CREA proposed a rule requiring all Exclusive Residential Listings must be on MLS.
Commercial Exempted.
Vote April 2023. 

Nov. 24, 2022 Please let me know if there are any changes, and your feedback is appreciated. 



 CREA proposed a rule requiring all Exclusive Residential Listings must be on MLS. 

Commercial Real Estate Exclusive Real Estate IS EXEMPTED. 

Vote April 2023.

Nov. 24, 2022,


This new proposal may affect only eight listings on ICIWorld out of 30,000 exclusive opportunities. 


The reason? The rule would only apply to residential, not commercial.



1st Article For:


2nd Article Against:

We are looking for a program where you can vote one way or the other and place it here. (Nov. 25, 2022) Your suggestions appreciated. 


I support Barry Lebow’s presentation 100% (2nd Article) and would vote against the CREA rule requiring all Realtors with a signed exclusive listing to be placed on MLS. 

We think it should be left up to the real estate professional and their client if they want their residential listing on a real estate board listing service. 

And the owner! The rights of real estate owners should trump the buyer’s demand to force owners to put it on MLS.

Some people do not want the inside of their home plastered all over the Internet. It is a concern for some owners. Even from a security point of view, to keep thieves from seeing the inside of their homes.

And if they wish to market their home confidentially, brokers can do it on ICIWorld . . . and share their information confidentially. Then when the real estate broker qualifies the caller, he/she releases the details and interior photos, but only when you know who it is. 

Contrary to the statement brokers do not share their exclusive listings, real estate brokers and salespeople on ICIWorld share opportunities on each other’s websites.
Broker members of ICIWorld share their exclusive real estate information through IDX links for each broker’s website

I submit that the makers of this proposed rule, that brokers want to do double-enders as the reason to propose the rule, have not considered legitimate and professional reasons for having the ability to list a property exclusively. The confidentiality provided to owners of real estate is desired in many cases, in contradiction and omission of the reasons for the proposed rule change.

ICIWorld brokers members confidentially share their real estate opportunities providing more choices for the public and more opportunities for brokers and salespeople to connect with others and make money. They put a listing in place to show the property. In the past, there has not been a way in the past to share an opportunity of potential property for sale but in a confidential manner. Now there is through ICIWorld. We call it a real estate Information Listing Service. 

ICIWorld is a global real estate networking information listing service that has been helping the public since 1994 to do business. And protecting the public because brokers are trained in consumer protection. If you can get a signed listing to put on MLS great. But if you cannot, put it on ICIWorld, in a special way that we teach.
Learn (recorded presentation to real estate boards, offices, associations). 

ICIWorld has 40,000+ listings, Haves and Wants, 75% are exclusive, but not the exclusive referred to by CREA and the proposers of the restriction rule. 

Most Exclusive opportunities on ICIWorld are industrial, commercial, investment, land, office, medical buildings, and over one hundred kinds of business opportunities, Haves and Wants. 

Now the term Exclusive is used in more than one way, not just the way residential proponents of this new rule profess. And they say one reason is that other brokers do not share their information. But ICIWorld does provide a shared database of exclusive real estate information confidentially, proven to work and compatible with our real estate profession since 1994. Why does it have to be just one real estate board listing service? Can’t we have an ILS? See for brokers and salespeople as well to serve the public. They do work hand in hand and in a compatible fashion.


ICIWorld (ICI stands for industrial, commercial and investment) has been a networking information listing service since 1994. We network information that, in many cases. Have and Want information that is not a signed listing. We call these exclusive opportunities. Haves are opportunities for sale and for lease. Wants are the acquisition criteria of buyers. Exclusive means they may be signed listings, or they may be an owner who says bring me in a buyer, and I will pay you a commission, but I do not want to give you a listing at this time.

Not to be confused with a SIGNED residential exclusive listing. 

In commercial real estate, many owners say, “I want to sell my business for x amount of dollars. Bring me a buyer, and I will pay you a commission. But I do NOT want to give you a listing at this time. ” We ask the owner three verbal questions. Will they pay a commission if we bring a buyer? Will they sign a 48-hour exclusive listing once we have a buyer to show the property? May we have your verbal permission to market it, but we will do it without the address? With three yeses, we network the information without the address. i.e., Mississauga Restaurant $500K, making money. That’s it. When someone calls and asks for the address, we say, “in this particular case, we have to put an agreement in place first, but if you like, we can try to arrange for you to see it on Saturday. Come to my office at noon.” Then on Friday, the day before the appointment, we get a 48-hour exclusive listing from the owner to show the property. 

See seventy pages of testimonials of brokers making connections and successfully serving the public doing transactions. 

We always recommend members follow the RECO guidelines. You must have the owner’s consent in writing if you are going to give an address or identify a property for sale to someone.

In commercial real estate, brokers work exclusive type opportunities to do business if and when they cannot get a signed listing.  

We have conducted seminars and webinars for real estate offices, associations and boards on how to work exclusive information in compliance with your real estate license.


See Webinars-On-Demand at 

Brokers network that information without the address, without identifying the property, just enough to raise interest from a potential buyer to call you. In other words, without the address, we network the Have or Want information, the opportunity worldwide. Lawyers have confidential information. Doctors have confidential information. This is our confidential information in our real estate profession. 

Search daily at Make connections and do business.


Because of confidential reasons, there are too many here to go through. A business owner does not want his business identified all over the Internet for sale because it could be bad for business. People might think there is something wrong. Strangers and competitors enter the restaurant and look behind the counter peeking into offices. The employees could start leaving because they think the new owners might fire them.

This is the information age! I am happy to announce the same way real estate boards provide existing listing services can provide this information listing service,

ICIWorld is built to provide information listing services and IDX links for networking information.

Call it networking or Haves and Wants, or in commercial real estate, they like Exclusives. 

ICIWorld has been providing the networking of information on the Internet since 1994. There are over 40,000 listings, Haves and Wants, and exclusive opportunities; 75% are not on MLS or any real estate board listing service. And we share them!

We share them with an IDX link, just like your real estate board provides an IDX link. 

Why are only eight listings on ICIWorld potentially affected?

1. The new proposal affects residential, not commercial or business opportunities.

2. As for residential, only eight residential listings on ICIWorld out of 40,000 have a signed listing that is not on a real estate board listing service. CONTRARY TO WHAT THEY SAY, THE BROKERS ON OUR SERVICE SHARE THE OPPORTUNITIES WITH OTHER BROKERS! 

We support real estate board multiple listing services and agree that any signed real estate board listing must go on the real estate board within 48 to 72 hours. 

Realtors should continue to be allowed to work exclusive listings and opportunities on behalf of their clients. There are many important reasons why.

It should be the prerogative of the Realtor, not legislated.

It provides more choices for the public.

It provides more choices for buyers.

And best of all, it protects the public because brokers and salespeople are trained in consumer protection. The public has another choice; otherwise, they are left to the vices of the Internet and social media and fraud, etc.

And more opportunities for brokers and salespeople to make money.

All real estate boards and associations can offer a networking service like this for all their members.

Contact us, and we can show you how it can work and be modified to suit your situation.

Does it all work?

See over seventy pages of transactions started from networking information through ICIWorld, making contacts with others locally and worldwide, setting up showings with a listing agreement in place first and doing business.

Now developing networking and information listing services for real estate boards, associations, and offices.

See:, founded in 1994, power all.

Learn more at:


Other networking services are in the works.


Unique domain names for real estate organizations, companies, and professional groups.

Three to seven seconds to see the latest real estate Haves and Wants everywhere in the world. It is all about global real estate networking. Database 1 for member brokers and salespeople globally. Database 2 FSBO Area for the public with only broker members accessing the contact information.

Make an appointment for dedicated support.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years. Manager and Founder ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Canada 416-214-4875 USA 954-317-2327


Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years. (Bio) Manager and Founder of The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, a global real estate networking information listing service. Founded in 1994 on the Internet in response to serving the needs of licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to take advantage of the Internet to network information in a confidential manner to interest buyers, then put agreements in place to show the property and do transactions. See over seventy pages of testimonials. Make connections to networking information, not just listings on a real estate board. We think all real estate boards should adopt the service in one way, shape, or form to provide more choices for the public and more opportunities for brokers and salespeople to make money. All the while protecting the public because brokers are trained in consumer protection. 


ICIWorld could become the de facto global real estate information listing service (ILS see for all real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide to network exclusive opportunities globally, including the ICIWorld IDX link for real estate broker and salesperson’s websites. 
ICIWorld is information technology for the real estate industry we have been refining and continue to develop. Our goal is the same as real estate boards and associations to help brokers provide valuable services for the public, provide more choices, and protect the public while making money.