Monday-Friday 7am-3pm Toronto, Miami time World Wide. These are 30 minute one on one workshops recommended for all members world wide.  This is our support as part of Our Pledge to help to ensure you are using the Internet and ICIWorld effectively and profitably.  You must call to make an appointment 416-214-4875 or 1-877-272-1721. It is like a doctors office with members attending every 30 minutes. If it is not enough time, we simply make another appointment at your convenience. Usually only one appointment is needed and helpful to get started.  However if we are working with your web site another 30 minute workshop is needed and if we are building a web site for you, with you, a total of 90 minutes is needed, one time.  There is additional support for web sites 6 days per week 10:30am-6:30pm daily. Webinars are business training meetings that are conducted anywhere in the world via your computer. ICIWorld Webinars help you with every aspect of using the service including adding Haves and Wants, helping you build your website, identifying as well as fixing material defects, and more.

This is how ICIWorld uses go-to-meeting to help you no matter where you are located in the world.

It is mostly a one time setup. Other sessions can address any problems or lack of production, etc.

Comments from attendees.

Webinars are business training meetings that are conducted over the Internet anywhere in the world on your computer. You can be in your home office or business office, or on an iPad and be watching and talking with us, while we help you with every aspect of using the service including adding Haves and Wants, adding Widgets (links) to your website, consulting on your existing website, helping design and build an additional website, identifying material defects the difference between doing deals and not doing deals, How To Promote Your Website and more.

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We offer all types of Webinars:

  • Webinar Seminars
  • Daily Webinar Workshops operate like a Doctors office treating patients one at a time; by appointment and also, first come/first serve and 30 minutes long. We go by the clock on the computer.  We’re always ready to help you with any issues you might be experiencing.  Make an appointment and jump into a meeting at least ten minutes before your time.
  • Demonstrations ICIWorld and services.
  • How To Promote Your Real Estate Website – Once per month. What good is a website if you have no traffic! If you are not getting leads from your website or need or want improvement, this is a must for you.
  • Recorded Webinars available for the Public
  • We also offer Special Topic Webinars throughout the month such as; Information Tune Up
  • Recorded Webinars for Executive Members Only – These provide a competitive advantage for members.
  • Special Guest Speakers are often featured on our Webinars allowing for a wide spectrum of knowledge to be shared.
  • Training Videos for Members Only
  • Other Recorded Webinars on ICIWorld’s You Tube Channel
  • YOU CAN HOST A WEBINAR FOR YOUR OFFICE, YOUR GUEST, YOUR TOPIC And . . . for brokers, managers, anyone who wishes to hold a meeting for the industry of people you are associated with, ICIWorld can host that meeting for you! Whether it is a small meeting or up 1,000 may attend! You can host a guest speaker a lawyer, mortgage broker or any service supplier for your business and have all your sales team attend it online! You can be in your office, your guest can be in their office, all your listeners can be in their home or business office.  Ten minutes before the meeting ICIWorld opens up the meeting, we chat with the leader of the meeting and if it was you, you would introduce the speaker, we can make your speaker the presenter and bingo you meeting is underway. In consideration of us doing this for your organization, ICIWorld would do a commercial just like on TV. This makes it free for you and your organization.


If you do not have an appointment, but need some one on one time, or if you have any problem simply contact us.