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The real estate industry is a dynamic economic force in the world. From new homes sales and renovations of commercial buildings, from land to build a retail shopping centre to leasing out industrial space, all may require improvements to real estate from time to time. This creates demand for products and services. Improving real estate is a driving force in any economy.  A lot of this happens as a direct result of a sale of real estate as people look to improve their investment.

ICIWorld can help you reach a world of people networking on this service through their computers and mobile devices.

Today their are more mobile devices on the planet earth than there are humans.  ICIWorld is on this cutting edge with mobile Apps and mobile services designed to deliver information on ICIWorld to people world wide.

Reach people in the real estate industry with your products and services.

ICIWorld in one sense becomes a marketing salesperson for your products and services.  We like products and services that help real estate professionals in their daily business activities.  We like products and services that help business people and families either save money and time, etc.

Consumer and business products and services. From telephones to cars, business coaching services to signs, gifts for customers to mortgage brokers, unlimited scope. If someone can appreciate your product or service in the real estate industry then you should place it here to start.

It is all about helping people connect with others with opportunities to do business.

See Statistics

  • over 1,000,000 hits per month
  • readership 40,000+ regularly
  • cirulation of daily EMails 20,000+ subscribers
  • 20,000 to 30,000 to 40,000 unique visitors monthly
  • 28,000 30,000+ real estate Haves and Wants commercial and residential
  • 15,000 placed by Executive Members of ICIWorld
  • 14,000 placed in the For Sale By Owner area
  • 50-100 50-150 new listings daily
  • 300 EMail List Servers deliver EMail to the public

Let us work together to help you reach these people in an economical fashion that is win win for you and us and them.

ICIWorld’s Marketplace is designed have your products and services communicated to reach all readers and those who are networking in the real estate industry through our many services.

ICIWorld readership and members includes buyers and sellers for all forms of real estate:

  • industrial
  • commercial

  • investment

  • residential
  • office

  • retail

  • land

  • business opportunities

  • farms

  • land

  • financing

  • cottages, vacation properties

You will reach buyers and sellers and real estate professionals who network through ICIWorld.

Business Areas USA, Canada and the World

It gives people a chance to conveniently study your products and services.

People can search where and when it is convenient for them and really study what you have. They can pick up the phone to contact you, email you, visit your web site.  This is Lead Generation.

Always remember Our Pledge.

It is an industry of very busy people and families.

Readership is made up of:

  • real estate professionals
  • licensed real estate brokers and salespeople
  • real estate property owners large and small
  • buyers
  • sellers
  • principals
  • developers large and small
  • tenants and entrepreneurs looking for space
  • retail, office and industrial tenants
  • REITS, pension funds, syndicates
  • real estate salespeople with mandates
  • business people
  • lawyers
  • accountants
  • land owners
  • farmers
  • investors, investment groups
  • people in charge of acquisition and disposition of real estate
  • bankers, lending institutions
  • mortgage brokers
  • business owners, buyers and sellers
  • owners and buyers of all forms of real estate
  • service suppliers to the real estate industry, legal, accounting, tax, etc.
  • product suppliers to the real estate industry of every business service imaginable
  • and more.

It is like exhibiting at a real estate convention of people . . . all year long.

Advertising can include the ICIWorld Marketplace, Banner Ads, App Ads, EMail Ads, Mobile Device Ads,  and more.

Advertising can include inside ad pages on handbooks for real estate agents and other promo material to the industry.

Apps can also be made available for your business no matter what business you may have. Get an App for your business or at the very least a mobilized website.


  • link to your web site

  • 280 x 106 pixels or at least to scale

  • jpeg, gif, png

  • can be changing in one spot

  • variations depending on promotion

  • these are linked to YOUR web  site).

Industry Wide EMail List Servers

  • promotions conducted in daily emails to the real estate industry

  • 20,000+ verified and working EMails to selected EMail List Servers daily

  • links to your web site generate traffic

  • placement in the Daily EMail List Servers of Have and Wants on a selective basis

      Our goal is to help people become aware of your services by driving traffic to your web sites and triggering a call or order for you.

We offer to work closely with you to monitor results.

      Call to discuss anytime.

Your suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

Call Gary Nusca, CCIM 416-214-4875.

Type of Products and Services that should be listed here because you reach an industry of people and they can use your services.

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EMail List Services That send information about you and your company to the industry. Trigger leads, generate traffic for your website.

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