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  1. YouTube Videos We recommend every single member of the ICIWorld AND the public subscribe to the ICIWorldinc YouTube Channel. You will be notified of any new video, TV Program for your viewing convenience. There is a great body of knowledge, concept and ideas in these videos that is helping every single member connect to do business. It is not exciting like a TV Program like Dancing With The Stars, rather it is dry stuff but money making real estate concepts, tools and important education. Have a pad of paper and pencil when listening to take notes. Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated in consideration of us making these for you. Learn how to start, pause a video. | Learn how to control the sound level. | Learn how to make a video full screen and to reduce it in size. | Learn how to play them on your mobile devices. | Learn that if you use a mobile device to listen to videos to use Wi-Fi which is free rather than your 3G or LTE plan. | If you have any questions about this let me know. Ask us to record your event. Contact us anytime.
  2. TV Program All TalkTV David Grossman is to be commended for starting and providing a forum for Internet TV. ICIWorld TV Programs, Events and Shows are taped so that they can be watched anytime that is convenient to you. It is a great wealth of information for people interested in real estate. And may we invite you! Contact us, set an appointment to discuss how we can bring a spotlight to the real estate opportunities that you are working on! These videos and TV Programs cover education and knowledge that will help your use of the Internet and technology and your interest in real estate.
  3. ICIWorld Newspaper Subscribe. Articles of interest on a host of topics world wide. Make sure you click on Business. There should always be a minimum of one or more articles of interest to everyone in the world interested in real estate. If you do not find one article of interest let me know. There is a lot of work compiling all this real estate news information and if it does not benefit you, why should we have it? Your feedback is important to us. We like you to know that ICIWorld is your service. It serves you. Pick and choose the information tools that work for you.
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Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or to discuss any aspect of the service. Sometimes it is simply an understanding that can all of a sudden shed a new light on how you approach and use the service. If information is the gold on the Internet, this is a gold mine. Sometimes you have to dig through the dirt to get to the gold. Sometimes you have to work and qualify the right people to develop a business relationship with. Build your own database from people you meet through the service. That way you can pick and choose who you want to deal with the most likelihood of doing business. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars being made by members on this service. Learn how they select the services to use, how to place information, how to qualify callers, the reason why it is good to call people on the phone not just email people, and more.

I recommend you still be helpful to the tire kickers, information gatherers, and others because many are learning this business. They will have valuable contacts over time that can someday maybe be the next deal that you work on and make money.

If anyone has any complaint or criticism of the service please let us know. We an learn from it and help make things better for the future. If anyone has anything good to say pass it on to others. The more the better, because there will be more opportunities to help you connect to do your next transaction.

If you are the media and wish to reproduce an article and/or expand on it, give us a call and we would be happy to accommodate you with appropriate references to sources.