ICIWorld Executive Member Orientation

ICIWorld Executive Member Orientation

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople.

It is one thing to have an information tool, but it is another to know how to use it.

Learn how to work exclusive real estate type Have and Want information in one of our recorded Webinars conducted for real estate boards, associations, and offices. https://stage.iciworld.com 

Our Pledge. This is a way to measure your success using this service. And if you have not done a deal in the last 90 days or at the very least triggered a lead or leads that you feel will lead to doing a deal you must make an appointment with us and give us a chance to help.

Orientation PDF File. A professional pilot uses a checklist to fly a plane. This is our checklist and instructions for all Executive Members

We find that there are some members who have not made money. When we go through the checklist orientation file, we find things such as they do not have the Widgets of Listings on their website that are absolutely inevitable to trigger leads, some do not have a website and for $16.50 shame on you, and it must be mobile, and you should learn how to promote it (we have a video for that), every customer should have your mobile website on their mobile phone as a shortcut, you should have fifteen Haves and Wants on ICIWorld, if not you probably have not learned how to work exclusive real estate Have and Want information that is helping brokers make tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The great news is that all this is a one-time 60-minute orientation program for new and renewing members. We provide this in a one-hour appointment conducted in your home or business office over the Internet. 

Make an appointment. The great news is that a one-time appointment is basically all that every member needs. If you need more, make an appointment. 

There are 4+ billion people using the Internet.

And many of the information tools we teach work full time on your behalf even though you may be part-time, retired, or busy full time doing other things.

Your information can be placed by you within a few minutes. It is in one sense like classified ads in a newspaper. 

Don’t be a secret agent, get your information working 24/7.

Make an appointment for questions, answers, solutions.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS

Have a cup of coffee and become familiar by listening to an orientation video of us helping a member. Make an appointment and we appreciate the opportunity to help you as well.