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The Market ICIWorld Commercial Real Estate Network
Since 1994

There are 2 Billion people using the Internet.

There are 18,000 pages displaying information penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet.

Very quickly have links on your web site that generate leads.  See Free and Paid Links.

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9am-5pm New York Eastern Time, Inc.
The Market ICI World Real Estate Network (Since 1994)
3200 N.E. 7th Ct., Suite 303C
Pompano, Florida 33062

Bus. 954-317-2327

EMail service @

Some members like assistance when starting.

See how we help (get ready to adjust your speakers) no matter where in the world you are located.

We use Vonage, local calling to and from 60 countries

International Calling Guide How To Call Abroad



9am-5pm Toronto Eastern Time, Inc.
The Market ICI World Real Estate Network
131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1R8

Toronto Bus. 416-840-6227
After hours/Weekends: 416-214-4875
Fax. 416-214-4875

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Operated by:
Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP
President, Inc.
Bus. 416-214-4875

On behalf of 1,000 +/- members

Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP

Designed for real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

Cecil Royer, Seminar Co-ordinator and Customer Service Bus. 416-628-4313 EMail

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Available to partner with organizations, companies, related professional services and/or products, associations, real estate boards, councils, countries, virtually any body interested in unlocking the potential to network real estate and business information world wide and locally for your members or constituents.

Open to ideas for licensing, etc.

Your organization can have a special page designed by you, that produces the latest Haves and Wants for your group from 1-2,000,000. It is built to serve the world.

We develop Business Areas on request by the people who use it as it grows. For all countries of the world. The software is setup to serve every country of the world . . . now. Special country pages and domains can easily be set with all your cities, provinces, etc. It can help all the real estate networking for your country.

We take direction grow by the advice and counsel and suggestions of members. 

ICIWorld is a major world platform database operating since 1994.

With Vonage we can call you free. There are local numbers in 60 countries for you to call us free.

Assistance is provided by way of gotomeeting software.

CALL US FREE from your local number anywhere USA or Canada Look for "Easy to Use." Search the local access number in your area and then once you dial the local access number call Florida 954-317-2327 or Ontario 416-840-6227.  Sales and telephone technical support.

A local phone number can be made for your organization on request almost no matter where in the world you are located.

Malaga, Spain 951-190-450 2pm-9pm Spanish speaking members

Some members like assistance when starting. See how we help (get ready to adjust your speakers) no matter where in the world you are located.  ICIWorld YouTube Help Training Videos are available in Log In Member Management area to show and understand services. Brand new web sites require a minimum of 90 minutes one on one assistance to be set up and working properly. You will be advertising directly to and networking with the world within minutes. It is like classified ads in a newspaper but to a world market. We recommend a consultation once per year for 30 minutes to add new services. See Our Pledge that everyone generates leads every 90 days they feel will lead to doing business or you call us.

Free and Low Cost Phone and Long Distance Services

Call us from around the world - FREE!

Reduce your phone bills, call us free or next to nothing, or we will call you free! Everywhere on the planet earth.

ICIWorld helps you benefit from the Internet in many ways.  Here are ways to reduce your phone bills. Many have reduced their phone bills by hundreds monthly, several hundred dollars yearly, adding to thousands of dollars saved over a lifetime. 

  1. Use google voice. Call us anytime. Computer to computer use our gmail address gary.nusca @ Or call anyone of our phone numbers above or 416-214-4875. You must download an application. I use google chrome as well, open up the gmail email application and all choices are on the left to make phone calls. Directly to land lines OR . . . computer to computer.

  2. Use - it is free to make phone calls world wide from skype to skype. See our skype names below to call us. Small per minute fee to call land lines. Millions of people using it now. We will provide you with a local calling number in the country in which you are located so that you can call us from a land line anytime free.

  3. 1-2 cent per minute and other options. Call into the Goldline World Network and then make your call. Low rates world wide.  If you have unlimited calling on your cell phone, call into goldline their world network, then call Hong Kong for instance for 2 cents per minute!

  4. We use it daily. There are local access numbers for all cities in in North America so that you can call us free. We also have local phone numbers in many countries so that you can call us free anytime from a land line or your cell phone.

  5. USA phone numbers. Talk all year long. Small yearly fee. I have noticed network busy from time to time. Plug a phone into and make calls.

  6. try it free. JAJAH’s rates save you money. Keep the phone you have, no need to pay for an international plan, simply JAJAH from your landline or mobile, anytime, anywhere. Small rates apply. This service dials your phone number so that your incoming is free and then hooks you up with the number you were calling.

  7. Canadian phone numbers with a small yearly fee talk all year long. Talk all year long. Small yearly fee.

  8. Free calls

  9. Facetime and iPad Builtin Apps

  10. Tango Ease of use, compatibility with multiple devices, 45 million users in 18 months.

We provide these options because our services work for you no matter where in the world you are located you will make contacts with people with whom you can do real estate business. That way when you would like assistance just call us.

This is the beginning of your learning process to start to really learn how to use the Powers of the Internet.  We also teach this in seminars.

How to get the telephone number right to make a long distance phone call from any where in the world.

Country Calling Codes . com

Enter your country in the From: field and then enter Canada in the To: field. And click on Click here to lookup code. Choose Ontario for State info and submit. Our city code is 416 our local number is 214-4875. Altogether it would be 00+1+416+214-4875.

What areas do we cover? It's a Small World!

This applies for commercial and residential real estate brokers and salespeople world wide.

A World Service Bureau for Have and Want Information for the Industrial, Commercial & Investment (ICI) Real Estate Industry. Includes Land, Farms, Businesses, Financing and more. 

Registered Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople support the service with a small annual fee. 

It is free to the public.

Contacts . . . make contracts!


To Increase Your Revenue . . . Increase Your Network.

It is inevitable that every member does business or . . . you call us!  

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