Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada.

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It is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople . . . world wide.

Who can become an Executive Member?

In Canada and the USA you must have a real estate licence to trade in real estate to be an Executive Member.

For the rest of the world on a country by country basis, membership is open until such time as there is organized real estate in your country.

If you are aspiring to set up a real estate trade networking organization in your country or association we may be able to provide a local phone number for assistance and technical support. There are ways that you can set up the rules and regulations of who joins and how much, etc.  There is a lot of money to be made in real estate and this service can unlock the potential in your country, company and/or association to network and do business. There are also ways you can control the advertising on pages that appear of your Have and Want information.

Ready to support the networking of real estate Haves and Wants for your group.

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