Executive Membership Instructions

Print out Orientation pdf file (8 pages)

Review Four Webinars Daily

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and provide the most powerful Internet tools in real estate information networking services in the world today.  Once you have read through the following material and know where to find information and videos, you should not have to read through it again.  Every item is important to understand because it is your implementation of these tools and concepts that will be the difference between making money and making none.

When you have finished with this page of information:

  • go to www.iciworld.com click on Log in on the right

  • click on Log In Member Management (at the top in the middle)

  • Look for numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 in the first column.  1. all choices on the left. 2. another copy of these welcome instruction pages 3. contact telephone numbers 4. Daily Webinar Workshops You can make an appointment now for a thirty minute Webinar Workshop.

  • Look for Training Videos on the left

  • Look for You Tube on the left

  • Since it is similar training for all members, training has been recorded in videos you can see anytime.

  • Log in Help Password on the left if you forget your log in information. It will get sent to you within three minutes or call us.

Print the Following Instructions:

   Orientation Instructions Checklist

   Submit Have/Want Ads on ICIWorld Instructions

   Executive Member Marketing Plan and Training Program

It is inevitable that you do business with our service.  If you are not either building strong business contacts or making money in a 90 day period, you must call ICIWorld so we can help identify any existing problems.

1.                  Get Organized!  Label a legal size folder “ICIWorld.com.”  Write your member loginID, password, renewal date on the inside cover.  Write “Internet Links” halfway down the cover.  You can search the Internet for links with information about locations of your properties and write them in your file to use over and over again.  You can place the printed membership instructions in this file as well. 

2.                  Register for an online Webinar Workshop.  We will help you to set up your membership including setting up your website with revenue producing links.

3.                  Request a P2Agent website from our office by sending us an Email.  They are free for one month then $199 per year according to the policies of the website host company which can be changed at any time.  If you have any problems getting started, register for a Webinar or call the office at 416-840-6227 or afterhours at 416-214-4875.

4.                  Add revenue producing links on all your websites.  Send these Instructions to your website designer or just register for a webinar to set up these links on your website.  These Leads for a Lifetime add 15,000 listings to your home page so that you get the calls.  We can also install a special link to display your personal listings.  So whenever you add a listing to ICIWorld, it is automatically added to your homepage.

We recommend that you have multiple websites because more websites increases the amount of traffic viewing the ICIWorld listings and generating leads for you.  Leads can result in referrals.  Referrals should average 5 minutes to do and average $5,000-$10,000.  The more sites working for you, the better.

5.                 Learn how to promote your website to the public.  Read a competitive report entitled, “How to Promote My Website” in the Resource Center, Item #9.  See below for instructions on how to access the Resource Center.  We also host a special monthly webinar presentation teaching you how to promote your website.  Check the Webinar Schedule for the next scheduled presentation.

6.                 Watch Executive Member Training Videos now.  These videos will answer questions you may not have thought to ask.  In Segment 5 Website Workshop, click on “See Entire List,” and learn the index so you can find answers for your questions.  Please call our office if you have any problems.

3 Important Links to Learn

1.      Search Database 1 Free – Click on “Help” in the left frame and Print that page

2.      Search Database 2 FSBO’s – Members only Access to over 7,000 listings placed by the public

3.      Log In Member Management – Member links found in the left frame as follows:

   Login - login for full access to the members area

   Login Help – If you forget your ID or password, click this link and it will be sent to you within 3 minutes

   My Record – Change your record at anytime and your information will automatically change in all your listings

   Add Have/Want – Add new listings 

   My Listings – Manage your listings.  Do not delete when sold; modify their status to “SOLD” and insert the word “SOLD” at the beginning of the subject line.  Please send us an email whenever you sell or lease something because we really like hearing about your successes.

   Resource Center – A wealth of resources; members say this alone is worth more than the price of our service

Tips for Listings:

  1. Include 4 Ingredients in your subject line:

   Area – a specific location may be mostly unknown so you should reference a more common and larger center.


   Price and/or size

   Sizzle – What makes this property stand out amongst so many others?

  1. Renew your listings once every 30-45 days – Click My Listings and then “Modify”

   Your listing will receive a new number and be recirculated by email

   If you renew within 30 days, your listing will not be recirculated; it will receive a new number and go to the top of the list on ICIWorld

  1. Place Links in the “Internet Links” field when adding a listing.  Add links to photos, maps, virtual tours, sound bytes, video clips, etc.  Links to major community websites, Chambers of Commerce, etc, will help market the location of the listing.
  2. For Wants, you must insert the word “Wanted” at the beginning of the subject line.  Otherwise, it’s assumed that the listing is a Have.
  3. It should read like a mini classified ad.  There are 160 characters, almost 3 lines, available for the subject line.  The subject line has to trigger interest on its own; firstly because no one will keep reading if the subject doesn’t catch them and secondly because not everyone will be able to read the full listing.
  4. A Suggestion: Do not use only Capital Letters.  It is more professional to use both upper and lowercase letters.  All Caps on the screen are comparable to yelling in a conversation.
  5. Keep Blank Have and Want Sheets in your briefcase.  Whenever you recognize important information that can make you $50,000 (more or less), pull out a Have or Want Sheet and fill it in.  If you do not make a note of your Haves and Wants down as soon as you recognize it can make you money, you can easily get so busy that you forget to post it and can miss doing a deal.  Print the sheets at the following links:

    Have Sheet
    - .doc format       Have Sheet - .pdf format
    Want Sheet - .doc format      Want Sheet - .pdf format
  6. Print a list of buyers for a powerful listing presentation.  This is exclusively available on ICIWorld, not found anywhere else.  It shows how well connected you are in the marketplace.  You can also print out Statistics of the last month showing your marketing reach to over 100 countries in the world.

View the Marketing and Training Program before attending the Training Session. 
There is also a Member Tuneup that goes over some of these items in the Resource Section. 

In the webinar training session we will cover the following tools for your information tool box:

  • How brokers are making more money from their information than from their listings
  • Database management
  • How to place a link on your home page that brings up all your listings onto the viewer screen
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of entering information
  • 4 important ways to collect information
  • Information Distribution
  • Listing Presentations Basics
  • Resource Center
  • Using the FSBO area with the 11,000 buyers you should call to do business
  • Value of Email Filters to sort your incoming mail
  • Keyword searching on iciworld.com
  • The most important responsibility of brokers & salespeople
  • Time Management – what you should and shouldn’t be doing on the Internet
  • How to keep from losing information and staying organized
  • And more…

A lot of people have made a lot of money.  Let’s make you the next to make six figures. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Gary Nusca, CCIM

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