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Time Required for the ICIWorld Global Brokers Real Estate Information Listing Service

One Time Setup

  1. One time orientation 30 minutes in a Webinar workshop. In this setup we will go over how members on the fifty five pages of testimonials are doing deals working information as well as listings. DONE.
  2. If you have a website, one phone call to our office to request ICIWorld widgets for your website. Forward the EMail of instructions to your website designer. One followup appointment so we can see the widgets will work for you properly. DONE

    Widgets links to listings, Haves and Wants work on your website updating themselves automatically and you do not have to do a thing.


If you have one of our websites, we recommend that you must log in to the website a minimum of once per month.

If you do not have a website or would like a second powerful website. (websites are like billboards, you can have more than one)

One time setup 90 minutes. Usually done in two over the Internet Webinar Workshop sessions, one on one with you. This design process requires your attendance for preferences so you can personalize it and make choices for colours, graphics, button selection choices, wording, listings, installing IDX links from your real estate board (people can search MLS from your website), setting up a DDF Feed (when you hand in an MLS listing to your office it can automatically go on to your website), etc. We tailor it for your geographic area no matter where in the world you are located and we tailor it for the kind of business you would like to do and for generating referral opportunities. DONE

On going time required:

  1. Add a listing, Have or Want from time to time. Update your listings once every 30-60 days. It is two clicks to update a listing.

    Never let them go more than 90 days old or they do not show up on the mobile applications ICIWorld provides to the world. 

    We recommend absolutely every member have at least
    a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants on ICIWorld or you are missing out on how to work information not just listings. Ask us in a Webinar workshop how to get to fifteen and more. DONE

    Search the latest listings, Haves and Wants from time to time. Do searches for prospects and customers. Although the best is to send them to your own website to see all the exclusive listings. (In the Widgets that we supply you for your website.)

    Search on your mobile phone or install the ICIWorld App or search on your computer at While standing in line at Tim Hortons Coffee check the latest listings for your city, etc. on your mobile phone. Make connections to do business. DONE.


  2. If you have one of our supplied websites, you must log in to the web site a minimum of once per month for five or ten minutes and look after your To Do List. This includes approving new brokers who join the service and allow their listings to be on your website, looking after renewal of your domain name, checking to see if listings appear on the buttons on your website, etc. Checking to see if there are new Widgets or services from ICIWorld.
  3. Promote your website and the content on it. Why? With the ICIWorld widgets people must call you for more information. This gives you a chance to be of service. One lead can make you a lot of money! This is your office building on the Internet. Let people know you have exclusive AND MLS listings on your website, residential AND commercial investment properties. If you get just one person going to the web site this week and they call you on a listing, you have a chance to make a lot of money. This is so important we recommend it every month until you are generating leads and doing business. Register now How To Promote Your Website.

"Most things work on auto pilot once you have things set up properly and have a good understanding of how things work."

Generate leads the rest of your life.

(Conditional on traffic to your web site. We help with that.)

ICIWorld Widgets, links to real estate listings, bring people back to your website regularly if you tell them to check for new listings coming in daily.

All links work automatically from your web site, updating themselves 50-100 new listings per day and you do not have to do a thing. In fact it is these new listings that can keep people coming back to your web site on a regular basis to search for new listings.


Other brokers and salespeople have agreed to allow their listings to be advertised on your web site.  Work the leads as direct business or referrals. 


Also when you add your listings, they will be added to 1,000+/- other brokers web sites instantly and automatically. What is better, having your listing on one web site or 1,000?  You have a choice to allow this or not allow this.

How do you measure if all the tools on ICIWorld work?

If you are not doing business every 90 days, call us.  See Our Pledge.

If you are not doing business it is no longer something we are not doing it is something you are not doing.  We are here to help you make connections to make money and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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