We have some good news and bad news.

The bad news there is a little learning curve of 90 minutes to listen to Training Videos 2-7.

The good news is, you do not have to do again once you have listened to them.

You will be networking directly with people locally and throughout the world.

Think of it as similar to the classified ads of a newspaper. You will be putting in information on ICIWorld to trigger a call. Do not try to sell the property on line.  You will be the one who sells he property.  Use ICIWorld to trigger interest to trigger leads.

Upon Joining

  1. go to www.iciworld.com
  2. click on Log In
  3. Log in on the left hand green column with the red diamonds
  4. If you forgot your username and password click on Log In Help Password on the left. It will get sent to you within three minutes.
  5. Log In on the left
  6. Click on My Record to change your information. This information is automatically appended to each Have and Want that you place.
  7. Click on Add Have Want on the left.
  8. Please read the subject line of what to place in the subject line that is circulated to and read by 50,000+ people on a regular basis.
  9. Assistance to place Haves and Wants is here.
  10. Everyone should listen to You Tube Videos 2-7 in the Training Videos on the left under Resources.
  11. How To Add A Want
  12. How to Add a Have
  13. After you add any Have or Want, always click on Latest World Commercial or Latest World Residential on the left to see how it went in. Click on the message number and go into your listing and make sure you entered the right price, that you have selected the categories that apply to your listing and the areas that apply to your listing. One mistake can mean the difference of doing a deal and not doing a deal if people do not see your listing.
  14. Click on My Listings on the left. You will see that you can modify and delete your listings from there.
  15. We recommend that you modify your listings every 30-60 days and in no event let your listings go over 90 days old. That is because we have noticed the majority of deals are getting done at the top half the database not the bottom. People get so busy working the top half of the database they do not have a chance to get to the bottom.  Secondly when you modify a listing older than 30 days old, it gets sent out to the industry by email. If you modify a listing within 30 days it does not get sent out to the industry by email. One developer told us he has done three deals right from the emails he gets, and he does not visit the web site.
  16. We recommend every single member have at least fifteen opportunities to do business on ICIWorld. See this twelve minute video on how to do it.
  17. You can place Haves and Wants for commercial AND residential, for MLS AND Exclusive, for every area on the planet earth.
  18. Make sure you place key words in the subject line. Especially important for businesses. If you have a donut shop and do not place the word donut in the subject line people may not find you if you just say Tim Hortons for sale without saying donut you can be missing out. The same with cities, put them in.
  19. There is an Internet Links box that gives you an opportunity to link to any listing on YOUR web site. So if you have listings on your web site, click on one of the listings. Copy the URL.  When entering a listing on ICIWorld, click on Internet Links Box button that says Add Link. Put the link to your listing in there. Modify the text to say “Click here for photos and more details.” Add the link.
  20. Make sure you choose Control for each listing.
  21. After you have added some listings, book a 30 minute workshop Webinar with us to go over things.
  22. You are dealing directly with a world audience.
  23. Your listings will appear on over 18,000 pages throughout the world instantly and automatically.  This includes other brokers web sites, if you agree.  Every listing will ask you “will you allow your listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites?” We recommend yes.  What is better for you and your clients, to have your information on 1000 other brokers web sites or just on one? this is a real estate database of Haves and Wants . . . in real time . . . for the world!
  24. Click on Latest World Commercial or Residential on the left to see how all the other members are placing their information. There are 50-150 new ones daily!

To add links to your web site:

  • call us and book a 30 minute Webinar workshop appointment.
  • we will demonstrate the links you can have. You can make choices or take them all.

If for any reason you are not getting leads off your web site:

  1. Call us and book a 30 minute Webinar workshop appointment.
  2. book yourself in to the next Webinar called How To Promote Your Web Site We suggest you take it three times.
  3. See the videos in Number 15 of the Training Videos for Executive Members Only
  4. Search for Material Defects in your membership.
  5. Check out the Information Tuneup

Web Sites

  1. Call us and book a 30 minute Webinar Workshop appointment
  2. Consultation support for all your web sites and recommendations.
  3. Solutions to linking your web sites, domain names, SEO
  4. Measure the success every 90 days. See Our Pledge.

If you are driving a car and it gets a flat tire, you call someone to help you repair the tire.  You do not abandon the car.

The same is true of the information highway.  If you are not generating and doing business every three months, call us. There is something wrong and in almost 100% of the cases where members give us a chance to investigate and see why you are not getting leads, we are able to provide positive solutions that lead to positive results.

See Our Pledge.

Time Required on your part.

Other resources See Training Videos.

Table of Contents and List of Resources

May we also enjoy your successes. Call us when you do a deal and may we be the first to congratulate you!

And . . . may we add you to list of hundreds of successful members.  See testimonials.

Every one paid a nominal fee of $240 for a year to generate this kind of business and every single member can and should be doing business.

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.