Information, The Gold That Is On The Internet.

Information can be intentions. This is not certain like a real estate board. It is intentions of people. If a builder says he wants to buy twenty lots, that is an intention.  He may not buy them. If he says he wants to sell a new home.  That is his intention.  It may not be on MLS which is more certain. So keep in mind, information can be intentions of people.

It is member’s information that is the gold on the Internet because it identifies people with whom you may be able to do a deal with.

90% of apartment buildings, shopping centres, etc. are not on real estate boards. But the owners may entertain an offer and many deals have been done this way.

Members can have this gold on their own website with Widgets

Real Estate Have and Want Information is the gold that is on the Internet.

And of all industries that are on the Internet, real estate provides the Highest Return On Investment (ROI).

This is because one lead can make one a lot of money.


The key is to have a showing today and you have a chance to make money today and to work all your potential contacts to make money, not just real estate board listings.

There is a special way to work real estate Have an Want information not just listings.

There are 1,000 members doing it now successfully on ICIWorld, where they are either doing deals or  making connections they feel will lead to doing deals.

  • Where can you network open or exclusive information?
  • Where can you explore opportunities that are not on real estate boards?
  • If a seller says “bring me in a buyer and I will pay you a commission, but I do not want to give you a listing” what can you do?
  • Where can you do it in a competent fashion?
  • How can you know this works successfully and can definitely work for every single salespeople on the planet?

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We have experience working directly with real estate companies large and small working as a personal assistant to help every salesperson benefit from the Internet.

There is much information that can not be placed on real estate boards

yet you know about it. FSBO’s, (for sale by owner) are one example. Anyone who says to you “I would like to sell my property but I do not want to give you a listing, but I will pay you a commission.”  “Bring me $1M for my property and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to give you a listing.”  Our programs help teach you how to work that information in a competent, professional manner to help you discover people who could be interested at this time. It literally helps you test the market for buyers or sellers as the case may be.

For real estate companies and salespeople, this can increase revenue and literally unlock a major income stream and help your company realize the true potential of your company selling real estate.

Every salesperson is making contacts daily. The buying and selling information of all these contacts daily, in my opinion is being wasted, totally wasted because this information may or may not go into that persons personal database or written down onto a piece of paper or into a day book, but not worked through the industry where it can really have the potential to produce a lead.

Why did we struggle in the early years building this service? Because we saw the successes of individual members working information not just listings that made them a lot of money and served the public successfully.

More and more salespeople are learning to work information not just listings in a competent and professional manner. More are learning how to work and provide this information sharing service on a global and industry wide scale. We are happy to report the service has no debt and turns a modest profit annually.   And . . . it is poised quite nicely and is engineered to handle growth and continue the information sharing that is making so many salespeople money and providing a great service to the public. It is a proven solid platform that handles information daily.

In the seminars that I do with fifty brokers in a room I ask a question, “do you agree or disagree or do not know with this statement 90% of apartment buildings are not on real estate boards, 90% of shopping centers for sale are not on real estate boards, etc.” Most all brokers who have been in the business for years  . . . agree.  The new sales people may not know. Hardly any ever disagree. This is true from real estate brokers from New York to Los Angeles, from Vancouver to Montreal and all around the world. Most brokers and salespeople have less than five listings on a real estate board yet if challenged to come up with fsbo opportunities within the next ninety days could identify upwards of 15 FSBO’s (for sale by owner) and others who wish to sell but who may not want to give you a listing today and more. Just check the number of owners trying to sell their property themselves in your area through the newspaper or on line. All of these are now opportunities for professional salespeople to work that kind of information in a special way. And through ICIWorld they will have the power of an industry to network information.

This is the next greatest opportunity for all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world, the ability to work this kind of information in a competent professional manner . . . and network information on a world scale.  Find one buyer, show it with a written agreement in place and you have just sold another property but this time it was not on a real estate board.  This is the Internet.  ICIWorld is a real estate information service built by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople  filling the gap in the marketplace for this kind of information. All brokers also advertise their real estate board listings as well because you are reaching a world market with services developed specifically for the Internet since 1994.

Google places weight on longevity of domains as well.  There are many other things going on that we enjoy teaching and then see the successes of members.  We appreciate this opportunity to help everyone in the industry.

We were networking Haves and Wants in our CCIM chapter way before the Internet. This was in one room of brokers where real estate brokers would stand up and say I have a piece of development land or shopping centre or office or industrial building for sale. Other brokers who were interested would raise their hands with their business cards.  We would deliver the cards to the person who was speaking. Deals were done.  We have invested a lifetime commitment to this on a global scale because we see brokers and salespeople learning how to do it successfully. As Dale Carnegie once said, build it and the money will follow.

There is a learning curve. If someone asks you to send the package of information and you do not have it listed at this time, what do you do? A person calls and asks for the address what do you do? You ask someone to sign a confidentiality agreement and send it to them and they do not respond what do you do?

If you accidentally give out too much information and the people go direct and buy it, what do you do? You get twenty people asking you for more information on that $20M property what do you do?   You have an owner who initially agreed to pay a commission but has changed his mind, what can you do?  THERE ARE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL OF THIS ISSUES.

It has helped and continues to help members do business. Testimonials. They do not teach this at real estate boards. We do. Ask us to to a  seminar for your real estate board or office. Read the comments of others who have attended.

Not all listings lead to deals. Much like digging for gold you have to dig through some dirt to get to the gold. The same is true here.

But that means prospecting from time to time. It means networking which is talking with other people and developing business relationships that can last a lifetime and lead to doing other business. ICIWorld helps you identify people with whom you can do business with.  It helps you build your own database of contacts. It helps people find YOUR information if and when you place it.

This service quickly identifies people with opportunities for you to connect immediately. Explore, qualify, develop business relationships and your database. Set showings, make appointments, show properties. If you show a property today you have a chance to make money today. If you do not show a property today you make zero. It is the difference between making zero or $50,000 nothing in between.

We call it a field of dreams. Much like a farmer prepares a field for planting, nothing will grow unless you plant something. So too you must plant your seeds of information, MLS, exclusive listings and other opportunities not on real estate boards and we recommend a minimum of fifteen real estate Have and Want opportunities for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. Understanding this one concept and doing it is making a lot of members a lot of money and helping the public do deals and create further wealth. People in the commercial real estate business were doing this before the Internet. We never had the benefit of world wide exposure.  Now you do. Use it.

We will show you how to protect your sources.

Learn how to work exclusive information in a competent professional manner on behalf of your prospects and clients and get excited to do business. Some of the biggest transactions in real estate are started this way. There have been $75M office buildings sold here, started here, you will see in testimonials.  So yes it can and should be done, but it is up to you to get your information placed. No longer do you have to be a secret agent.

For People Who Are New To Information Networking On ICIWorld

One can take the high road or the low road.

Low road, people will not call you back, don’t even want to speak with you.

High Road – recommended by ICIWorld

We ask that the listing broker on ICIWorld educate any and all the new sales people on how to work with them on these open listings, exclusive and confidential listings.  Some say eventually 80% to 90% of all For Sale By Owner properties are sold eventually by real estate salespeople.  With the advent of the Internet there are now more residential owners than ever trying to sell their homes themselves. These are opportunities to work information on ICIWorld and the networking power of working salespeople working together can provide more business than ever.

There are times when a member does not want to work with another salesperson. We ask that our members take just a few minutes to explain why not:

  1. the reasons why you advertise principals only
  2. there may not be enough commission to go around (give the selling salesperson to get paid by the buyer)
  3. there is a trust factor. So many brokers have been burned so to speak where the person agrees verbally to work through the listing broker but then promptly calls the owner which is basically going around the very broker who informed you about the listing in the first place.  Develop a business relationship and a good track record of dealing with others and you will find some doors start to open for you. If you are going to make a $50,000 commission with someone, and you won’t even have a cup of coffee or lunch with that person, how can you expect to build that trust necessary?
  4. signing of documents. If you can say it you can’t play it is what we say in coaching. If someone will not sign a confidentiality agreement then can you really trust them on this one particular property?
  5. when instructed can you trust them not to talk about the property to all the other agents in their office when they return to their office.
  6. it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to prepare an information package. Respect that.  A decision has to be made whether you are an information gatherer, curiosity seeker, tire kicker or have a legitimate buyer. Just because you ask for the package of information unless you can establish that by developing a good business relationship you may not get started. How serious are you? We recommend you take the CCIM CI 101 Course that will take the mystery out of commercial real estate. I recommend it for every single salesperson on the planet.  Visit and in join a local chapter. In the Toronto area it is Learn how to add value to the transaction and relate to others in a productive way.

Information networking has been going on since the beginning of time. Today most salespeople are only familiar with MLS to sell a property. But everyone is finding out there are more exclusive opportunities today than ever before. This is because there is a way to network information easier than ever before. On ICIWorld 75% of the listings are not on real estate boards.

This means it is a problem for the people who have the property for sale but no signed listing.

This is a problem for the salesperson who would like more information on the property when there is no signed listing in place.

Without a proper signed listing we recommend properties not be shown or identified and addresses not divulged.

There are reasons for this:

  1. some people simply can not be trusted to work through the person who has spent all his time and effort and experience to be in a position to be able to help someone market a multi million dollar property.
  2. sometimes the confidentiality is paramount importance for many reasons.  The owner who wants it confidential and the salesperson working for the owner wants it confidential but the first thing a selling agent does is go back to his real estate office and tells everyone about it.
  3. sometimes the commission is so low there is nothing left for the selling agent.
  4. the listing agent suggests to see the property first and the selling agent does not even take the time to see the property or sign the confidentiality agreement.

There are solutions!