REPEAT: LISTINGS OLDER THAN 90 DAYS OLD DO NOT SHOW UP ON MOBILE DEVICES IN DEFAULT SETTINGS.

All feel that it is a responsibility on the part of members to keep their information as current as possible.

To see a presentation of all our services that make every member money, go to www.iciworld.com click on Seminars, see Recording under the first picture. Do you have Widgets working on your website. If not you are missing the easiest thing you can do to trigger leads from your website. Do you have fifteen listings, Haves and Wants working on ICIWorld and on your real estate board? If not you need to learn the three questions. It is in the Recording at www.iciworld.com click on Seminars.

And . . . you must have the widgets of listings on your website that generate leads.  Absolutely every single real estate broker and salesperson in the business should have these widgets!!! If you do not you are missing the power of the industry to help you generate leads from your website.  Everything works automatically once they are installed. One call to us and we can get it all working for you. Or just renew and order the widgets. Widgets

If you use your ICIWorld Executive Membership as we recommend it is inevitable that every single member generate leads:

  1. Include this Broker’s Global Real Estate Information Listing Service a as part of your marketing plan this next year. Otherwise you are not unlocking the full potential of your connections in the industry. And yes you can easily be missing making money and not realize it.
  2. If your listings, Haves and Wants are over 90 days old, they DO NOT SHOW UP on the ICIWorld Mobile Apps for the world. You are missing making connections and do not realize it.
  3. You must refresh your listings by modifying them every 30-60 days and in no event let them go longer than 90 days old otherwise you can easily be missing making connections and do not realize it.
  4. Widgets on your website only work 24/7 properly generating leads when you are an up to date member. If you do not have these widgets on your website you are missing out on the most powerful medium known to man . . . the Internet. Because these widgets contain listings AND the listings are structured so you get the calls. If you are not generating leads it is because you do not have these widgets on your website! We are assistants to a thousand real estate brokers and salespeople. It is like hiring us to work for you all year long and all it takes is a renewal.
  5. Exposure to 40,000 +/- . Your listings go to an expired listing area if your membership is expired. So simply renew and look after your listings. There is a responsibility on the part of the real estate industry, you, to keep your information up to date. Two clicks per listing every 30 – 60 days and reach the world with your up to date info, otherwise you are missing opportunities to make money and do not realize it.
  6. Mobile apps only display listings less than 90 days old. You must be a member to keep your listings, Haves and Wants up to date.  Otherwise you are missing people seeing your listings. Yes we have an age field now!  So if your listings are older than 90 days old, they are not getting seen by large segment of the market.
  7. People simply get so busy working the top half of the ICIWorld databases they do not have a chance to get down to the bottom where your listings go after 30 – 60 – 90 days and more.
  8. If you do not renew your listings you miss the extensive circulation and distribution EMail services of all your listings to 20,000+/- daily to the public. Again you are missing opportunities to generate leads and make money and do not realize it.
  9. Simply learn a few basics about an information service and it is like a gold mine.  Information is the gold on the Internet. Only with an Executive Membership can you search Database 2 For Sale By Owners.  You can get their information and work it through Database 1 the ultimate in marketing on the Internet. Trigger leads and make money.
  10. See Material Defects and how to fix them.  If you do not understand anything, you should be calling us and asking for an explanation. We know a lot of this is tricky to understand, but we are here to help you. You can call us whether you are a member or not.
  11. Do you know how to work information not just listings? This is your inventory on the Internet where there are billions of people.  Read the testimonials of all the people working information and make money.  And most importantly they are helping people achieve their goals and creating wealth in real estate.

The Internet is here. There are now more mobile phones on the planet than there are humans. We make your information available on all mobile devices world wide.

There are tools that absolutely work that generate leads for every single member.  Widgets for example are a no brainer.  Place them on your website. Thousands of listings. All in a way that you get the calls. If you did nothing else this alone will generate leads, unless you have little or no traffic to your website. Is there a way to help that? You bet. Called How To Promote Your Website, once per month.


Every single member should know Our Pledge.


This is important because it is a way of measuring whether you are taking advantage of this new technology and information service.

Let us go over your membership and make recommendations. How you are working information and listings. We are helping 1,000 salespeople learn how to work information in the industry. Are your IDX links working, do you have DDF feeds working, do you have access to information instantly on your mobile phones, are you placing at least fifteen opportunities Haves and Wants and keeping them current a minimum of every 90 days?

If you are not making maximum use of ICIWorld call us, do not abandon the service.

I you have a flat tire on a car, you do not abandon the car. You get it fixed.

The same is true here, if you are not making money or generating leads, call us.

Call us and book a 30 minute appointment.

We operate just like a doctors office, every 30 minutes helping someone.

Cick here to see Time Required.

No member should ever go longer than 90 days without doing business otherwise call us and let us train you.  We suggest you make an appointment for a 30 minute one on one Webinar Workshop.  This is conducted in your office over the Internet while you are on the phone or VOIP. Call 416-840-6227 to make an appointment. You will find there is an immediate checklist that will show you how to maximize your opportunities. Is it worthwhile.  Stay excited do read the testimonials at www.iciworld.com and see others doing business and you definitely can too.

ICIWorld programs and systems ensure that every single member optimizes their opportunities to make money.

There are 50-150 new listings coming in daily.

  • Go to www.iciworld.com and click on Search.
  • Become very familiar with searching.
  • Learn how to use various search tools, how to search by city, by key word, by type, by area,
  • Learn how to use the new Age Tool to search by date of listing, 1-2-3 month new listings and the reasons why older listings are used for networking purposes.
  • See properties “coming for sale” never before heard of in the industry.
  • There is a key word for that, search Ontario Residential and see it there.

See the list of buyers for commercial and residential real estate. Use this in listing presentations. Show people how well connected you are in the marketplace by having this on YOUR website.

Start by knowing the services available.  Go to www.iciworld.com and click on For Members. For instance:

  1. Unlimited Haves and Wants as well as advertising listings.They are distributed to 20,000 subscribers daily as well as receiving a readership of 40,000 people+.Also you can agree to allow them to be on 1,000+ other brokers websites. This is tremendous marketing exposure for your information and your listings.And do you know how to work information not just listings on a real estate board? See Video Number 2 in the Training Videos that has helped some members make $50,000+ within 90 days of learning them.It helps you advertise all the opportunities that you can not place on a real estate board and place them on the Internet where there are billions of people.Know the three questions.  See them in the Training Video Number 2 See over 50 pages of testimonials of members marketing information not just listings, exclusive information that can help you make money.
  2. Widgets for your website.If a car does not have sparkplugs it will not go. ICIWorld Widgets are sparkplugs for your website.It is absolutely inevitable that you generate leads from your website unless you have little or no traffic for your website.Our recommendation: call our office to get an email of instructions that you can send to your website designer.Then register for our monthly Webinar “How To Promote Your Website.”
  3. Mobile websites.This is the new Internet information revolution happening now.There are now more mobile devices on the planet earth than there are people. People use there mobile devices five times more than their computer.The people visiting your open houses, people searching commercial real estate,  use mobile devices.You should be getting them to search YOUR MOBILE WEBSITE.When they see the residential listings from ICIWorld Widgets they have to call you. When they see the postings from the commercial real estate ICIWorld Widgets, they have to call you.

If a member ignores or simply does not attend to looking after the basics it is reasonable to assume nothing will happen.

Or does the member even know about all the services any one of which can benefit.

ICIWorld also has the only retired brokers program in the world that I know of. www.retiredbrokers.com Not that some of us really ever retire.  We kind of wind down. Would you mind making the odd $6,000 check from doing a five minute referral? Read about it.

If you have missed any of this, it sometimes happens inadvertently through change of address, email, phones, etc. and these are not changed in our member record for you and thus communication has broken down for our reminders, etc. and essentially you have dropped off the service.

When you visit www.iciworld.com and click on For Members, see Number 7 Training. Most things work on autopilot once set up, but there is a one time setup and orientation. We have tried to lay it out as simple as possible for you to view videos on your own time to understand how you can easily be networking with the world. Taking advantage of the tremendous readership.  And taking maximizing your connections in the industry and the opportunities that you know about.

For instance:

  1. We have found listings of members not in the right categories, right price ranges, right areas or missing the area or not putting in a price. This means you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.
  2. are you putting the key words into your subject line to be found. Are you putting the city in your subject line so your listings can be found? We can easily check this in a short 1- 2 minute consulting session.
  3. are you promoting your website? Do you know we run a monthly program that teaches this? Do you know there are videos you can see?
  4. we recommend every single member of ICIWorld have at least fifteen Haves and Wants. Do you know how to work information not just listings? Again our Training Video #2 explains this and/or call us for a short session to give you examples of transactions of how this is done.
  5. is your member record filled in properly with market areas and specialties? People can search for a member based on this. Is your EMail, company and phone numbers correct?
  6. are you receiving the daily digest for your area? There are new ones for residential effective May 1, 2014. You can now receive listings for your city for residential by EMail.
  7. are you receiving the FSBO’s for your area?
  8. do you know how to search for exclusive information?
  9. have you placed all your Wants?
  10. have you placed all your Haves?
  11. if you are getting a listing in the next one, two or three months, do you know how to work “coming for sale” ie: putting people on a list and calling them when you have the listing signed?
  12. do you use a list of buyers from ICIWorld in your listing presentation to show people how well connected you are in the marketplace?
  13. have you promoted your website telling people you have not only MLS listings but exclusive listings that are not on MLS? This gives you a competitive advantage.
  14. are you using any of the ICIWorld Apps and Mobile applications to search your city regularly for new listings?
  15. have you searched the private FSBO area?
  16. have you been through the videos in the Training Videos area?
  17. have you seen the help available from the ICIWorld Youtube Channel? go to www.iciworld.com and click on Media.
  18. do you get our voice broadcast over your cell phone from time to time reminding you to update your listings, or for help or announcements?
  19. do you know about the sponsorship program? There has been a lot of pressure on expenses for ICIWorld from support staff, marketing people, instructors, programming, designing, printing, attending shows and conferences, etc. We can save money and pass it on if each member can simply sponsor one person a year. Then we pass on the savings to you by allowing you to renew for $240 instead of $319. And the new person can join for one year at $240.  An EMail from you and the new prospect is all it takes.

There are five billion people using the Internet and ICIWorld is one of the premier sites on the Internet for generating interest in real estate. It has all the tools working for you, from fast website and mobile searches from anywhere in the world, to fast distribution of Haves and Wants to real estate widgets for brokers and salespeople. All in a way that generates leads. It is now up to you what you do with the enquiries.

Renew Today and get your information networking 24/7.

We will do some things right away.

  1. make sure you are receiving the daily Digest of listings for your area, commercial and NOW residential, and FSBO’s.
  2. make sure your membership record is filled out with proper phone numbers, email, website, etc.
  3. check your listings, are they timely, accurate, contain proper links to sell the location of your properties, links to your website, number of listings at least fifteen if not why not and show you how to do it.
  4. make sure the widgets are working on your website.
  5. show you how to promote your website
  6. make sure you are working information not just listings on a real estate board. This service unlocks your full potential to do real estate business.

Contact us anytime and we enjoy the opportunity to help.

Contacts . . . make contracts!