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Four Ingredients for Your Subject Line

LOCATION, TYPE, SIZE and/or PRICE, SIZZLE, and in that order is the best advice. You will find the results better and more qualified. Some find they are into a transaction in an average of four calls.

Sample Subject Line:

Unbelievable $29.5K Youngstown New York 1.1 A, 210 front, residential, on Lake rd, close to Niagara Falls, build ready,town water,low low fee for bldg


NOT the exact address. A general location is fine.

Reference it to a major center such as: (20 minutes to Orlando, 2hr. to Toronto, 1 hr. flight to Vancouver, etc.) Think globally and act locally. There are over 300,000 2,000,000 hits per month (2017), 65% from the USA and the rest of the world. This means many people may not know anything about your area location. For that reason, unless you are already a known major center like a major city, you should reference your town or area to the number of hours it is from a major center.


When entering a price you need all the zeros in the price field. These are searchable fields. However in the subject line we use short forms like $3.2M so that you have more space to place information that may trigger someone to contact you.


For properties for sale, ask yourself, what is so good about this property, over the many other properties out there in the same price range? Usually the first things that you can think of, you should add this to the subject line. This could be busy location, a good cap rate, fully occupied, upside potential, etc. In the case of Wants, ask yourself, what is so good about this buyer over all the other buyers out there in the marketplace? Can act quickly, cash, etc.? Read other ads to get ideas.

For a buyer sizzle means, what is so good about your buyer over the other buyers in the marketplace? Are they qualified, do they have the cash, are they ready to act quickly, can they close in 30-180 day closing. Sometimes a later closing is preferrable, sometimes an earlier closing is preferrrable by an owner and if your purchaser is flexible it can be an advantage.

The subject line should read like a mini classified ad. There is a limit of 160 characters or almost 3 lines of text. Look for the little counter which keeps track of the characters. If you delete some, you have to press the space bar to recalculate. The difference in a great subject line is the difference between making money or no money.

Contact information is not allowed in the subject line. The listings are displayed on other brokers web sites. Other brokers’ listings are displayed on your web site. EMail addresses, addresses of listings, web sites, phone numbers are not allowed in the subject line. They are included in the body of your listing of course because the listings displayed on ICIWorld web sites are designed to be read by the public so they can call you. The subject lines are displayed on other broker web sites and are designed to get you more market exposure for your listings. But for other brokers to display your listings, it would not be appropriate to place addresses in the subject lines.