One of the requirements on ICIWorld is that whoever will benefit from the sale or lease of a property or business on ICIWorld must have a paid membership.

Team Membership $200/year per member of the team

  • A real estate sales team membership is designed for one designated person or administrative staff to enter all listings for all members of the team.
  • Every listing will have one person’s name on the listing as the contact person for the team.
  • Only one login is required to enter all listings, modify and delete.

AND . . .

  • Each listing may also have the individual member of the team’s contact information in the comments area as well with instructions to call that person.
  • The individual team member does not enter their own listings as with an Executive Membership. We have found they make too many mistakes and miss doing deals and do not realize it. Executive Members go through a training program so when they advertise to the world it follows guidelines to make it easy for the public by providing basic relevant information not sketchy half baked not well thought out information or missing four ingredients in the subject line which is growing to deliver each listing to tens of thousands . . . daily. Wrong business categories, wrong business areas, spamming business categories and business areas are also issues.

Team Membership – Advertise Other Salespeople’s Listings in Your Same Office

  • An Executive Membership + $200/year per number of salespeople’s listings advertised at one time.
  • This is helpful so that you as a member can advertise other peoples listings in your same physical office.
  • A member could buy an extra two team memberships and advertise two other salespeople’s listings at one time from salespeople in your same office.
  • A member can advertise other brokers listings from other offices without any extra memberships. But if you are advertising another listing from a broker in the same office, it requires at the very minimum a team membership for one extra person.
  • This service was never set up to allow one person to advertise other listings in the same office and to have them profit without due consideration to the tremendous time, care and energy built to provide this service.
  • Of course all relevant permissions must be granted by other brokers and salespeople to advertise their listings.

Batch File Processing With a Team Membership

  • This can also suit a real estate corporation who simply wishes to do “batch file processing.”
  • Exporting all relevant listings of that company directly into ICIWorld’s Database 1.
  • It is recommended to do this once every 30-90 days to maintain a fresh inventory of up to date listings.
  • We have an import function and a one time 30 minute session in a Webinar workshop should be sufficient to organize this for your administrative staff.

Partners – Two salespeople/brokers joining as partners.

  • $240 each for the first year.
  • This permits two salespeople’s or broker’s names on one listing.
  • This applies for husbands and wives, fathers and sons/daughters, etc. each must have a membership.
  • You receive three memberships for the price of two, one membership for your partnership, and individual ones on request. We have found some would like the odd listing to be personal.
  • It was never designed to have one person in an office join and place everyone else’s listings in the office on the service without the other people in the office being members.
  • However when two join at the same time, they can each join for $240 for the first year.
  • There are three memberships provided, one for the team with both names on every listing, AND individual memberships if requested.

Whoever will profit from the sale or lease of a property or business must have a membership.

Full access to Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO’s is provided and available and restricted to paid members only.

Contact us to discuss this and anything else.