ICIWorld Sample Mobile Real Estate Websites

On all these websites look for the special links from ICIWorld:

  1. Residential Exclusives
  2. My Haves and Wants
  3. World Commercial
  4. Ontario Commercial
  5. FSBO’s
  6. Business Opportunities

Every one of these links triggers interest because people are interested in finding out more information on these listings, Haves and Wants.

The great thing about all these listings, is that the public has to call YOU for more information, they can not click on a message number.

Doing it this way, makes it a win win situation for the public because more information becomes available to them of an exclusive nature that is not on real estate boards. This way you present the best of both worlds. Works for both commercial AND residential real estate.

Remember 75% of the commercial Haves and Wants are exclusive not on real estate boards and about 50% of the residential.

Order a Website

Total setup, design, training and support in a special way. There is no other service like it.

Free for 30 days, then as little as $16.50/month if you wish to keep it in the form of $199/year.

Customized For all Real Estate Salespeople Everywhere On The Planet Earth.

There are 3.5 billion people using the Internet. You will have the best presence possible.

Samples by Real Estate Company

Samples by Geographic Area

Samples of Commercial Websites

For every real estate broker and salesperson for everywhere on the planet earth tailored to you and your area. Free for one month and then if you like it, keep it for $19/mo. or $199/year ($16.50/mo.) (Subject to change before ordering.)

Samples of Other Website Hosting Companies with ICIWorld Widgets

We recommend that you can have more than one website because they are like billboards. They all have the capability to generate leads! For a demo, absolutely no obligation, make an appointment.

Order the Widgets

IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE NOW, install ICIWorld Widgets of listings, unique in the marketplace, from ICIWorld that can be installed on all real estate websites in the world.

It is the special links many created exclusively by ICIWorld that makes these websites special and more powerful. Links to thousands of listings, real estate board listings, exclusive listings, residential, commercial, world listings, etc.

The very next person that sees a listing in one of the links created by ICIWorld . . . has to call YOU for more information. This is different from real estate board services where one can see the address and go direct. 



A Strategy to Grow Your Business

Important reading for all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.

See the Blog Article The Race is On.

THE GOAL: The race is on to get YOUR mobile website onto the mobile device of every client and potential customer, friend, acquaintances, relatives that you know before other real estate brokers do it ahead of you.

WHY? That way, whenever they or one of their friends might want to search for real estate, they do it on their phone by bringing up YOUR mobile website. You will always have a presence on their mobile phone for real estate!  They can search MLS on the websites we supply.  They can search Exclusive Listings that other brokers do not have on the website we supply. They can search residential, commercial, FSBO’s, all from your website in a way that they have to call you for more information all on the websites we supply. People can select to have listings automatically sent to them from the websites we supply to you. We totally set this all up for you while you are watching and providing input!  And then . . . if you want . . . we show you how to take control to make changes yourself.

And . . . it is only $16.50!  We personally feel it is crazy not to have one. In fact, you could have another one and you should have more than one because they are like billboards!  It is advertising.  If you are generating leads it is worth it. If not why have a website at all?

You get your customers to do this by helping them add a shortcut on their phone to your real estate website.

Depending on their phone it can be added in a few different ways.  go to google.  Type in the name of their make of phone and the words How to add the URL to their home screen. You must help them in many cases.  Then when they want to search real estate they use your website. When they buy it should be through you. There are dollars to made.

Let them know when they want to search for real estate, bring up your mobile website on THEIR MOBILE PHONE. You should learn how to help them add a shortcut to YOUR website on THEIR HOME SCREEN. Show them how they can search not just MLS but also exclusive listings. Show them how to request listings sent to them by EMail . . .  from YOUR website and more.

We have one of the busiest booths at real estate board trade shows.  One reason is we make a statement that you can have a $30,000 website and it is not as powerful as the one from ICIWorld for $16.50.  One reason is the three major world networks of listings.  Another is that customers can subscribe to receive new listings by EMail. MLS . . . AND EXCLUSIVE.

Call for a demo and then you be the judge. You will be happy you did.  Web sites are free for one month then $199 per year ($16.50/month) if you want to keep it. Most everyone does keep them. You will learn the power of our websites.

You will have color photos, slide show displays and can have your website send out new listings matching your buyer’s requirements. This includes EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS, HAVES AND WANTS, not on real estate boards, residential AND commercial, Power Of Sales, lists of buyers and much more.

Executive Membership in ICIWorld includes setup, design, ongoing training and support, shows you how to customize it, change it, and why you should learn how to promote your website. Includes, introduction to manage, change, customize your own website. This is your office building on the Internet, your image to the public, this is your business.

They are set up to make money for you immediately. They can trigger leads for you immediately.  You should be aware and be spending time, promoting your website throughout the year. This is your business.

But your website must be set up first or you can easily be wasting money and not realize it.

Join to get started. We have a checklist to get you started.

When you see these samples, note the ICIWorld Widget of links of listings.

  • It is the widgets, links to listings, that make these and other websites trigger leads for you.
  • There are a total of six widgets from ICIWorld on each website.
  • And ICIWorld widgets can go on all websites in the world. Just request them.
  • We send the installation link instructions by EMail to you for you to give to your website designer. Any problems just call.
  • Other brokers have agreed to allow their listings to be on your website.
  • Also when you add a listing, Have or Want, your listings can be displayed on 1,000+ other brokers and real estate salespeople’s websites . . . instantly. Now that is marketing.

There are certain real estate boards in the USA and Canada that have just made an arrangement with our websites so that when you add your MLS listings to your real estate board, they can automatically appear on your website!!!

ICIWorld can help you with all of this.

  1. When you use your mobile phone and click on a sample, you will see how nicely formatted everything comes up on your mobile phone. You should have a website like that. People are using their phones, five times more than a computer. This is the newest Internet Revolution – Mobile Real Estate Websites.
  2. You will see choices of Residential real estate, how listings come up with color photos, slide show displays, with your name and number beside each listing since you are part of a world brokers network. People from around the world can see your website on their phone! Give your domain to everyone your know.
  3. You will see a choice of Exclusive Residential, a link from ICIWorld that people can not click on. This means they MUST call you for further information. This is a lead generator for you! Properties coming for sale, exclusive, FSBO’s, brokers are working these on ICIWorld in the industry to generate leads. We will show you how. This expands your opportunities to do business. Opportunities that you can not place on a real estate board, nor network these opportunities with the public in a reasonable, consistent, competent, industry-wide fashion. It is like having classified ads on your website in a way that you get the leads.
  4. You will see a choice to search MLS from your board if they have an IDX link available. We install it for you. Every broker in the industry has MLS on their website or should have. But not every broker has exclusive listings. The extra advantage is that you will have exclusive opportunities that no one can click on. This means they must call you. People can not click on a listing or they could see the address and/or contact the other broker. You need both however. We recommend it. I too have served on an MLS committee.
  5. You should always send people to your own website and tell people what you have on your website. People from anywhere in the world can go to your website on their mobile phone and search listings! Tell them you have residential and commercial, you have MLS and exclusive, you have power of sales, properties coming or sale, exclusive unique listings that other brokers do not have. Residential brokers do referrals on apartment building inquiries. Commercial brokers do referrals if someone calls you on a residential home for $1M. Stick with your specialty. Do referrals on the other inquiries. Give yourself a chance.
  6. And for commercial, you will have unique exclusive opportunities in addition to real estate board listings, lists of buyers, power of sales, business opportunities, world listings, FSBO listings, all on your own website.
  7. These are simple links to install with a simple EMail instruction from us, you can forward the EMail instruction to your website designer. Most all website people in the business know how to install ICIWorld Widget Links. They are IDX links built into an iframe. They nominal fee to get them pays for themselves. One call, one lead pays for a lifetime of services from ICIWorld. And . . . you should be generating leads every 90 days. If not you may be able to use more traffic to your website. Register for How to Promote Your Website.

One simple instruction by EMail from us to you and your website designer can install the links. The very next person who visits your website has to call you for more information.

Call 1-877-272-1727 for a demo and to order yours.

Websites are Free for 30 days then averages $16.50/mo. We recommend you can have more than one website because they are like billboards. They should all be generating leads.

And .  . . once the website is running it is automatically updating itself. You only have to log into it once per month minimum. If you are not making money, it is not because of the widgets or website, it is because you have little or no traffic to your website.

We can help you.

Register for How to Promote Your Website.

Training and Support is provided in your office over the Internet while talking with us by phone or VOIP (on the Internet with your speakers and microphone. We recommend every broker and salesperson get a USB Headset and Microphone – $19-$25 at Walmart, a little more at Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, etc.) or we call you on our phone.

ICIWorld is a marketing and information assistant to real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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