CREA proposed a rule

requiring all Exclusive Residential Listings must be on MLS. It is proposed that it would be up to the individual board according to the FAQ page, to apply a penalty or something to make one comply and in my opinion seeing what happened in the USA you could lose your membership.


Are you for or against the CREA proposed rule forcing exclusive listings onto MLS?

This is our first attempt at a poll. Thank you to those who have responded with excellent and constructive criticism. 
Improvements may come later.  Opinions also can be made in the comments at the bottom of this page.

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CREA proposed a rule requiring all Exclusive Residential Listings must be on MLS.

To be Voted by Real Estate Boards in April 2023 at CREA AGM

Your board may ask you to vote to convey a board vote to AGM. Have they asked for your vote yet? When will they give all a chance?



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Article in REM Magazine about ICIWorld. About exclusive networking type real estate opportunities. We call anything you cannot get signed to put on MLS as exclusive. It can be a signed exclusive listing or a verbal representation from a seller or buyer. For the verbal networking opportunities, no one identifies or gives the address until you have the consent of the owner in writing.


This new proposal may affect only eight listings on ICIWorld at first out of 30,000 exclusive opportunities because they say it only affects residential. However, there is a problem with the definition of residential. 


However, the definition of residential versus commercial may be another matter. 


  • What about a residential home in commercial zoning?
  • What about a home with a business? 
  • What about five residential homes in a row that are development potential infill sites?
  • What about a home on a farm or land? 
  • What about investment properties such as duplexes and triplexes, which are investment properties? 
  • What about investments in condos and single-family homes to be rented? This is an investment. ICI stands for industrial, commercial AND investment. 
  • There are duplicate uses for properties, homes and investments. 
  • What if the homes sit on an industrial or commercially zoned property? 
  • What about owners with a luxury property who want their property exclusively marketed?

So saying the rule would only apply to residential, not commercial, may be blurred, and is that an issue?


And there is no need for this rule if real estate brokers and salespeople put their exclusive opportunities on an information listings service (Such as powered by ICIWorld) that shares exclusive opportunities provided by the ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople made for this purpose to network and share exclusive real estate with the public and on each other’s websites with IDX links. 

NAR did not have this choice.


Demonstrating how brokers can provide services to the public with exclusive real estate and make money.
Demonstrating how brokers share their exclusive real estate opportunities and listings on each other websites.
Some arguments for the motion to force exclusive onto MLS because of not sharing and because they are made available to the public are wrong. 

Please look at the testimonials of brokers successfully sharing and working exclusive type real estate information in a confidential manner, competently and professionally on behalf of their prospects and clients.

January 8, 2023. If the industry removes the opportunity to network exclusive opportunities in real estate, it removes the ability for artificial intelligence to help the industry in this aspect. Networking information increases transactions contributing to the GDP of a country and increases the well-being and prosperity of people. Remove the opportunity to network exclusive real estate opportunities, and you limit the benefits to people of trades in real estate. MLS is one of the best ways to sell real estate, but it is not the only way. We support MLS and always want it to continue. But not at the expense of eliminating other ways to sell real estate. See My First Experience of AI.