Our Pledge

Measure Your Success With Our Pledge

Measure your success with Our Pledge 
ICIWorld experience since 1994 helping brokers connect with the public and others to do transactions.

  1. No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, a referral or, at the very minimum, developing a good business relationship with someone they feel they will be doing business with someday; otherwise, you call us and give us a chance to help!

  2. Never go longer than 90 days without making connections which can lead to doing business. Give us a chance to help. We have a ten-point checklist that works to see what you are missing.

  3. Call us if you are stuck longer than 5-8 minutes trying to do anything with your Executive Membership. Time is money.

Understanding Our Pledge is paramount for your success. Why? Because it guarantees your best chance to a swift path to financial gains. Every broker and salesperson worldwide can thrive here—it’s merely a question of timing. If success eludes you, it’s likely due to actions you’re not taking or ones you’re neglecting, not because of any fault on our end. A brief two-minute consultation typically pinpoints the problem, leaving it to you to take action. Rest assured, we’re here to support your journey to success.
How do we help?
We have a special checklist to go through and it can be very quick. 
This is an example of what we are thinking to help you. Checklist.

There are a lot of commissions at stake and a lot of money to be made when you make the right connection with the right people. 
Here are some of the common reasons why members do not make great connections in a 90-day period:

  • Your information is not even being seen because it is not entered properly,
  • Mistakes are made are quite common, unfortunately. This may be because everyone is so busy they race to get a piece of information on ICIWorld and simply miss something, enter it incorrectly, etc.
  • Wrong business categories,
  • Missing selecting all the business areas that apply
  • No prices or incorrect prices. People sort listings by price to search and narrow things down.
  • Links not working properly to photos, slide shows, virtual tours
  • Not using the Internet Links Box to sell the locations of your properties
  • No sizzle. You are the salesperson and going to make $50,000. Sell me. Why should anyone call on that listing?
  • Your information is outdated or more than 90 days old
  • more
Give us a chance to go over your membership. and help. We are an assistant for you. 
Those are some of the issues we will check.

  • SOLUTION: Fix them; A material defect, once fixed, can be like a light switch turning on. All of a sudden, you can start getting calls. Many members have some material defects in their membership, and sometimes only spending a little time in one Daily Webinar Workshop once or twice a year, as recommended, can be fixed. New technology is constantly happening, and how you place your information must adapt.
  • Make an appointment
  • Also, did you place your information on ICIWorld’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages?
  • Are the widgets working on your website to trigger leads?  Have you thought about how to promote your website in your everyday business? Do you have your CRM working?
  • Do you have fifteen listings, Haves and Wants? If not maybe you do not know the three special questions that help you network information to trigger leads just like MLS triggers leads.
We have experience building this information listing service over almost thirty years. This experience allows us to make this pledge. A special checklist, one item corrected, can help generate leads for those who have not done a deal or created a lead within 90 days. Everyone connects to do transactions. You can generate business daily! Give us a chance to help. We call it working smarter, not harder. 
Give us a chance to help. 
If these Executive Members can do transactions and are real estate brokers and salespeople just like you, isn’t this a clear indication that you can and will do business too? 
Every member should be able to make connections to do transactions or, at the very least, referrals. We can help. If you are not experienced in commercial real estate, do a referral to someone who is. This provides business for you, the full-time commercial agent and most importantly, helps the public buy and sell real estate. Or get help for someone to show you. 
5+ billion people are using the Internet. We have the experience and cutting-edge technology tools developed since 1994 to help 1,000+ brokers make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now, in 2022, over $1M. With sales to $50M+

Website. Every single member should have a website, including retiring brokers, because you can generate the odd five minute referral that makes you $10,000. It is like a store on the Internet that costs you less than $500/year to maintain. This is your business on the Internet, as important as having an actual brick-and-mortar office on the main street to attract new customers. One lead makes you a lot of money. We will try to make it easy. Just bring your enthusiasm and interest. Have fun with us to learn how to make the Internet work for you and your customers.

The prime thing is that your website must be set up to trigger listings. That is where the ICIWorld IDX Links Widgets of listings come in. Listings are structured so that YOU get the calls when you are a member. Seven special links for YOUR website, all of which trigger leads. Without them, you cannot trigger a call from these listings. With them, the next person visiting your website has to call you. They have no choice. People can not click on the listing numbers. As long as you provide good service, you will get the calls. You should do business and start doing referrals because many calls can easily be outside your market area. Five-minute referrals are now averaging $3,000-$10,000+. One broker has now done fifteen.

Residential real estate brokers can choose to do referrals on commercial real estate inquiries from the ICIWorld IDX links of exclusive opportunities on your website. One salesperson has done fifteen referrals.

  1. You have little or no traffic going to your website(s).

    SOLUTION: Register for How To Promote Your Website On-Demand and learn how to generate monthly leads from your website. If you do not have the ICIWorld Widgets working 24/7, you are missing opportunities to trigger leads from customers visiting your website. You will learn why it is inevitable to trigger leads for every real estate broker and salesperson. Generate leads and do referrals. All brokers and salespeople should be thinking about getting more website traffic. One call from a listing, Have or Want, leads to one showing and a deal. One broker made $50,000 showing an industrial building, and the buyer bought it the same day. Build the website. We can help. But promote it. We can help.

For members, go to www.iciworld.com and click on Log In Member Management. See instructions for members. 

This is a pledge, not a guarantee. This is because there is a responsibility on your part to look after your information, answer phone calls promptly, be available to show a property, close on an appointment, on a sale, etc. How can anything work if you do not do your part, ignore things, or do nothing? If you have a car outside, it can not go without the keys, and you are driving it.

This pledge is now supported by One-on-one workshops by appointment, starting as early as 7 am Eastern Time to 4 pm, selected times on weekends, no matter where you are located.:

We work on the premise that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If you do not call us, how can we know to help you?

We appreciate the opportunity to help you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM

Office 9 am-5 pm Eastern Time 416-840-6227
After hours and on weekends, 416-214-4875
1-877-272-1721 Toll-free North America (the USA and Canada)
Contact us from anywhere in the world for free.


A pledge is not a guarantee because there is a responsibility:

  • On your part to look after your information.
  • You must keep your listings, Haves and Wants, less than 90 days old. Otherwise, they are not receiving the maximum exposure on the Internet. 
  • answer phone inquiries promptly,
  • have at least fifteen opportunities to work 24/7,
  • learn how to work exclusive real estate information,
  • be available to show a property,
  • to close on an appointment,
  • close on a sale,
  • get the ICIWorld Widgets working on your website to trigger leads, etc.

How can anything work if you do not do your part or ignore things or do nothing?

These testimonials prove that every member can and should be doing deals.

Get excited and expect to do business.

ICIWorld is an association of real estate brokers and salespeople.

The purpose is:

  • For networking exclusive commercial and residential real estate Have and Want opportunities.
  • To advertising listings.
  • To place them on a searchable Internet database 24/7.
  • To make them available to search from mobile devices as  https://iciworld.com (set it as a shortcut) and install the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids and on computers www.iciworld.com,
  • reaching people from 138 countries of the world,
  • First on the Internet for real estate operating since 1994 as ICIWorld.com.

Resources for new, renewing and existing members. 

Go to www.iciworld.com and click on For Members for a description of services.

For assistance: 

Go to www.iciworld.com, and Log In. All assistance is on the Log In Member Management Page. 

  1.  Orientation. Print out the complete step-by-step instructions.
  2. Video How to Place a Want.
  3. Video How To Place a Have.
  4. How To Promote Your Website
  5. Webinars-On-Demand See a Featured Video
  6. YouTube Channel, Vimeo Showcase
  7. Social Media
  8. EMail List Servers
  9. Add Exclusives to the Menu Bar of YOUR Website
  10. Websites
  11. more.

The good news is there are only two things you do on ICIWorld once you know what to do, and this usually only takes one Webinar Workshop with us.