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A Service built for Real Estate Professionals

Free for everyone to use. First on The Web

in 1996 creating Networking and Earning Opportunities around the Globe.

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Members ReMastered
Members ReMastered

Are you a Real Estate Professional?

Do want to make a significant change in the way you do business? We are talking about building wealth, putting deals together and having huge opporunities then spend some learning about

It stills means long hours and working hard but this Service will help you provide solutions for your Clients.  It doesn’t matter if you been licenced for 5 minutes or 50 years book a demo.  This will change everything.

Clearly, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

READ the Testimonials, or watch the Testimonial Videos. 

Real People.  Writing Contracts. 

Doing Deals.  Making Money.

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You Purchase a Licence to the API

What is an API?

It is software that has developed to connect our Databases to your online deployment.

The API is renewed Annually.

You will be allowed to access the Databases for a full year.  This is UNLIMITED use. 

Unlimited advertising of your own.  Unlimited Searching.  Unlimited deployments.  (If you have 4 websites, you can use the API on all of them.)


The Real Estate Information that is powered into your deployments is yours to market and network under your own banner.  There is no branding on any of it.  When the World visits your site they will see a Real Estate Professional who has thousands of opporunities.

99% Up Time
Full Tech Support
Value Added Services
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We are here to help build your success.

Book Interactive Tech Support Sessions
Connect you with Cost Effective Websites
Training Material and Videos
You have Access from any device
We promote your interests
Value Added Special Discounts

Have you been Dreaming

about having your own website?

We’ve been there.  We agree with you.  It could make all the difference in the world.

Members ReMastered
Members ReMastered

Your Website. 

Your Rules. 

Your Opportunities.

We can help you step into a cost effective, modern website.  A website that you can market and network.  A website where you capture the leads and write those deals.

You can do this!

Book an Appointment with us.  We will show you the potential.

You are already willing to work hard you should have the best tools available to put those deals together.

Members ReMastered
Members ReMastered

Not sure about all that ‘technology’?

It is true, there are some things you are going to have to learn to do.  The best part, we will help you.  it is part of Member Services to help you get a website up and running.  Your website is backed by World Class Technical Support.  We will ensure that everything is installed, updated and tweaked.

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