Top Reasons To Be A Member Of ICIWorld

  1. Global Real Estate Networking.
  2. Please note this is not an MLS service. It is more like real estate classified ads in a newspaper but controlled by real estate brokers and salespeople and accessible to the public worldwide. We call it an information listing service. ILS. Provides more choice for the public and protection for the public because brokers and salespeople are trained in consumer protection. See, one of 100+ websites powered by ICIWorld, an association of real estate brokers and salespeople.
  3. Unlimited Haves and Wants all year long and marketing your real estate board listings.
  4. Each Have and Want drives traffic to your website and can trigger leads that lead to doing business and referral opportunities.
  5. Member brokers can share their listings, Haves and Wants on other broker’s websites (99% do).
  6. Each member displays listings, Haves and Wants on their website from other brokers who have agreed to display their Haves and Wants.
  7. Haves and Wants automatically update themselves from other members.
  8. All listings are structured in a way that you get the calls. It is like having real estate classified ads on your website in a way that you get the leads. 
  9. Provide world real estate networking from your website. For every real estate broker and salesperson in the world to share their listings, Haves and Wants with you on your website and vice versa. Potential almost 2,000,000 Realtor salespeople worldwide.
  10. Learn how to work exclusive real estate in a competent manner
  11. Generate leads to doing referrals
  12. Generate leads to do showings and make sales
  13. Work the Wants
  14. Use the Wants in your listing presentations
  15. Network information, not just listings.
  16. Network information instantly globally.
  17. Greater number of opportunities than listings on a real estate board.
  18. Experience helping brokers produce business and achieve success.
  19. Readily available to assist by simply making an appointment.
  20. The proven track record since 1994.
  21. See testimonials.
  22. Our Pledge
  23. Features to generate business and referrals for full-time, part-time and retired brokers.
  24. The goal of each member providing a world service from their website compatible with every broker in the world.
  25. People will come to know you not only can provide them with MLS, but you can also provide them with the ability to network exclusive and confidential opportunities on their behalf worldwide.

Can you add other reasons in the comments?

Thank you.