Let ICIWorld do the advertising, marketing and networking locally and worldwide for you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 356 days per year. 



You just have to plant the seeds.

Place a Have and/or Want.  

Search from time to time!

That’s it!

 ICIWorld markets your information 24/7 on the Internet world wide until you delete or change it.

The following is a one time setup. 

Your website is separate from ICIWorld. This is your real estate office on the Internet where people can see listings, resources and more. You should think about marketing your website all year long, ie: getting all your customers to put your website on their mobile phone as a shortcut. That way whenever they think about real estate they think about you and your real estate website. They search something, like it, call you, show it and make money.

One Time – Order the ICIWorld Widgets of Listings for your website.  They work 24/7 updating themselves in real time automatically.

Once installed, the very next person who visits your website and sees any one of these listings . . . has to call YOU for more information.

If you do not have these ICIWorld Widgets of listings for your website, you are actually missing triggering leads now for yourself and do not realize it.

When someone wants more information on any of 30,000+ listings . . . they would have to call you. One time setup by your website designer. Do business and do referrals.

And . . . promote your website.


Special global databases and information distribution services make your information available . . . globally.

Special events promotion, advertising, networking, conventions, conferences, expos, Realtor Quests, trade publications and much more drive traffic for your listings and the links in your listings drive traffic to your website.

“Most things work on auto pilot once you have things set up properly and have a good understanding of how things work.”

Generate leads the rest of your life.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR THOSE CONSIDERING RETIREMENT.  Do not give up your license. See www.retiredbrokers.com It is all about doing referrals from the leads you generate from a website that you keep running for the rest of your life.  Have fun doing referrals!  Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral and making $3,000 to $10,000+ when you are retired? One Re/Max agent has done fifteen referrals ie: 75 minutes of time and made $45,000 A N D provided a great service for people.

One Time Setup

  1. Recommended one time orientation 30 minute Webinar Workshop. Call 416-840-6227 and make an appointment.Within 30 minutes we make sure you are aware how to search, how to place listings and reasons to keep them up to date every 30-60 days, how to place exclusive information(75% of information on ICIWorld is unique), know the resources and services available to you, connect with social media to stay in touch with industry announcements, education, networking and events.See help videos: How To Add A Want. How To Add a Have, etc.Plant the seeds by placing your listings, Haves and Wants is like advertising to the world that works 24/7 on the Internet that triggers response from people. THIS IS LEAD GENERATION. Work your real estate board listings.Learn how to work exclusive information. This is something you can not do on a real estate board. Work what your buyers are looking for. Make all your opportunities available to the public on the Internet not just real estate board listings. Qualify the leads the way you normally do. Every member should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities on the Internet.This can greatly increase your revenue. If not , you are missing out and do not realize it. This service helps you to maximize your potential in real estate. Several hundred real estate brokers can’t be wrong. See 50 pages of testimonials of deals being done uniquely started on ICIWorld here on the Internet. This is all cutting edge technology built for the real estate industry world wide. compatible with the industry.
  2. Widgets for your website. Order them. THEY WORK AUTOMATICALLY UPDATING THEMSELVES DAILY. This is a one time sending of an EMail of instructions to your website programmer.  That’s it!!ICIWorld Widgets trigger leads from  your website. Install them on your website. Customers visiting your website have to call you for more information. THIS IS LEAD GENERATION FOR YOU. It is listings that trigger leads. People want more information.We send the instructions to install widgets on your website to you by EMail.  You should forward them to your website designer. One call to our office 416-840-6227 and we send you the instructions.Once they are installed, call us and we can check them to make sure they are working properly for you. Handle all inquiries the same as you would from receiving a call off a classified ad from a newspaper. Setup showings, and do referrals, do business, make money.
  3. No Website? No Problem! One Time Setup and it works 24/7 on your behalf while you are doing other things!See Samples.One time setup for a website completely setup to make you money – 90 minutes.We recommend everyone can have more than one website because they are like billboards.  THIS IS LEAD GENERATION.  They can all generate leads. Link them together.The workshop is usually done in two webinar workshop sessions, one of 30 minutes one of 60 minutes or vice versa. This design process requires your input for preferences so you can personalize it for colours, graphics, button selection choices, wording, listings, installing of IDX links from your real estate board (people can search MLS from your website), setting up a possible DDF Feed (when you hand in an MLS listing to your office it can automatically go on to your website), etc. We do it all for you, with you. We tailor it for your geographic area no matter where in the world you are located and we tailor it for the kind of business you would like to do and for generating referral opportunities.Websites are free for one month then $199/year if you want to keep it.They are mobile optimized so people can search listings from YOUR website, they send out new listings to your customers, they have residential and commercial real estate listings, MLS AND Exclusive, specially setup for your geographic area and specialties if any.Mobile websites are the new Internet Revolution on going now and you will have the absolute most powerful website on the planet. Ask for a demo and then you be the judge.

On Going Time Required

  1. Search from time to time. Try to do it while you are doing other things, ie: standing in line waiting for a coffee, while you are waiting for your car to be serviced, during a commercial on TV, etc. Make a connection, show a property, make money.
  2. Add listings, Haves and Wants from time to time and search from time to time. We recommend updating your listings every 30-60 days. Never let them go more than 90 days old. It takes only two clicks to update a listing. Everyone should have a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants on ICIWorld or you are missing out. Ask us in a Webinar workshop how every single licensed real estate salesperson in the world should have at least fifteen opportunities on ICIWorld. Keep your listings up to date. Only listings less than 90 days old appear in the ICIWorld Global Apps default settings.Make sure the widgets are working on you website.

If you have one of our distributed websites, you must log in to the web site a minimum of once per month for five or ten minutes and look after your To Do List and a quick checkup to make sure things are working properly. ie: all listings showing, etc.This includes approving new handshakes with new brokers who join the service. You should allow their listings to be on your website. Otherwise people visiting your website do not see all the possible listings and you can easily be missing doing a deal and not every realize it. Look after the renewal of your domain name. Check to see if listings appear on the buttons on your website, etc. Checking to see if there are new Widgets or services from ICIWorld that you can install. It is like a monthly checkup for your website to make sure things are working properly. All brokers should check their websites regularly. This is your office building and image to the public for all people in your sphere of influence and demonstrates how well connected you are in the marketplace. This is a tremendous Internet tool. One lead can make one a lot of money.

  1. Promote your website and the content on it.Why? One inquiry off your website makes you a lot of money. With the ICIWorld Widgets people must call you for more information. THIS IS LEAD GENERATION. This gives you a chance to be of service.  This is like your office building on the Internet. Let people know you have exclusive AND MLS listings on your website, residential AND commercial investment properties. If you get just one person going to the web site this week and they call you on a listing, you have a chance to make a lot of money. This is so important that we provide a once per month Webinar called How To Promote Your Website and we record them so you can see them at your convenience.  See them in the Training Videos number 15.

How do you measure if the information tools on ICIWorld are working for you?

Every single member 90 days must and should be doing business, either generating deals or at the very least generating leads that you feel will lead to doing business otherwise you call us and let us do our 2 minute checklist.


If you are not doing business every 90 days, call us.


Time is money.

Let ICIWorld do the networking 24/7

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