Time To Renew Your ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking Executive Membership


Never stop networking.

All member assistance and renewal are on this page: The Log In Member Management Page. 
If not you should know Our Pledge. Every member either does a transaction every 90 days or at the very least triggers leads that he/she feels will lead to doing business with someday, otherwise, give us a chance to help.
To search, make connections with others and do transactions at
To see if you qualify for a member referral discount, go to, login, and click on My Referrals. When you refer someone, you can renew for $240 instead of $319. For additional referrals, we add three months for each one. Refer four more and you can renew for $240 for two years. ($10 per month.) See Sponsorship Program.

Top reasons to be a member.

There are new technology commercial Facebook and social media groups and information services that are being added. Just one service can trigger the right person to contact you so you can serve your customers. And most likely, we have information services you have yet to use. May we show you?

It is information that is the gold on the Internet. 
For instance in your daily business. Check the new Wants daily on your iPhone or Android on the ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking App. 

One example.
There are buyers on ICIWorld for all kinds of businesses. One example is a Want for a carwash. How can you make money today or  tomorrow? The next time you get your car washed, could you ask to speak to the owner of the car wash? 
Ask any and all business owners “if I could get  you the price you want, would you consider selling?” If they say no, they will keep your business card because they may wish to sell in the future. But if they say yes, you know there is a qualified buyer on ICIWorld working with a broker, ready, willing, and able to look at the car wash now and potentially buy it. That could easily be $60,000 within a short period of time for you. You must know the three special questions that is helping brokers work exclusive opportunities. Learn them here. 
There are buyers for all kinds of businesses. You can and should be asking owners daily. And if you do not want to sell it yourself, do a referral to the broker who has the buyer, or do a referral to a commercial broker in your office. Referrals are averaging $5,000 to $15,000 just for asking one free question of any owner of any business in your area that you visit on a regular basis anyway. And by introducing yourself, they also own other real estate, homes, and investment properties. 
Important recommendation and benefit to all members. You should treat the Have and Want information you know about as gold, money to be made trading in real estate. If you keep them a secret, how can you do any business? Every single member should have fifteen Haves and Wants all working 24 hours per day on the Internet, all less than 90 days old. Then and only them are you maximizing your opportunities to make money. Otherwise, you miss opportunities to make money and do not realize it.
Sometimes, members may qualify for a one-time restart special or privilege if they have not used the service.
We have a special checklist to ensure that all members are doing business. Can we go over it with you?  For instance, here are a few items on the checklist.

  1. Some members still need the Exclusive Menu Button working on their website. This is inevitable to trigger leads if you have it. If not, you may qualify for a restart privilege. Please look at how Exclusives from a whole industry can appear on YOUR website.
  2. You have listings, Haves and Wants older than 90 days old. THEY DO NOT GET DISPLAYED ON THOUSANDS OF MOBILE PHONES AND COMPUTERS. Listings older than 90 days old do NOT appear on the primary world searches by people from 138 countries and locally. Only listings less than 90 days old are displayed on the Apps for iPhones, Androids and mobile websites. It is two clicks to update a listing, Have or Want. Do this once every 31-60 days, and never let them go longer than 90 days old. This way, your information will be working correctly 24/7 for maximum exposure.
  3. We notice some members have 1 or 2 listings or no listings. This can mean that one has abandoned the service, was too busy, forgot about it, or for another reason.  All members should have a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants to work at all times, 24/7. Otherwise, you miss maximizing your Internet marketing exposure and opportunities to do business and make money. If not, you may not know the three special questions we teach in presentations to real estate boards, associations and companies and recorded. Learn the three questions in a Featured Video Webinars-On-Demand. It is helped members make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now one over a million dollars. Transactions now exceed $50M by members. All working information, not just listings on a real estate board. Take fifteen minutes to see the transactions.
  4. Did you ever use the list of Wants to help you to try to get a listing?
  5. Do you have the ICIWorld App installed and know how to find buyers and sellers for almost anything and everything within 7 seconds to a minute? Search a minimum of once per week, if not daily, to see the new listings, Haves and Wants, make connections, network and do business. 
Each year we recommend that you make an appointment with us. We have a special checklist to go through with you to ensure you are making money or at the least triggering leads to do business every ninety days. (Our Pledge).
Within 2 minutes, we are confident we can analyze to see what needs to improve your networking that you will agree to make a difference between potentially making money or making zero. 
99% of those who did not renew saw what they were missing within minutes of us being able to show them.
There are 5+ billion people on the Internet, and we have experience helping members do transactions since 1994.
Always consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you.
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years.
Manager and Founder Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
Canada 416-214-4875
USA 954-317-2327