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Database 1

Information placed by Executive Members.  Free for the Public to search

This is a Real Estate Listing Information Service where you can search for Global Real Estate Information.

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Database 2

Database 2 FSBO (For Sale By Owner Area)
You must contact a member for more information on any Have or Want in Database 2 For Sale By Owner Area. You can place your Haves and Wants there free.  For more information go to For The Public.  

Add A Property Listing to the Database
FREE Service to the Public

FREE Service to the Public

Find an Executive Member to Assist you.
Add a Property Listing. FREE

Add a Property Listing. FREE

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Everyone in the world should be able to search within 3-15 seconds, the latest listings for your area and expertise. For example:

  1. click on the icon on your phone to bring up the ICIWorld application
  2. click on search either keywords
  3. click on search database and see the latest listings
  4. make a choice for your business area and see the latest listings
  5. make a choice for your business category (a type of real estate) and see the latest listings
  6. sort by latest listings first, by price, or square footage for industrial, etc.

Install the Mobile.  Free to use.

Global Real Estate Search Listings, Haves and Wants

Search 5,000+ Active Real Estate and Business listings, HAVE and WANT ads.

What is a ‘HAVE’? 

A Real Estate Professional, who is an Executive Member with a property that they are marketing.  Members of the Public are welcome to add properties to Database 2. 

What is a ‘WANT’? 

Unique to our Service, when a Real Estate Professional is looking for a property they post an ad in the database.  This distributed globally.

Only members can access all 15,000+ Have and Want contacts. Placed by Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, Executive Members of ICIWorld complete with contact information! 


Do you have a lead that you would like to jump start?  You can post this information in the Database.

75% of the information is exclusive, not on any other service.

Register for a monthly Webinar to learn why.  It is free.

For The Public. More information is available in real estate, unique on ICIWorld. Select a member for the best of both worlds, real estate board listings AND exclusive opportunities not available on real estate boards at this time. Members who are real estate brokers and salespeople, join to place your information for unlimited ads. Click on For Members is a Global Society of Real Estate Professionals.  We have been helping Brokers and Salespersons promote and market real estate properties of all types since 1994. 

We maintain 2 distinct databases.  One is for the use of licenced Professionals.  The second database invites all interested persons to add their property information including the Public.

30.000+ Users Can’t Be Wrong

Global Real Estate Search Listings, Haves and Wants Executive Members are able to put both databases to work.  When the database information is powered into Members websites it is designed to allow exclusive use.  The only person the website visitor has to contact is the member.   All Contact information is hidden.  With a proven track record and hundreds of positive testimonials, our Membership has generated leads that lead to signed deals and solid relationships with their clients. 

We have solutions for Retired Real Estate professionals who love the art of the deal and want to continue to earn on a part-time basis.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your Career.  Start today with new opportunities to earn. Mobile Ready Site for your device.

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