ICIWorld helps Real Estate Professionals market and network Real Estate.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate which includes information from:

  • real estate board listings
  • exclusive opportunities that you can not place on a real estate board
  • buyers and tenants acquisition criteria
  • older listings used for networking and contact purposes

We make all this information available on the Internet on over 18,000 pages data fed globally to websites (see statistics), with Widgets on 1,000+ Real Estate websites, 20,000 EMails delivering information daily to qualified subscribers and on mobile devices by way of ICIWorld Apps.

Real Estate Board Listings

ICIWorld and all the information tools is The Ultimate in Marketing Exposure – One of the major centers in the world for advertising and networking real estate properties, buyers and sellers, listings, Haves and Wants operating since 1994.

See Statistics.

See sample Business Transactions

And we work hand in hand with real estate boards. Installing IDX links from boards so that members can provide a search of the MLS from members websites. But most all members and real estate people professionals also advertise in many ways. It is this advertising that we recommend ICIWorld be included. With 18,000 pages on the Internet, 20,000 EMails delivering information daily to the public and widgets on 1,000+ real estate brokers websites, most will agree the marketing exposure is better than just placing information on one website. All done instantly by a member placing one ad within a few minutes.

In addition, just one example: A member had a $4M shopping center that he placed on his real estate board and on ICIWorld. He received 4 calls from his real estate board which is mostly residential, and over 30 calls from ICIWorld and sold it. Our recommendation? Advertise on both because you never know where your next transaction can come from and you want to use all the reasonable marketing methods in the industry today.

ICIWorld in one respect is similar to classified advertising in a newspaper but with a global reach and less than 1/10th of one cent per day per line with links to help generate traffic for member websites and more.

Exclusive Opportunities That You Can Not Place on a Real Estate Board

ICIWorld was originally built to handle information not just listings such as on a real estate board. Our interpretation of a book written by Bill Gates called @ the speed of thought. We applied this to real estate. If I know of a customer who is going to list with me in a another month or two, I could advertise “coming for sale”

The key is not identifying the property or giving an address.  In the meantime you place the person on a list and let them know that the moment you have the listing signed you will call them back and give them the first chance to go through the property.

Today with the proliferation of for sale by owner services the real estate industry is fragmented more than ever. People in many cases are trying to sell the property themselves.  However we find that 75%-90% of all FSBO’s get sold by licensed real estate salespeople.

There is a special way to network this kind of information on an industry wide scale through ICIWorld.

There is much information that can not be placed on real estate boards yet you know about it. FSBO’s, (for sale by owner), anyone who says I would like to sell my property but I do not want to give you a listing, but I will pay you a commission. Bring me $1M for my property and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to give you a listing.

In the seminars that I do with fifty brokers in a room I ask them do you agree or disagree or do not know with this statement “90% of apartment buildings are not on real estate boards, 90% of shopping centers for sale are not on real estate boards, etc.” and most all brokers who have been in the business for years  . . . agree.  The new people do not know. Hardly any ever disagree. This is true from real estate brokers from New York to Los Angeles, from Vancouver to Montreal and all around the world.

Our programs help teach how to work that information in a competent, professional manner to help you discover people who could be interested at this time.

There are additional revenue streams available that can unlock a companies real potential to do business.

Again see testimonials of deals being done not on a real estate board.

Older Listings Used For Networking Purposes

We do not delete old listings. They are used for networking purposes. Learn how to use:

  • the Age Field Tool such as in the ICIWorld Apps to limit how far back you search, ie: 30-60-90 days, etc.
  • the Calendar in the Advanced Search Tool. See Date of Listing Between field, click on Cal.
  • Once you are up to date searching your area, many simply click on Latest to see the latest listings on a regular basis for your city or type of business or business category. (Look for the word Latest)
  • Many simply receive the Daily Digest of new listings by EMail and make phone calls to see the property directly from the EMails. Some properties sold within 3 days because of this service alone, one was $13M.
  • Contact us if you are having an issue finding anything you want within 15-60 seconds. ICIWorld since 1994.

Old listings identify people with contact names and numbers. These people have connections with buyers and sellers. They know the owners properties, they know the area and other properties that may be available that are not on ICIWorld.  Because they are experienced in an area, identified by the older listings, you can identify people with whom you may be able to do business with.  One recent study showed that members did deals 50% this way. By networking and talking about other business.

Remember for those who do not want to see older listings, you do not have to. But for others who wish to network you have it all.

Invite us to do seminar in your office for this and other Internet education See Seminars For Real Estate Boards and Offices.

We will show you how to protect your sources.

Learn how to work exclusive information in a competent professional manner on behalf of your prospects and clients and get excited to do business.

Some of the biggest transactions in real estate are started this way.

There have been $75M office buildings sold here, started here, you will see in testimonials.

So yes it can and should be done, but it is up to you to get your information placed.

Please feel free to contact us when you have questions.

Call for a demo anytime or to chat.